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Disperse is the market leader in building productivity systems, a class of AI-powered construction solutions

Disperse is the market leader in building productivity systems, a class of AI-powered construction solutions

The Disperse approach to driving productivity in construction takes 360° visual data and transforms it into quantifiable, relevant and digestible information for all stakeholders involved in construction delivery and handover. The system objectively monitors construction progress, highlights potential delivery non compliance, and supports streamlined financial operations. Disperse is trusted by market leading contractors and developers like Gilbane, Mace, Canary Wharf Group, Lodha and Hines, to mention a few. Their teams are based in London, New York, Sarajevo, Mostar and Islamabad.

Project Management

The Disperse platform is purpose-built to improve building productivity. They capture the state of a project, transform data to make it usable, and provide insightful analysis to drive optimal project delivery.

How it works

Progress and compliance data: Disperse solutions feed reliable progress and compliance data to project management teams. With the right information, teams can quickly answer questions about actual versus planned progress, or whether components were installed in compliance with relevant guidelines.

The company’s system monitors hundreds of tasks and thousands of components using visual inputs like 360° photos or video, and transforms those inputs into descriptive data and reports. The system also proactively spots some issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, helping project teams stay ahead of potential rework.

Only at Disperse is construction data analysis done by a proprietary mix of AI and human expertise. The hybrid approach means that their algorithms are constantly getting smarter as they're trained by a team of human experts, and maintain maximum flexibility to address a project's data needs.

Time savings and reduced admin: Every minute that project management spends manually recording progress, taking photos or compiling reports is a missed opportunity to focus instead on value-add activities to drive the project forward.

Disperse solutions help drive productivity by offloading and automating critical reporting workflows, reducing the hours a project management team has to spend gathering, compiling and structuring information. Project teams freed from administrative overhead are happier, more focused and more effective.

There is no greater gift than that of time, and the firm’s customers have reported weekly time savings of up to 65% for some project management roles.

Exceptional project management teams make good decisions with limited data

Q. So what happens when you remove the limit?

Disperse offloads and automates critical elements of project reporting, and feeds reliable and relevant data to the people who need it.

Disperse says, “With the right information to hand and a reduced administrative workload, project management teams make optimal decisions and drive projects forward.”

Business Leadership

Data that reflects the true state of a portfolio helps business leadership manage risk and judge new opportunities.

Need to bring business improvement initiatives to life? Want to insure your business against erroneous transactions when things get messy in the field?

Data is the key. Disperse functions as a data processing engine that runs independently of day-to-day operations.

Disperse gives business leadership objective information about the true state of play, and help safeguard margins with ironclad descriptive and visual records of site works.

For the Industry

Everyone's time and energy are wasted managing conflict instead of driving construction and ambiguity creates subjectivity that leads to misalignments. Disperse solutions put contractors, subcontractors, developers, and owners on the same page so that everybody can quickly move past debates and get back to delivering optimally.

The company says, “A successful team is one where members actively looks out for and support one another. We take time to understand and respect our different points of view. This inclusive culture helps with solving our customers' challenges in the most creative ways.”

Q. How does Disperse deliver value to their customers?

Disperse solutions are built on a proprietary processing engine that combines cutting-edge machine learning and field-tested human expertise. They deliver a stream of reliable and actionable construction data to drive better decision making at all levels.

Happy customers


“Disperse is one of our standout digital tools. It generates a walk-through of the project which allows you to hop in, navigate and see what has happened in different areas. It highlights any differences and gives progress updates against the programme.

Once the pandemic struck, Disperse became even more valuable. For planning and commercial staff, who were based at home, it became a vital bit of software.”

-Cameron Bulloch, Planning Manager, Mace Group

Canary Wharf Contractors

"At Canary Wharf Contractors, we are continually looking at innovative ways to improve productivity. The use of Computer Vision technology is assisting our site teams to effectively manage complex projects and make the right decisions.

The ability to integrate this data directly into the Construction programme ensures we have accurate as-built data, supported by high quality images and reports. This not only means we can assess where we are against planned progress, but also provides clear evidence of both quality and performance week on week.

Disperse has worked collaboratively with CWCL in developing robust solutions and controls. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Disperse on future projects."

-Tony Lonergan, Head of Planning at Canary Wharf Contractors

Felix, Chief Executive Officer

Felix was raised on construction sites from a young age and co-founded Disperse in 2015 as part of his masters at the London School of Economics in digital innovation, positioning him perfectly to solve construction's biggest challenges.

“Our customers are market leading contractors, real estate developers and owner-operators.”

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