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Digital Defense, Inc.: Shrinking the Attack Surface as the Frontline of Defense

Digital Defense, Inc.: Shrinking the Attack Surface as the Frontline of Defense

The tech world and cybersecurity are in a constant state of flux. Data breaches have become so frequent, that a cyber attack is no longer shocking to hear. Be it compromise of personal data or enterprise data, cyber threats and attacks have become increasingly common. And not to forget the financial loss incurred due to cyber threats.

Enterprises are placing increased scrutiny to manage potential security risks. However, it’s more important today than ever to create and implement a robust vulnerability management program. Vulnerability management is extremely vital, as a single vulnerability can cause damage beyond repair. Vulnerability management brings about a sense of ease with which some breaches can easily be avoided.

Founded in 1999, Digital Defense, Inc. is a trusted provider of security risk assessment solutions, protecting billions of dollars in assets for clients around the globe. Serving clients across numerous industries from small businesses to very large enterprises, Digital Defense’s innovative and leading-edge information security technology helps organizations safeguard sensitive data and eases the burdens associated with information security.

Solutions that Secure

The prime solutions that Digital Defense offers are Frontline Vulnerability Manager, the original Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) platform. It delivers consistently accurate vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, while SecurED, the company’s security awareness training promotes employees’ security-minded behavior.

“Of course, vulnerability management is core to security management. But it supports other IT management use cases as well,” says the President of Digital Defense, Larry Hurtado. The Digital Defense Frontline suite of products, which are underpinned by patented technology and complemented with unparalleled service and support, is highly-regarded by industry experts.

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In fact, these range of products has illuminated the company’s designation as Best Scan Engine by Frost & Sullivan, top 20 ranking in Cybersecurity Ventures’ list of the World’s 500 Hottest Cybersecurity Companies, and inclusion in CRN’s MSP 500.

The Frontline of Defense

This is a period of data boom. This is why there’s immense organizational pressure to keep sensitive data and intellectual property secure and it is only increasing day by day. Headline news associated with frequent and hard-hitting data breaches underscores the importance of staying on top of key security risks. And now – with CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CISOs, and security teams being held personally accountable – the stakes are higher than ever.

With the advent of BYOD, virtualization, employee, contractor mobility, and rapid movement to cloud services, the attack surface IT security is chartered to protect is both huge, and in a constant state of flux. Unfortunately, staying on top of security vulnerabilities has become harder – not easier – to manage. This is because leading vulnerability management solutions remain overly complex, error-prone, and expensive to staff and operate.

Digital Defense’s Frontline Vulnerability Management solution and complementary services overcome the frustration, lack of accurate results, and excessive costs associated with other mainstream risk assessment tools.

Digital Defense’s Frontline

Digital Defense is regularly called upon by organizations in a number of key industry verticals for appropriate vulnerability assessments and security penetration testing. Sometimes driven by explicit compliance guidelines, other times just as a matter of best practices, these verticals continue to rely on Frontline for a key part of their defense in depth strategies.

There are clear and compelling reasons why a growing number of mid-enterprise buyers are switching to Frontline. “And it starts with our solution approach – an integrated thought process that seamlessly covers vulnerability management needs from highly accurate scanning to employee best practice training around how to stop carelessly introducing new vulnerabilities,” explains Hurtado.

This is why Digital Defense provides the security industry’s most effective vulnerability management solution. Effective security starts with eliminating attack vectors. Unfortunately, this often remains an incomplete, inaccurate, and expensive journey for today’s security teams. Digital Defense Frontline changes the game of finding and closing the vulnerabilities that matter with the greatest accuracy and simplicity in the industry.

Only the Best

Here’s how Digital Defense provides the industry’s most effective vulnerability management solution:

  • Scan

It all starts with having a scanner capable of quickly, comprehensively and accurately assessing endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities. Frontline RNA is powered by DDI NIRV, regarded as the industry’s best scanning engine. Vulnerability scanning became a commodity long ago.  And yet, finding the “signal in the noise” remains a challenge – even amongst well-known big brand solutions. What separates great vulnerability scanning services from the run of the mill scanning is – in a word – accuracy.  And RNA delivers an unparalleled point in time scan accuracy through NIRV.

  • Analyze

Once network assets have been scanned for a vulnerability analysis, data must be converted into actionable intelligence. It’s no secret that security analysts are overwhelmed and frustrated by mountains of vulnerability assessment data, much of which is either misleading or of limited value. With a point in time data accuracy provided by Frontline RNA and its NIRV technology, Frontline VM correlates scan information over time with its Digital Node Attribution (DDI DNA) technology – ensuring that “network drift” is eliminated.

