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Devicescape: The creator of Curated Virtual Network

Devicescape: The creator of Curated Virtual Network

Now Wi-Fi is considered as the primary network as many devices today work with wireless systems. It is also a critical resource for most of the industries and IT companies. At present, users demand for consistent, high-quality and secure wireless connectivity to do their work. Poor Wi-Fi is no longer simply an inconvenience, it means a lot to customers since it can lead to revenue and even brand damage. So, it’s incumbent on the Wi-Fi providers to offer better management, automation tools to cut down on the number of issues which then help engineers to diagnose and fix the problems faster.

Curated virtual network Wi-Fi offers both MNOs and MSOs a way to use third party hotspots, while retaining a measure of quality control. The control has become important as providers start promise their user’s carrier-class Wi-Fi. Devicescape’s mission on Curated virtual network is to discover, understand and harness the world’s Wi-Fi. Devicescape has built a huge scale beacon network. Its network helps to make beacons available today in millions of high-demand places of interest.

Devicescape made its network by crowd sourcing the discovery of more than 500 million existing Wi-Fi access points and adding contextual data, including geographic location, sharing status, venue-type, venue name, performance and more.

The crowd sourced Curated Virtual Network at every access point is discovered by one of millions of Devicescape-enabled smartphones with the continuous reporting on the availability and quality of the Wi-Fi in the Curated Virtual Network. Through this network it enables Wi-Fi everywhere to function as part of a single network; it is also possible to create a resource far greater than the sum of its parts.

 The CVN offers a unique combination of accessibility, reach and precision. It is venue, merchant-independent, delivering insight and service in millions of popular places of interest, creating the potential for monetization to value add at every visit.

Devicescape delivers the power of presence everywhere it counts. It enables its customers to generate powerful first party presence data to deliver proximity messaging with industry-leading engagement rates, and to automatically connect the end users to shared Wi-Fi across a huge footprint of high-footfall locations.

Giving your app the Power of Presence

Devicescape Presence offers in venue precision comparable to bluetooth beacons with high scale and availability that bluetooth cannot match with. Its merchant-independent network gives you unrestricted access with high-accuracy presence at millions of locations along with hundreds of top brands with its high-accuracy presence it covers over 75% of top U.S. retailers, +100,000 U.S. quick service restaurants and many more top branded locations across different countries where every presence alert is an opportunity to deliver value or drive monetization.

Devicescape Engage and Connect solutions

Engage offers a unique combination of in venue precision with high response rates and huge location reach since accurate presence detection ensures high relevance, driving industry leading click through rates. It ensures messages are delivered to consumers when they have entered chosen Places of Interest.

Automated connectivity creates a high value differentiation and reward. It also helps to create a high powerful retention mechanism. This Devicescape Connect gives apps the power of automatic connectivity at millions of locations and offers quality-managed, free Wi-Fi connectivity from more than 20 million APs at popular consumer destinations worldwide which leads to Improved indoor coverage, Mobile data cost savings and Free connectivity while roaming. It gives apps the power of automatic connectivity at millions of locations.

Nearby is a uniquely precise form of geo-fencing, allowing consumer engagement at specific locations, chains, or location types within a given area. They are many popular locations like HSBC, Marks & Spencer, Target, Tesco, Starbucks, Boots, Gap, McDonald’s and many others where app users can get instant automatic and quality managed Wi-Fi connectivity.

Dave Fraser, Chief Executive Officer of Devicescape

Dave Fraser has been designing, marketing, building and managing software for more than 30 years. He is instrumental in the development of the Curated Virtual Network and in its positioning for the delivery of enhanced connectivity, engagement and insight services to the telecom, mobile application, and retail verticals.

Dave worked for Wind River holding a variety of executive positions including chief marketing officer, and senior VP product business, prior to joining Devicescape.

He previously held senior roles at Hewlett-Packard and Convergent Technologies.

“Devicescape has built a beacon network on a huge scale. We did it by crowd-sourcing the discovery of more than 500 million existing Wi-Fi access points and adding contextual data, including: geographic location, venue-type, venue name, performance, sharing status, and more.”

“Devicescape’s mission is to understand, discover and harness the world’s Wi-Fi. Our network makes beacons available today in millions of high-demand Places of Interest!!”

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