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Embitel Technologies – A talent management company offering organizations an end-to-end support for a successful digital transformation journey

Embitel Technologies – A talent management company offering organizations an end-to-end support for a successful digital transformation journey

The world of business today is volatile and constantly evolving. Challenges such as consistent innovation, technology landscape evolution, cost control, and product portfolio maintenance put constant pressure on software product companies. We can observe business owners have more concern about product engineering need to exceed targets concerning meeting customer expectations, optimization of the manufacturing process, and design cost pressures. The demand for enhancing user experience is also pressing, and all of this has to be achieved with reduced product development timelines and minimal costs. In the event of all these objectives, there arises a need to partner with an expert product engineer to create best-in-class products.

Embitel Technologies is a product engineering and e-commerce services company with a unique combination of German quality standards and highly efficient offshore/onsite project management and delivery processes. Embitel specializes in solutions for Automotive and Automation domains with strong focus in the automotive domain, in-Vehicle Infotainment, vehicle networking, and On-board diagnostics (OBD). E-commerce is a focus area where Embitel has developed significant expertise. They offer a wide variety of e-commerce services which include strategy consulting, design, systems and technology, website management, hosting, and digital marketing services. The firm also partners with businesses to innovate and strategize for the delivery of data-driven omnichannel digital experience to customers. Its business partners leverage solutions to gather actionable business insights that drive strategic decision-making.

Trustworthy products and solutions

Motor Control Solutions for Electric Vehicles: Leverage Configurable Platform for developing Motor Controller for Electric Vehicles (EV) Drivetrain. This platform for Motor Control development is designed to deliver customized and production-grade solutions for Electric Vehicle Applications (E-Taxi/Auto, Electric Scooters, Electric Four-Wheelers and more) This platform has been designed to help you to achieve your business goals. It will provide end-to-end support from prototyping to production-grade projects related to the Electric Vehicle (EV) product development. The Motor Control System ensures fast-track to series production- Approximately 6 months for a prototype and 12-15 months for Production Grade ECU. In order to ensure time and cost savings during Bench Testing, it optimizes tuning by testing the FOC algorithm using Plant Model Simulation. This is done to achieve the desired speed-torque characteristics.

AUTOSAR: Automotive Open System Architecture: A Global Partnership for AUTOSAR Architecture in ECU Software. The founding principle of AUTOSAR consortium is to create one common standard, accepted by global OEMs’, for in-vehicle networking and automotive ECU development. The charter states “Cooperate on standards, compete on implementation” Partner with Embitel Technologies, a CMMI Level 3 organization, for robust and quality implementation of your AUTOSAR 4.x/AUTOSAR 3.x projects. Technical and business workshops to analyze your product roadmaps and assessment of migration to AUTOSAR 4.3 or AUTOSAR 3.X, across the product lines

Web application development: End-user applications are an intrinsic part of an IoT infrastructure. These help users in monitoring and controlling IoT devices from remote locations. These applications transmit user commands to the cloud, and subsequently, to IoT-enabled devices connected to the network. Mobile apps, web apps and desktop apps are the end-user applications found in an IoT infrastructure. Leverage the decade-long experience in the design and development of intuitive web apps for your IoT applications.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) for Industry: For modern day operators, working in connected industrial automation environments, usability of the HMI/UI of the systems should resemble the interface of consumer hand held devices. Such HMI/UI designs not only ensure ease of operation but also deliver desired operational efficiency. Also these cloud-based HMI frameworks that can be easily deployed across desktop (web), mobile and embedded devices ensure best RoI for your businesses. The expert team of HMI developers has collaborated with global customers in delivering cloud-based HMI software and plug-in solutions that are Human/Operator centric.

The ardent visionary behind the success of Embitel Technologies

Daniel Rebhorn is the Managing Partner and plays a key role in the development and growth of Embitel. He is also the founder of the diconium GmbH and its subsidiary digital media center (dmc), which he started along with Andreas Schwend in 1995 in Stuttgart, Germany. He is a computer scientist and was previously an independent IT consultant for various companies in the areas of engineering and integrated quality control. Mr. Daniel focuses on Organization, Technology and Operations. He heads the Capacities Organization and Technology initiatives and also handles the operative area within diconium. He is directly involved in the operational delivery of ecommerce solutions and is poised to replicate this model at Embitel as well. Mr. Daniel has a strong entrepreneurial vision and plan for the company and brings his extensive experience in the field of ecommerce to the table.

“From seasoned veterans with a voice of wisdom and experience to passionate youngsters, our team has all the ingredients to succeed and scale newer heights.”

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