  • Score

Frontline’s Security GPA rating system provides a clear, easy-to-understand picture of your organization’s security posture. Gone are the arcane “in the weeds” metrics that can’t be meaningfully communicated to executives. With Security GPA, you get a simple host security scorecard that updates dynamically as you assess vulnerabilities and institute remediation.

  • Automate

Effective vulnerability management requires a seamless workflow process from identification to remediation. Frontline Connect makes it easy to integrate discovered, analyzed, scored, and prioritized vulnerabilities into leading security workflow management platforms and SIEMs including IBM QRadar, ServiceNow, and ZenDesk. With Frontline Connect, security automation and workflow integration extend far beyond the passive data upload provided by competitive solutions.

  • Test

Performed by trained and certified security analysts utilizing a proven penetration testing methodology and industry best practices, Digital Defense knows how to get into the mind of a malicious hacker, and find weaknesses the way they do.  “Our proven and exhaustive security penetration testing process provides fast, cost-effective results – anytime and anywhere in the world: Clarity around which vulnerabilities are truly exploitable, and which ones could lead to critical data compromise,” explains Hurtado. 

Social engineering is a type of cyber security attack that uses social engagement deception to convince individuals to provide confidential or otherwise valuable information to cybercriminals. Frontline Social Test creates conditions and scenarios that lure personnel into engagement – just as if driven by a crafty cyber attacker.  Techniques can include phishing calls, targeted emails, and more.  Findings are used to educate employees on how to become more astute at discerning legitimate human engagement from trickery.

  • Educate

Most organizations utilize defense-in-depth safeguards for their networks.  But these vulnerability management solutions are only one part of the equation. Humans continue to be a weak link in the chain. Therefore, it is equally – if not more – important to educate and sensitize employees around best practice “digital behavior” to help fend off attacks made possible by human vulnerabilities. Digital Defense offers effective and highly regarded human testing and education programs designed specifically to bring employees and contractors to a high level of security awareness.

The Wall of Accolades

2017 was an important year for the company. It received a number of awards and recognition. Digital Defense was highlighted on Managed Security 100 and MSP 500 by The Channel Company. The same year, the company secured the top spot on Cybersecurity 500, the definitive list of the world’s hottest and most innovative companies in the cybersecurity industry.

But more importantly, Digital Defense was named the recipient of Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award. The company also received the Frost & Sullivan Vulnerability Management as the industry’s “best scanning engine.” Also in the same year, SC Magazine named Digital Defense as Vulnerability Manager “Best Buy” in the Vulnerability Management category.

Going back a little in time, in the year 2016, Digital Defense was named the 2016 Tech Titan by The San Antonio Business Journal. The same year, the company was named the finalist in Info Security Products Guide’s 12th Annual 2016 Global Excellence Awards.

The Clients love Digital Defense!

“I’ve been in the customer service field for more than 25 years and I am not impressed easily, but my client support experience with Digital Defense has made a positive and lasting impression. They are attentive to my questions, even the ones I may have asked last month, always helpful and never rush the conversation. I’m sure that’s all part of the job description but Digital Defense truly exemplifies commitment when it comes to helping me and my organization.”

–Denise Bouchard
Vice President – Infrastructure Support, Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union

“Digital Defense Tech and Customer Support are always very professional and extremely helpful each time I call or email with any questions or concerns. I have spoken to technical support on a few remediation and Digital Defense techs have always provided excellent guidance for our small size credit union including speaking with other third-party vendors on our behalf to address any vulnerabilities findings. I really appreciate Digital Defense’s help in keeping our credit union network safe. Thank you!!”

–Susan Martinez
VP, Operations, Central Jersey Federal Credit Union

Meet the Pioneer of Digital Defense

Larry Hurtado joined Digital Defense as CEO in August of 2002. With over two decades of networking and security experience, he has been at the helm of Digital Defenses movement from a regional niche player to an industry leader with established global presence.

Prior to Digital Defense, Larry was Co-Founder and President of International Operations for Elastic Networks, Incorporated. At Elastic Networks, he was responsible introducing EtherLoop DSL products, overall business growth, financing, an IPO, and the acquisition of the company by Paradyne Corporation. Prior to Elastic Networks, Hurtado held senior management positions at Nortel Networks, including VP of Business Line Management in Nortel Networks’ Access Networks Division. Hurtado holds a B.S.E.E. degree from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

“It starts with our solution approach – an integrated thought process that seamlessly covers vulnerability management needs from highly accurate scanning to employee best practice training around how to stop carelessly introducing new vulnerabilities.”

“Of course, vulnerability management is core to security management.  But it supports other IT management use cases as well.  The ability to quickly, effectively and accurately scan endpoints and their vulnerability profiles can add value well beyond security management.”

"Digital Defense Frontline changes the game of finding and closing the vulnerabilities that matter with the greatest accuracy and simplicity in the industry"

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