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Diffblue – Changing the way software is developed using Artificial Intelligence and automatically generating tests for Java code

Diffblue – Changing the way software is developed using Artificial Intelligence and automatically generating tests for Java code

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have penetrated every sector. So, if you want to get to college, maybe an AI robot will determine if you can get in. You see a driverless car plying on the road; you know that AI has played a role in it. They are creating products based on requirements that require meticulous planning. The developers need to assess the needs and, on that basis, decide what features are to be included or excluded in the design. Here, the ML and AI can shorten the process by analyzing the past and present models. It helps the technical domain experts to make decisions faster and maximize the impact while cutting down the risks. Here, the rules and actions are not fed to the computer. But the curated domain-specific data is fed into algorithms to deduce features and patterns that are important. The point to be noted is that the output of ML and AI models can even surprise human intelligence.

Diffblue is one such company that uses AI and ML for coding. The company's primary goal is to automate all traditional coding tasks: bug fixing, test writing, finding and fixing exploits, refactoring code, translating from one language to another, and creating original code to fit specifications. The firm is also commercializing its blue sky research into a suite of products. Diffblue encourages an open and diverse environment that gives its people the tools needed to grow personally and professionally. Its technology is developed by its team of leading experts in software verification and synthesis.

The most assured products designed by Diffblue that is revolutionizing the software sector

Diffblue Cover: Diffblue Cover, the company's first product, automatically generates tests for Java code to enable development teams to deliver higher quality software faster. Diffblue's technology is developed by a team of leading experts in software verification and synthesis. Its customers include Goldman Sachs and Amazon Web Services. It analyzes your existing Java program and writes unit regression tests that reflect the code's current behavior. Diffblue Cover is software for Linux and Windows that runs 100% locally on your computer. You can run it on your entire Java project, just one class, or anything in between. It gets your project structure and dependencies from Maven or Gradle. Cover supports Spring Java apps and writes tests that use standard Spring idioms and mocking. Diffblue Cover quickly generates tests that will allow you to adopt CI. The generated tests will help developers quickly identify regressions in subsequent commits before committing new versions.

Cover CLI: It is an automated unit test-writing tool. It analyses your existing Java application and writes unit tests that reflect the current behavior, increasing test coverage, and helping you find regressions in future code changes. Cover automatically maintains the tests by updating them when your code changes. Cover supports standard Java 8 & 11, Spring, and Spring Boot. In this scenario, you will use Diffblue Cover 3.0 to automatically create test coverage for a Spring Controller class from the Spring-Petclinic project. Cover CLI is available as part of the Teams or Enterprise Editions of Diffblue Cover.

The visionary leader behind the glory of Diffblue

Mathew Lodge serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Diffblue. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the software industry in the developer, product, and marketing roles. Before joining Diffblue, his titles included SVP at Anaconda and Vice President of Cloud Services at VMWare. In each role, his focus is on building and marketing products that customers love.

"Our vision is to make our products ubiquitous, and to make code safer and better and cheaper to produce."

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