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30 Most Influential Companies of the year 2020 (Special Edition)

Easyray: Innovative Application Software

Easyray: Innovative Application Software

In the past decade, software development has become an integral part of almost every sector as everything is powered/controlled by software. In 2020, we entered a brand new decade with software development that promises to evolve with time. Integral part of this evolution is the incorporation of computer science concepts like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and more into the process of software development. Although nobody can predict what trends will prevail in the coming decade it is being said that once theorized concepts like artificial intelligence will become a standard in the field. One of the strongest proponents of computer science concepts and their application in software development is Pisa, Italy-based Easyray.

Founded in 2001 by Antonio Raimondo, Easyray helps businesses focus their goals and achieve success through its software development expertise. The company joined the University of Pisa as a highly qualified ICT group designated for design and digitization in 2006. Here, the team developed the UniPOS system (to digitally archive the results of university exams), which has become the official system of the University of Pisa, Milan, Brescia and Alma Mater of Bologna. In 2008, Easyray was acquired by the Pisa Research Consortium (CPR) and became the IT department for members (Tuscany Region, Province and Municipality of Pisa, University of Pisa, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Scuola Normale Superiore, CNR, etc.).

Finally, in December 2012, Easyray separated from the CPR and became an independent group. Easyray has continued its collaboration with the University of Pisa and is still working with CPR members on over 20 projects and has a portfolio of over 60 private companies. We interviewed Antonio Raimondo, Founder and CEO of Easyray to know more about the company’s current innovations.

What does Easyrayexcel at?

Easyray is a company that deals with the development of different types of projects in the IT field. Our projects and customers are diversified and we are proud to say that they are based all over the world, from Dubai to America, from London to New Zealand. Among the most common requests are e-commerce services, home delivery, online reservations and much more. Our technologies are both current and projected towards the future, in fact, we offer 180 degree solutions, without loss of time with a fast and active approach.

Do you provide tailor-made services or is there a one fit-for-all solution?

All our projects are analyzed individually, in order to offer the best solution to each customer. After collecting the essential information for the development of the project, the technical department begins an in-depth study to define which type of technology is best for the individual case. Subsequently, the project is proposed to the customer and if the outcome is positive, a graphic study is developed. Finally, the actual project is developed and published on the stores or/and on the web.

Competition in software and app development market is fierce. Customers go for the best available option. What makes you a better service provider?

The biggest difference between Easyray and other IT companies is the preliminary study that is done before the realization of each project. Our technicians analyze in detail all the customer’s requests and, in the case of a company, we refer to the characteristics and problems that represent it. We try to strengthen the former and eliminate the latter. Our software is characterized by a simple, intuitive and different interface depending on the type of software. It allows the elimination of management and coordination of problems while giving total control over the contents.

Best software/app development services come with an expensive price tag. How do you maintain your affordability and profitability?

This type of service requires a lot of work, attention to detail, precision and skill. We have an excellent team at the helm of all the projects we manage; consequently, we guarantee an excellent quality product that satisfies the customers in every aspect. The satisfaction of the customers is the most important thing for us because, it is obvious that, a satisfied customer is willing to buy a well-made and structured product and is inclined to pay the work for its value, without wanting devaluation. So, to answer your question, the total satisfaction of our customers is the fuel of our company, which allows us to stand out from all the others.

A major reason for the complexity of software projects is the constant changing of requirements. Do you have a solid process and line of communication to ensure that the product outcomes align with expectations and requirements?

Our studies are constantly evolving, aimed both at satisfying the requests concerning current technologies but also those that refer to a more advanced technology projected towards the future.

Much of our team comes from a specialized and constantly evolving university environment; this allows them not to stop with just a superficial knowledge of things. This guides them further, allows an indefatigable development of our preparation and desire to test ourselves to improve our performance from time to time.

What does the road ahead look like for Easyray?

Easyray not just aims to apply the technological trends that dominate 2020 but also those that will dominate the next few years. We have been studying artificial intelligence since we heard about it for the first time and we try to associate it with augmented reality and analysis of big data, using the best technologies available. It is suitable for specific situations, especially in the development of our applications and our management systems.

We are looking to expand and enter into other markets. We are focusing above all on the analysis of big data, VR and Augmented Reality, without obviously leaving behind anything we already provide and more, including payments via blockchain. We are ready to engage with any project that our customers decide to propose to us.

Meet the Innovator

Antonio Raimondo, Founder and CEO

A graduate from the prestigious University of Pisa, Antonio founded Easyrayin 2001. He is also an Information Technology Teacher of Musa Formazione and is an Adjunct Professor of "Computer Networks", "IT Security" and "Network Security.

 “Our projects and customers are diversified and we are proud to say that they are based all over the world, from Dubai to America, from London to New Zealand.”

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