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Dermadry Laboratories Inc — A truly dedicated company in the field of treatment of hyperhidrosis

Dermadry Laboratories Inc — A truly dedicated company in the field of treatment of hyperhidrosis

Sweating is a physiological and vital process. However, excessive sweating—hyperhidrosis—can result in substantial individual suffering. Hyperhidrosis is a disorder of excessive sweating due to the over-stimulation of cholinergic receptors on eccrine glands. You may sweat so much that it soaks through your clothes or drips off your hands. Besides disrupting normal daily activities, this type of heavy sweating can also cause social anxiety and embarrassment.

Dermadry is a Canadian company offering a solution for hyperhidrosis. The company developed an iontophoresis device with efficiency, ease of use, and safety in mind. We interviewed Mathieu Mireault, one of Dermadry’s Co-Founders and the Director of Sales, to know more about its services. Here are a few excerpts of the interview:

Q. What was the motivation behind setting up Dermadry?  

Dermadry was created after a need for efficient and affordable treatment options for people suffering daily from a condition named hyperhidrosis. One of Dermadry’s co-founders knew that better than anyone, as he suffered from excessive sweating himself. During his adolescence, he noticed the lack of effective and affordable treatment, which made him feel trapped by the medical condition. What began as a simple search to find a solution for a personal problem quickly became a mission to change the lives of millions around the globe. His goal was to create an affordable, efficient, and practical solution. After conducting extensive research, he concluded that iontophoresis was the treatment of choice and had exceptional untapped potential. That’s when Dermadry was born.

Q. What are the perks of using Dermadry?

Dermadry offers a cost-effective solution that treats naturally excessive sweating in the hands, feet, and underarms. Dermadry is a one-time purchase that people can use to treat their hyperhidrosis in the comfort of their homes. Dermadry is a safe and effective way to treat hyperhidrosis. Our iontophoresis device is certified by Health Canada, the American FDA, the Australian department of health and recently received the CE marking in Europe.

Q. Why is Dermadry the best way to get dry?

Dermadry is the best way to get dry because it uses iontophoresis technology to stop excessive sweating. In other words, Dermadry uses tap water and mild current. We believe it is the best way because it is a drug-free and needle-free solution that is portable and accessible. Dermadry offers up to 6 weeks of dryness with a 98.3% success rate. In addition, Dermadry’s iontophoresis has minor limited side effects such as skin tingling, irritation, and redness, which compares to other treatment options with more considerable risks. Not only are there minimal side effects, but iontophoresis does not cause any compensatory sweating.

Q. How does Dermadry’s solution help hyperhidrosis?

Dermadry’s solution helps hyperhidrosis by offering sufferers a solution that works and is cost-effective in the long term. Dermadry is also constantly looking for new solutions to help people suffering from hyperhidrosis. As the company has prioritized safety and efficiency since its early development stages, the research and development team is involved in multiple research projects relating to hyperhidrosis. The breakthroughs our team does are not only for the company but also for the future of hyperhidrosis worldwide.

Q. How does an iontophoresis device work?

Iontophoresis is a non-invasive, drug-free, and needle-free way to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). It utilizes tap water and an electrical current to stop the production of sweat temporarily. During treatment, the iontophoresis device is plugged into a power source (an outlet), which delivers a mild electrical current to the treatment area, using the minerals found in tap water as a conductor. The passage of the mild electrical current disrupts the signal between the nerves and sweat glands and halts sweat production in the treated zone.

Q. Give me an example of a failure and how you changed the outcome to make it a success.

Considering the number of people suffering from hyperhidrosis worldwide - roughly 5% of the population - Dermadry executives understood that they had the opportunity to actually help people while building a profitable business. The company realized it needed a bigger team and worked with local agents to move forward. Dermadry was not just an idea; it collaborated with exceptional partners such as the engineering firm Noovo and the regulatory consulting agency LoK North-America. With the help of these partnerships, Dermadry quickly established itself as the world leader in iontophoresis machines worldwide. Surrounding itself with exceptional local partners, it created a culture of collaboration focused on developing internal knowledge. And having worked tirelessly, Dermadry was finally able to become the first iontophoresis machine in Canada and now the world-leading iontophoresis machine.

Q. What are the biggest roadblocks you’ve encountered during a project? How did you resolve them?

Being a medical device manufacturer, you need to comply with numerous regulations and standards. Starting with almost nothing, complying with all these regulations was a real challenge. We needed to learn to be very resourceful and do things independently instead of relying on expensive regulatory consultants. It was a difficult process, but today, we have developed great internal expertise that is invaluable.

Q. What makes Dermadry a beauty product as well as a medical product?

Dermadry’s iontophoresis device is, foremost, a medical device used to treat hyperhidrosis. However, excessive sweating is a condition that affects people physically and can make most feel uncomfortable about themselves. Hyperhidrosis makes it much harder for one to put makeup on and have it stay fresh the entire day. Also, most people don’t like to stain their clothes with underarm sweat or ruin their gorgeous shoes with feet sweat. This is why Dermadry also helps people feel and look their best. With its treatment, Dermadry gives people back their confidence to wear anything they’d like without having to worry about sweat stains. Most people who use the device suffer from hyperhidrosis; however, our device can be used for mild cases of sweating and for people who only wish to get rid of underarm stains aesthetically.

Q. How is Dermadry a different treatment option?

Dermadry has an eye for design and created an innovative and user-friendly device for customers. Their technology offers more comfortable and safer treatment to users. Dermadry is the only iontophoresis device to control the electricity delivered by the machine through current rather than voltage. This allows for a more stable and less painful treatment for more sensitive people. The company made sure to design an affordable product. Dermadry gives personalized customer service with their 24/7 customer support service.

Q. How do you concretely change people’s lives?

Hyperhidrosis can affect multiple aspects of someone’s life, from education to professional goals. Dermadry has many great client success stories, but there was one that really stuck with us. During last year’s Dermadry Scholarship, some participants created a video that explores the impact hyperhidrosis has on their studies and daily life. We had one participant that explained how Dermadry changed her life and helped her succeed in her dream job! Being a pilot, even though she has hyperhidrosis, was hard for her, but she was happy to find a solution that works for her.

About the Co-Founder

Mathieu Mireault is one of Dermadry’s Co-Founders and the Director of Sales. He, along with Dermadry’s two other co-founders, Maxime Calouche and Nicolas Jolicoeur, started this company with a penny and a dream to help as many people as possible. Dermadry came about when one of the Co-Founders opened up to two of his closest friends about his own struggle with hyperhidrosis. With the help of experts in engineering and medicine, Dermadry developed an iontophoresis device with efficiency, simplicity, and safety in mind. What began as a mere idea to address a personal problem quickly developed into an FDA-cleared device that has helped thousands of people suffering from hyperhidrosis regain control of their lives.

“Dermadry is dedicated to empowering those affected by hyperhidrosis by providing them with the dryness they deserve to achieve peace of mind.”

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