Alexa ehotel<sup>®</sup> : Hotel bookings for companies and business travellers
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ehotel<sup>®</sup> : Hotel bookings for companies and business travellers

ehotel® : Hotel bookings for companies and business travellers

From the very start, the hotel booking portal ehotel® has focused on winning and maintaining the trust of its customers. In order to guarantee this, it focuses on transparency, data protection and top service. While its unique meta search technology scans the offers of up to seven million hotels worldwide and lists all available rooms from relevant providers, tour operators and wholesalers, ehotel® also fulfills the strict requirements of credit card institutions and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure that customer data is always protected at every step of the booking process.

With its unique service of comparing all offers, ehotel® is a pioneer of hotel booking platforms. For a traveler, it is almost impossible to find all the offers available on the extensive hotel market, as it is usually part of hotel sales and revenue management strategy to use different platforms and allow for different price models. But business travelers have to comply with internal company guidelines and companies need to be able to compare different offers. ehotel’s specially developed meta technology enables comprehensive comparative searches. This service is complemented by the fact that companies can use the platform to book individual trips as well as to organize major conferences and carry out financial transactions such as reimbursements and tax refunds, maintain an overview of participant management and booking statistics, as well as planning. ehotel® guarantees a transparent price policy, which includes providing a clear list of all offers.

Thanks to individually customizable search configurations, business travellers only receive offers that are personalized and at the same time meet their in-house specifications and companies receive the precise invoice that their accounting departments require. This saves time and money for everyone involved. ehotel’s billing system makes it possible to reduce the effective costs that arise during the booking process, as well as the processing costs. Thanks to a central billing system, registered corporate customers can standardize all travel expenses and include additional data such as personnel or project numbers, which provides considerable added value. ehotel® central billing is a flexible accounting model that can be used worldwide. Through its flexible application according to national tax regulations and the management of VAT IDs in 17 European countries, ehotel® central billing guarantees global, tax benefits.

For larger events such as congresses and conferences, ehotel® provides a professional participant management tool that allows every company to put together a tailor-made offer. ehotel® meetings platform provides ideal solutions, from extensive planning and budgeting to cancellations. Freely selectable modules help to ensure the smooth implementation of processes during events as well and ensure that information about participants is available at all times. This can facilitate on-site work from the accreditation phase to the end when participants leave. Of course, the tool also permits subsequent analysis of an event and a structured and precise tailor-made accounts and invoicing. From individual travel to complicated congress planning, ehotel’s all-round service always features state-of-the-art technology and staff who can handle questions quickly and efficiently.

“We are very happy about every single award,” says Managing Partner, Fritz Zerweck, “especially if it confirms that there is high customer satisfaction.” In the past six months alone, ehotel® has received an award for the most customer-friendly app from Focus Money magazine and been named Hot Brand of the Year by the business magazine “CEO Views”. The Silicon Review said that it was one of the 30 top companies to keep an eye on. In 2020, WirtschaftsWoche ranked it as one of the best service providers - ahead of all other hotel booking portals; ServiceValue gave it gold status.

“The prices don’t just fall into our laps,” explains Fritz Zerweck, “we really do something for this.”

Fritz Zerweck has been the CEO of ehotel® since 2006. He came into the industry via a detour in sanitary supplies. His parents ran a successful sanitary supplies business that he was slated to take over one day as that was what seemed easiest. However, he realized that he wanted to go further afield and started studying economics “Actually, it was almost by chance that I ended up on the board of directors at ehotel®, but you can also call it fate,” he says laughing. He has now combined his passion for travel with his talent for financial management and an interest in modern technology – as the manager of a successful booking platform and an experienced business traveler.

"Our motto is to make your processes efficient, to achieve recurring cost savings while increasing quality, transparency, compliance and employee satisfaction"

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