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Providing unimitable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice to million and showcasing her fashion to the world—Elizabeth Rovens

Providing unimitable fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice to million and showcasing her fashion to the world—Elizabeth Rovens

Aspiration is the most significant seller for high-end fashion brands. Clothing reflects who we are to the world and who we would like to be. Especially high-end fashion brands have to focus on maintaining that aspiration. This means a quick adaptation, hence a constant fresh image.

Young consumers seek authenticity, which is why they are constantly searching for experiences. At this particular moment in time, the best way to show authenticity is through social media, where clients can interact with brands and see from their homes what a brand is about.

Influencers promote a lifestyle that is a natural fit with high-end fashion and beauty brands that promote the same; old-fashioned marketing campaigns do not work as well as they used to when the audience does not like to be sold to, so influencers go hand in hand with the consumer demand as well as the way high-end fashion and beauty brands communicate with the consumer.

In the ever-changing world of fashion, Elizabeth Rovens is a brand that aims to unite beauty, fashion, and fitness to deliver quality, good-looking, comfortable and affordable style to customers. Fashion and beauty model and industry veteran Elizabeth Rovens started her namesake site to share professional tips with those who are already in the fashion and beauty industry or who have an affinity for it.

Styling herself for her audience—providing timeless fashion and beauty tips for an evergrowing audience

Given the appetite for disruption and the start-up environment, it’s no wonder the fashion industry is morphing from the inside. The digital world, consumer preferences and fast-fashion outlets such as Forever 21, H&M, and Zara are flipping the fashion industry in its head. Fashion influencers are taking the lead, and the omens are clear. High-end fashion retailers can no longer rely on the traditional model of catwalk shows to showcase next season’s trends. Retail spaces have transformed into inspiration hubs and now hold events to accompany sales. One of the driving forces behind this trend is that consumers and Millenials, in particular, have fully embraced a different approach to buying clothes. The leading role in this transformation is in the hands of fashion influencers.

With over ten years of experience in modeling, cosmetics, beauty, hair, and film industry, Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to help style people’s outfits, recommend wardrobe overhauls, provide beauty tips, and showcase catalogs of high-end fashion brands expertly styled by her to her audience on her bogs, newsletters, and social media.

Despite having to style one-of-a-kind outfits for every fashion brand, Elizabeth says she is passionate about sharing her daily outfit and lifestyle inspirations with her audience members.

Creating comfortable and classic clothes for the new generation

Nowadays, shoppers don’t want to wait. With the internet virtually in everyone’s pockets and millions of purchase options available in a single click and express delivery, why wouldn’t they? The agility of modern fashion outlets means new trends are embraced, produced, and made available within weeks. And to boot, often at prices that undercut the large fashion houses.

The change has seen fashion firms pivot towards digital platforms for sales and marketing. When Fendi, for instance, followed Dolce & Gabbana’s footsteps with its new online hub, its intentions were clear: to communicate the vision of the brand authentically and innovatively through a by-Millenials, for-Millenials platform.

When asked why she created her namesake brand to make exquisite and quality t-shirts, “The journey has started several years when I couldn’t find any quality, good looking, comfortable and affordable t-shirts that I wanted to wear,” says Elizabeth.

T-shirts of Elizabeth Rovens’ brand are made of the finest and highest quality Supima Organic Cotton in the United States of America. An extremely talented European artist created the bespoke designs on the t-shirts. The design themes on the t-shirts are popular yogic symbols representing harmony, peace, and spirituality.

According to Elizabeth, the best way to create something of her own is to share her work with her audience. On her journey of creating her clothing brand and providing fashion and beauty advice to her massive audience, Elizabeth has exhibited tremendous patience. She also says that staying true to yourself and not letting anyone crush your dreams is paramount to achieving your goals and finding success. “Hard work always pays off eventually, but also remember to have fun and to enjoy life along the process,” she says.

Apart from being a model, fashion stylist, and entrepreneur, she is also a certified yoga instructor. Yoga has also influenced the designs on her beautiful t-shirts. When asked how yoga has helped her become a better person, Elizabeth says, “Yoga taught me lots of patience and grounding. Meditation helps me stay more present and grateful for each and every day.”

Growing her brand to new heights through inimitable fashion, beauty and wellness advice

Elizabeth Rovens is the owner of Elizabeth Rovens brand of clothing. She is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She is passionate about sharing her daily outfit & lifestyle inspirations with her audience.

Her page focuses on high-end fashion, styling advice, and giving her audience a behind the scenes view into the high-end fashion industry and exclusive releases & limited edition launches from all of their favorite brands.

You’ll frequently see her traveling the globe and attending fashion shows, taking her passion for fashion wherever it leads her and constantly carrying her Fendi clutch along for the ride.

“I have dedicated this site to showcase my passions and experience with fashion, beauty, travel, and yoga.”

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