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Driving digital transformation of organizations to improve customer experience and business assurance using AI and Automation: Digitate

Driving digital transformation of organizations to improve customer experience and business assurance using AI and Automation: Digitate

In the form of deep learning technologies, autonomous vehicles, or smart robots, artificial intelligence (or AI) is making its presence felt everywhere in the connected world. With AI-enabled technologies having a prominent place in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, this technology enhances the capabilities of business analytics and business intelligence. The increasing volume and complexity of business data drive the commercial adoption of artificial intelligence in business analytics tools in various industries. The mainstream use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in business intelligence (or BI) helps business enterprises pull out actionable insights from large and complex datasets and deliver business recommendations that can be understood by any business user.

Digitate is one such firm that leverages machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) to manage IT and business operations intelligently. Its award-winning product, ignio™, is a cognitive automation solution that helps IT rapidly identify and remediate outages in minutes. ignio's unique pre-built knowledge allows customers to realize the value of AI in significantly less time than other solutions. It binds together disparate but interconnected business applications, processes, and the underlying infrastructure to drive smart decisions and perform actions autonomously.

The ignio™ Platform

ignio creates deep visibility and understanding of the Enterprise IT landscape by assimilating data from business and technology-specific sources, such as log files, configurations, monitoring and management tools, inventories, and semi structured information. It develops and maintains a single-source-of-truth about Enterprises' IT landscape by creating an end-to-end view that connects business, applications, technology platforms, and infrastructure. ignio improves resilience and reduces MTTR by automating triage using model, case, and rule-based reasoning. It rapidly identifies the root cause of incidents, honors context-specific business policies and constraints, and prescribes the best action. It notifies stakeholders to obtain necessary consent to execute actions autonomously.

The ignio products designed by Digitate to transform businesses

ignio™ AIOps: It combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to deliver proactive, agile, and reliable IT Operations for superior customer experience and business assurance. ignio™ AIOps, with its judicious blend of AI/ML and automation, improves the reliability, resiliency, and agility of Enterprise IT Operations. It also creates deep visibility and understanding of the landscape by learning context. Eliminates noise, predicts emergent conditions, and triages issues by managing alerts. It improves MTTR by handling incidents. ignio™ drives productivity and agility by intelligently performing actions and prevents future issues by optimizing operations proactively.

ignio™ AI.Workload Management: Timely and predictive processing of batch jobs is vital to ensure stable business operations and a high-quality customer experience. ignio™ AI.WorkloadManagement brings a paradigm shift in today's batch operations. Moving it from "reactive to predictive" and "manual to automated" ignio AI.WorkloadManagement combines machine learning, AI, and automation to deliver agile and autonomous batch operations.

ignio™ ERPOps: It provides the correct blend of intelligence and automation, which improves the effectiveness and efficiency of Enterprise business operations using SAP as ERP. Through contextual learning, alert management, service request fulfillment, incident handling, and proactive optimization of operations, it aims to bring reliability, agility, and resiliency into business operations on SAP ERP. ignio creates deep visibility and understanding of SAP ERP landscape by assimilating data on business processes, functional modules, and technical configurations from data sources such as SAP Solution Manager using SAP-certified JCO connector.

ignio™ AI.Digital Workspace: ignio™ AI.Digital Workspace autonomously detects endpoint issues, triages, and remediates them. With its intuitive Self-service App for end-users, an intelligent dashboard for service desk managers, and an AI-enabled endpoint blueprinting capability at its core, offers automated EUC service delivery, unified endpoint visibility, and performance impact predictions from technology transformation initiatives to the service desk managers. It has proven highly effective in reducing trouble ticket volume; unnecessary IT upgrade costs with virtually zero repair time. I&O leaders can now rationalize IT procurement budgets, reduce service desk costs, and provide a highly productive, happy, and friction-less digital end-user experience. The days of the IT Service Desk as you know it is over. Zero unproductive hours and no service desk tickets are the new normal.

The visionary leader behind the success of Digitate

Akhilesh Tripathi serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Digitate. He leads the company's vision to maintain Digitate's leadership in the Autonomous Enterprise space. Since the venture's inception, he has been a driving force and is critical for global revenue generation and service delivery. Previously, as the Head of TCS Canada, Mr. Akhilesh drove the Canadian entity to be among the top 10 IT services company in its market. His 23-year career with TCS also included him being the Head of Enterprise Solutions and Technology Practices for TCS North America, leading strategic alliances with software vendors, and participating on the advisory councils of several strategic vendor partners.

"Digitate leverages artificial intelligence to manage and automate your IT infrastructure intelligently."

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