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e-Ventus Corporation has been Digitizing the Supply Chain for Over Twenty Years

e-Ventus Corporation has been Digitizing the Supply Chain for Over Twenty Years

e-Ventus Corporation has been a thought leader and an innovator since its formation over twenty years ago. The company began designing and developing supply chain solutions before the terms “supplier portal” and “lean supply” were even coined. Being a true pioneer, throughout the years, e-Ventus has continued to innovate and expand the depth and breadth of its supply chain products, culminating in the complete redevelopment of its flagship eSP Supplier Portal product using the latest Microsoft .Net Core technology.

Origin and Growth

The company’s first supply chain product was deployed in 2001 to Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems (Bendix). It facilitated the transformation and digitalization of the supply chain industry. Its deployment at Bendix was a resounding success and resulted in both e-Ventus and Bendix receiving an industry award, the TechKnow award. The e-Ventus supply chain solution saved Bendix up to $200,000 per year on EDI costs. Over 86% of Bendix’s suppliers indicated that the e-Ventus supply chain solution was an improvement over the approaches that Bendix had been using. “Bendix continues to be a satisfied user of our supply chain solutions over 20 years later,” said Joseph LaMantia, President of e-Ventus Corporation.e-Ventus and its supply chain solutions have continued to receive industry recognition with articles in APICS Performance Advantage, American Machinist, and several other publications. The company has continued to expand the business capabilities of its solutions and continuously upgrade the underlying technical architecture. Initially, the e-Ventus supply chain product had only four modules, and today it features fourteen modules.

“The broad range of functionality included in our current eSP Supplier Portal includes supplier managed inventory, consignment, document management, business performance measurement, supply chain analytics, logistics, digital information exchange, and request for quote form management,” said the President.

Today, e-Ventus Corporation has 225+ clients in the manufacturing and distribution industries and has delivered 150,000+ hours of consulting services on 1,000+ projects. With its eSP Supply Portal solution and its breadth of consulting services, e-Ventus develops and deploys complex ERP and supply chain solutions in a variety of environments throughout the globe.

A Leaner Supply Chain with e-Ventus

Some twenty years ago, things started changing, and companies started putting greater emphasis on their supply chains and how they could be used to create a sustainable competitive advantage. There was an emergence of lean and supply chain theory and principles in academic and practitioner journals. Yet, most companies under $50 billion did not leverage or apply these concepts and principles. “We realized that there was a market need for an innovative, repeatable solution that could

quickly digitize the supply chain, and provide visibility, velocity and agility in a complex, global supply chain. From this, our supply chain solutions and ultimately, the eSP Suppler Portal, was born,” explained Joseph LaMantia.

The e-Ventus eSP Supplier Portal is a very well-designed and functionally robust solution. It offers virtual, real-time analytics and provides visibility throughout a customer’s global manufacturing and global supply chain. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, the company’s eSP Supplier Portal collects, shares, and processes acknowledgment and shipping transactions in the global supply chain. It automates the supplier transaction workflow, streamlines internal operations, and reduces procurement cost, lead time, and inventory investment.

With its graphical interfaces, buyers and planners using eSP can easily determine what requires attention in the supply chain and respond to it. Using dashboards and visual controls, buyers and planners can drill down into the details with a click of a mouse. Its embedded business intelligence capability provides decision-makers with the information they require to react and respond to changes and challenges in the supply chain.

The e-Ventus eSP Supplier Portal is delivered using state-of-the-art concepts, tools, and techniques. The company employs lean IT (Information Technology) concepts with repeatable deliverables to reduce the time from project inception to production implementation.

“e-Ventus’ eSP implementation was a successful timeline of weeks rather than months. e-Ventus provided an entire rollout plan, which included support of onboarding GSW Manufacturing, Inc. suppliers. Collaboration and efficiency have improved by providing a holistic view for GSW and Suppliers, with detailed drilldown capabilities and decision-making data within a few clicks of the mouse,” said Kristine Phounsavath, Purchasing Manager at GSW Manufacturing Inc. (an e-Ventus client).

The Road Ahead

Since 2000, e-Ventus Corporation has solved some very complex supply chain challenges, not only

in the theoretical level but in practice with its implemented eSP solution. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the company has a supply chain and ERP subject matter depth that is both broad and deep. This has allowed the company to develop supply chain strategies that improve a client’s business processes, leverage the eSP Supplier Portal, and identify comprehensive, digital integration opportunities with other business ERP systems.

The company’s industry expertise spans the automotive, heavy vehicle, electronics, defense, aerospace, industrial equipment, transportation, energy, telecommunications, technology, medical, chemical, consumer products, food, manufacturing, and distribution segments. With such a vast scope of expertise, the company is expected to continue on its path of stellar growth.

The Leader

Joseph LaMantia, President of e-Ventus Corporation

Mr. Joseph LaMantia, CFPIM, CIRM, CPA, is the President of e-Ventus Corporation, a lean supply chain and ERP consulting firm with over 225 clients that focuses on adding value through the implementation of transformational agile and lean supply solutions. He has over twenty-five years of experience in the consulting industry with engagements in lean supply, supply chain digitalization, digital transformation, lean manufacturing, strategic planning, system integration, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system deployment, and agile system development.

Mr. LaMantia has managed multiple, multi-million-dollar projects in firms between $50 million and $7 billion. He earned his MBA degree at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

“With its eSP Supply Portal solution and its breadth of consulting services, e-Ventus develops and deploys complex ERP and supply chain solutions in a variety of environments throughout the globe.”

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