Alexa Denave – Bridging the Gap between Sales Strategy and Final Implementation with sales enablement solutions
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Denave – Bridging the Gap between Sales Strategy and Final Implementation with sales enablement solutions

Denave – Bridging the Gap between Sales Strategy and Final Implementation with sales enablement solutions

Denave was founded 22 years ago with the vision of becoming the final word in the sales enablement ecosystem. Several business shaping forces in these two decades’ time transformed us into a tech-enabled sales enablement company. And there were many milestones and rough battles that define who they are today. The brand Denave has emerged over the years after traversing through multiple challenges and enlightening lessons. The only constant across this journey has been the ‘amazing people’ that have associated their future on a promise and ‘dream’ that brand Denave managed to create.

So far, the firm has generated over $5 Billion in sales revenue for its industry-leading clients, spread across varied industries such as Technology, Telecom, E-commerce, FMCG, Consumer etc. Presently, they are all aligning to the new reality in the wake of unprecedented challenges faced by businesses worldwide. As an organization, the company is looking at this situation as a catalyst to fast track innovations and working on new service methodologies to continue influencing and enabling sales for its customers. Over the years, they have set gold standards for sales enablement in terms of people, process, technology, and innovation – and the aim is to continue delivering unparalleled value to its customers, as well as its people.

Cutting-Edge Sales Enablement Solutions Offered

Intelligent Data Services: Denave employs data standardization techniques and best practices for synthesizing vast volumes of industry segmented data. The data is quality checked by multiple automated & manual validation engines for data enrichment of contact information. Denave B2B database is built on the future-ready foundations of powerful AI/ML-led algorithms and digital automation technologies. These unique capabilities deliver voluminous & continuous refresh of prospect data. In addition, constant data cleansing, data validation, and data maintenance provide right opportunities, thereby enabling a full-funnel strategy and expanding net new business growth.

Demand Generation: Demand generation presents great opportunities for organizations – it charts new business territories for revenue enablement. However, adopting it is a strategic endeavour. Marketers often find themselves at crossroads in vicious cycles of defending budgets, balancing resources, rationalizing technologies, and improving alignment between sales & marketing functions. They primarily struggle to deliver consistent messaging, identify prospects, illuminate insights, and speed up sales. Denave experts have maintained a stupendous track record of surmounting these demand generation challenges. They enable breakthrough pathways to enable highly efficient demand generation cycles that leverage the right mix of people, processes, and technologies.

Retail Solutions: With Denave’s bouquet of Intelligent Retail solutions, it is possible. Denave’s retail expertise from core to store lies in providing technology solutions to give retailers green shoots of bounce back. While the right tools of technology help to augment footfalls, improve customer experience in stores, and empower store associates; implementing intelligent retail analytics solutions can help improve the bottom line too. Denave aims to partner with retailers to help them innovate and adopt easy-to-implement retail solutions that boost their end-to-end business operations, manage working capital, and keep customers satisfied. Data Analytics for Retail (or BI analytics for retail), Retail Audits & Visual Merchandising and Virtual Retail Solution can help retailers improve the store economics by simplifying, eliminating, or automating the routine activities.

Sales Training: Denave’s Sales Training program – IDEA (Induct, Develop, Enable, Assess) is a virtuous cycle that works towards consistently improving Sales force performance in the face of digital disruption and dynamic market landscape for incremental sales revenue. It leverages next-gen technology and industry-leading sales trainers to deliver adaptive, sustainable and customized content for hiking delivery competence with frequent multi-touch assessments & mystery audits. The multi-modal training approach extends beyond inculcating sales DNA and brand association in the Salesforce to upskilling the overall client’s sales ecosystem.

Sales Process Automation: Implementing an end-to-end field force and sales process automation makes it easy to calculate the overall sales impact. It is the bedrock of B2B consultative sales, addressing regular pain points such as sub-optimal resource utilization. At Denave, they are invested in developing intelligent sales automation platforms leveraging latest technology trends to streamline, optimize and perfect your Field Force strategy and reduce the sellers’ journey by bringing in the next level of simplicity to the B2B landscape. Integrated Web and Mobile tool for single view of the complete ecosystem, Configurable Solution, Customized KPI tracking, Real time data managment and Insights, Geo-Tagged, Geo-Fenced Fraud Prevention, Automated Audit and Compliance, and In-built drilldown dashboard and reports with feedback mechanism for faster course correction.

The Visionary Leader at the Helm of Denave

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Co-Founder also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Denave. He spearheads the strategic goals of the company while being instrumental in building the company’s future roadmap. He founded Denave 19 years ago with a vision to fill the void in the industry of a service provider that can provide end-to-end sales enablement solutions with clear focus on revenue acceleration, ROI optimization and measurable impact. In his role, he has a clear focus on operational excellence, innovation, expansion and profitability.

In his initial years at Denave, Snehashish established the services delivery model at Denave. He also spearheaded the creation of a remote services model to overcome geographical boundaries and led the company’s foray into global markets. The company currently has delivery centers in Noida, Singapore, London and Kuala Lumpur reaching over 5 continents, 50+ countries and 500+ cities globally. Snehashish’s primary focus is to create the world’s largest tech-driven sales enablement company, influencing sales across the world for at least next 100 years. Apart from Denave, Snehashish has also co-founded India’s largest SME buying club- Power2SME, a B2B e-commerce company amongst few other profitable co-founded ventures.

Prior to laying the foundation of Denave in 1999, Snehashish has worked with multi nationals like Wipro and Microsoft where he gathered a wealth of business and technology experience. He has handled sales and marketing responsibilities in these companies in multiple capacities. With continuous innovation being his prime idea of success, Denave has also been recognised globally on various industry platforms for its innovative pursuits in the sales domain.

“Over the years, we have set gold standards for sales enablement in terms of people, process, technology, and innovation – and the aim is to continue delivering unparalleled value to our customers, as well as our people.”

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