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DrChrono: “We Power the Practice of The Future”

DrChrono: “We Power the Practice of The Future”

Introduction of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has eased medical centers and has benefitted patients and caregivers as well. As EHRs became more and more common, providers began looking for cloud-based deployments for better EHR access. Gradually, healthcare SaaS applications became increasingly popular and common. That’s because it provided an easy and cheap option to deploy cloud-based EHRs.

Excelling at the SaaS applications for healthcare is DrChrono. While it provides SaaS patient care platform, the solutions from DrChrono consists of a web and cloud-based app that’s used by doctors and patients alike. The company assures the availability of EHRs digitally, while also providing medical billing services and practice management. Explaining what the company delivers, DrChrono states on the website as: “We design essential medical technology to make care more informed personalized, interactive, and adaptable.”

Iconic Foundation

Founded in 2009, DrChrono is based in Sunnyvale, California. A dynamic duo of innovators- Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos established DrChrono after they had personal experience of the current healthcare systems. When they had to help their family members through serious diagnoses, they were frustrated and disappointed with the entire functioning of the healthcare system. Together, they set out to fix this.

Determined more than ever, they set out to remove the administrative burdens that waste time, energy, and enthusiasm from the way providers work today. They established DrChrono to create a world where every provider and patient can thrive. “At DrChrono, we believe that the practice of the future starts in the philosophy of the past – where personalized, dedicated, one-on-one care is paramount. Where screen-time is replaced by face-time. And where technology adapts to the provider, not the other way around,” says the co-founder and CEO- Michael Nusimow.

Today, a decade since the company was founded DrChrono is serving tens of thousands of physicians and over 13 million patients. As a proud factor, it’s interesting to know that DrChrono was the first EHR to build a native app for the iPad and iPhone and is the only official Apple Mobility Partner for healthcare. As the youngest company to be included in the US Government Precision Medicine Initiative, DrChrono was voted as the numero uno EHR by doctors. The company was also recognized as the number 1 mobile EHR by Black Book.

‘Practice Medicine, Not Administration’

That’s a rule that the company follows while delivering solutions to its clients. Each of DrChrono’s products can be tailor-made completely for any medical practice. The size doesn’t matter- small, large, specialty, enterprise, etc., DrChrono delivers products that are open to third-party innovation via a robust API.

If you had to summarize the solution from DrChrono, it would be like this: “Innovative EHR for a workflow that just works!” Working with the firm, you can streamline your entire workflow and get back to what matters most. Whether it’s the web, iPhone or the iPad, DrChrono delivers your practice at your fingertips. Everything from scheduling to billing or clinical workflows and patient engagement- DrChrono aids for seamless integration.

Let’s take a look at some of the important product features:

Patient-First Practice: DrChrono helps to run a patient-first practice. You can have a HIPAA-compliant patient portal, automated appointment reminders, self-check-in, online scheduling, etc.

Practice Management: Customized workflows that work for your practice.

Expand your reach: DrChrono helps to extend your reach beyond the walls of your clinic. Simple and secure APIs from the company helps clients to leverage their existing partner medical apps and services. Or they could also build their own with the help of DrChrono.

Billing: Fully integrated EHR and medical billing.

Increased profitability: An experienced RCM and an integrated billing solution from DrChrono assures you your profits with cleaner claims and fewer denials. In fact, you can earn more revenue with DrChrono. The complete, fully-tailored RCM service lowers the labor costs of clients. The team helps with everything including- coding, billing, and compliance. The experts from DrChrono help manage the expenses and operations of your practice. In the end, you gain by improving your profitability and focusing more on patient care.

EHR & Mobile: DrChrono offers full clinical documentation right on your iPhone or iPad.

The Dynamic Leader

Michael Nusimow, CEO and Co-Founder

Michael believes that technology can make healthcare more efficient, more personalized, and help provide healthcare to more people. Michael co-founded DrChrono with Daniel Kivatinos in January 2009 and built the first-ever native iPad EHR app. Before DrChrono, Michael worked at Bloomberg LP where he architected components of the Bloomberg Terminal used by customers worldwide. Michael has a B.E. in Computer Engineering & Computer Science from Stony Brook University has been named to Stony Brook University's 40 under 40 outstanding alumni award in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

“We design essential medical technology to make care more informed personalized, interactive, and adaptable.”

“Seamlessly integrate scheduling, clinical workflow, patient engagement, and billing. Free your time to deliver truly innovative care.”

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