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Virtual Retailing  Is Key for Businesses During The Pandemic :  Digital Air Strike

Virtual Retailing Is Key for Businesses During The Pandemic : Digital Air Strike

“Digital Air Strike is the leader in consumer engagement and digital retailing helping 5,000+ businesses attract new customers, engage consumers, respond to leads, and build customer loyalty.”

Streamlining the online process so consumers can buy and receive your products easier and businesses can reach, engage and earn new and existing customers is what virtual retailing is all about.

Customers have been moving to more online shopping for a while, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated that need. Businesses that already have a robust online offering are ahead of the curve, while companies that have not embraced this technology have either been left behind or realized they needed to upgrade fast to keep up with the times.

Digital Air Strike has been in the consumer engagement technology space for over 10 years now after its co-founder and CEO Alexi Venneri first saw the need for auto dealerships to help consumers have a better experience online researching and engaging with dealerships. They truly revolutionized the way social media and review sites helped both consumers and dealerships in the vehicle purchase process, and in turn helped build customer loyalty.

Since then, Digital Air Strike has developed new technology for consumers to engage businesses better, in multiple verticals. This includes credit prequalification and leveraging new video technology to allow for virtual retailing, as well as artificial intelligence chatbot messaging assistance and many automation tools, to reduce friction in the entire consumer journey. The goal is to let technology do the heavy lifting and allow the team at a business do what it does best – build rapport and explain your products and services, but just in a more efficient manner.
Businesses Leverage Tech During the Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, Digital Air Strike was quick to pivot and launch many new features to allow more steps in the buying process occur virtually. In March, they expanded their award-winning consumer engagement technology platform to now include a more extensive Virtual Retailing Program, which includes new ways to use custom video technology, AI, texting and sales process automation.

“It’s an honor to be named among the 5 Best AI Solution Providers for 2020,” said Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike. “We’re seeing firsthand how our AI technology is helping businesses save time and money while also providing better, 24/7 customer service.”

For businesses like Rice Toyota,

a dealership in Greensboro, North Carolina, taking advantage of AI-powered Response Path Power Text has helped the dealership sell more cars during COVID-19. The dealership was sold on the technology after the general sales manager received one of the text messages from Digital Air Strike and saw how engaging it was.

“I wanted to send out texts myself but one at a time is really time consuming,” said Andy Slaughter, the general sales manager of Rice Toyota. “Once I learned about Response Path Power Text, I got it immediately. After the first text went out, more than 80 people responded, and we sold four cars!”

With Response Path Power Text, an AI chatbot interacts with customers who respond to the text, asks and answers questions, schedules appointments and more. This is all without the need for a live human to engage – unless the consumer wants them to and the technology is very transparent about making it easy to connect with a team member onsite at the business by text, email, or even video.

The company’s Virtual Retailing technology is especially beneficial to businesses considered essential services, including automobile dealerships and home healthcare providers.

Monrovia Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Monrovia, California, has been using AI-powered Response Path to engage with their website visitors during the pandemic.

After using Response Path for a month, the dealership found it had better engagement and better attribution than the technology they were previously using. The dealership sold six vehicles from Response Path leads, received 120 leads from Response Path, and earned a 2,500% ROI. Consumers loved how easy it was to learn about new incentives, new models, and new safety protocols the dealership was following to ensure they would have a great experience.

“Digital Air Strike’s AI chat solution Response Path immediately increased sales for our store and from day one surpassed the engagement from our previous chat provider,” said Preston Han, the general manager of Monrovia CDJR.

Video Logix Offered Free

Digital Air Strike even offered its video engagement solution, Video Logix, which helps businesses showcase their services, inventory and social distancing practices free of charge, to companies for 30 days to help them during these unusual times.

Credit Logix Helps Consumers & Wins Awards

The company’s Credit Logix credit prequalification technology streamlines the vehicle financing process and integrates with AI-powered Response Path. Credit Logix minimizes a major pain point for consumers by helping them do much of the prequalification involved with vehicle purchases themselves.

The technology allows consumers to begin the vehicle financing process online from home and helps dealers streamline the financing process. This greatly reduces or even eliminates the need to spend time at the dealership.

Many dealers are now offering “test drives at home” and new ways to bring already completed paperwork to consumers at their home, thanks to many of the solutions that Digital Air Strike provides. This helps dealers decrease the time spent on each purchase, which both dealers and consumers prefer, as well as helping with social distancing and even generating more profit per deal as it frees up staff to do other things.

Credit Logix recently won two American Business “Stevie” Awards, earning a gold award, the highest distinction, and the People’s Choice Award for favorite new product of 2020.

Steve Lace, the executive vice president of Royal Automotive Group in Tucson, Arizona, piloted Credit Logix. Lace’s auto group became heavily involved in helping subprime credit customers still get financed during the Great Recession back in 2008, which was a necessity at the time. The technology of Credit Logix now gives his dealership group the ability to automate credit functions and leverage AI to match consumers to vehicles they qualify for in seconds, which is especially important for subprime customers who don’t have stellar credit scores, Lace said.

“The bottom line is subprime transactions are very clunky. The customer experience usually isn’t one of the best,” he said. “Credit Logix allows that car-buying experience to happen very quickly, and easily gives the customer experience the same great experience as a prime customer.”

Virtual Retailing Program Is Accessible Everywhere

Digital Air Strike’s Virtual Retailing Program allows businesses to provide the same level of service, even if employees are working from home or if some of the staff is furloughed. By automating responses to consumers, the limited or remote staff can focus on consumers needing immediate in-person attention.

The Digital Air Strike Virtual Retailing Program also includes a step-by-step guide for businesses on how to continue to operate in all scenarios, marketing assistance with social network strategies, content and videos that dealers can use immediately, and a dedicated consultant to work with the businesses to ensure they are getting great ROI. This is paired with innovative technology, including a B2B mobile app with alerts and easy access to video tools to help automate many steps.

Digital Air Strike also offers free budget reviews and online intel reports, finding creative ways to spend, save and reallocate money, as well as potential missed opportunities to engage with consumers online. The program also includes a dedicated Client Advocate to in essence become a free consultant for the business, helping them to think more strategically and providing knowledge gained from working with over 5,000 successful retailers nationwide.

The free budget review was a game changer for Tony Romano, the general manager of Dewey Barber Chevrolet in Alabama.

“Our digital spending was inconsistent and out of control,” Romano said. “After a free budget review with Digital Air Strike, we reorganized our digital platforms, eliminated duplicate services and unnecessary spending, saving nearly $10,000 a month! They are digital technology experts that have developed strong marketing and conversion strategies. I 100% recommend this team.”

Digital Air Strike’s virtual retailing solutions, trainings and free face coverings help businesses sell and service safely by allowing customers to research, shop and buy from home using video, AI and automation. Businesses that have adopted more virtual retailing options are thriving, even during the pandemic. Find out more at

Meet Alexi Venneri
Alexi Venneri is the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, the award-winning social media, intelligent lead response, and consumer engagement technology company. In 2010, in the middle of a recession, Venneri saw a need for auto dealerships to revolutionize the way they use social media and review sites to sell more cars and build customer loyalty. Because of her leadership and vision, Digital Air Strike has grown to over 150 employees with four offices nationwide. Today, Digital Air Strike’s products, solutions, team and technology influence 37% of all vehicle sales nationwide.

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