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The flexible, modern framework for investment management operations that gives fund managers the freedom to perform: Enfusion

The flexible, modern framework for investment management operations that gives fund managers the freedom to perform: Enfusion

Institutional investment managers. Hedge funds. Family offices. No matter the firm or investment strategy, all asset managers share one thing in common: a single-minded pursuit to generate maximum returns for their investors. And the driving goal behind Enfusion is to harness the power of technology to remove the operational barriers that divert asset managers’ energy away from this fundamental task.

Enfusion’s platform uses one golden source of truth to unify the front, middle, and back offices: from portfolio management and accounting all the way through to order management, execution management, and analytics. And they built it specifically to run in the cloud.

Why is cloud-native multi-tenant so important? Because it makes things possible at the operational level that other Software-as-a-Service solutions simply can’t. It ensures that portfolio managers can see what the trading desk sees. It makes weekly upgrades possible. It lets clients enter new asset classes effortlessly. But perhaps most importantly of all, it means that Enfusion never stops improving.

The one decision that affects all others

Launching a fund means moving fast. Decisions must be made quickly about the technology your team will rely on to bring your strategies to life and deliver the transparency and returns investors demand.

But finding the right technology provider gets complicated when they all claim to be end-to-end, front-to-back, and cloud-based. Even though they all started out as traditional, on-prem platforms. And none of them offer services for the middle and back office that work in the clients’ same software environment.

How can you make the right decision when the stakes are so high? By choosing Enfusion: the only provider with a framework that is fundamentally different in how it was built, what it can do, and how it can evolve.

Make your priorities perfectly clear

Built natively as a single system, Enfusion’s OEMS can manage complex execution strategies, streamline workflows, and eliminate issues caused by fragmented order and execution management systems. Available on desktop, web, and mobile.

Connected to better outcomes

Enfusion’s most important features are perhaps its unrivaled ability to integrate painlessly with legacy systems, third-party platforms/providers, industry-standard protocols, and market data feeds.

Surround yourself with the right people

Enfusion’s Client Success Model includes: a dedicated, in-region Strategic Account Manager, Technical Account Manager, and a global support team of deep functional experts who can solve complex issues related to platform, integration, connectivity, and more. An Operations Manager serves as the primary point of contact for any Managed Services client.

Expand your team, while controlling your headcount

Working in the exact same environment as Enfusion’s clients, their managed services teams consist of platform “power-users” with investment management industry expertise. By outsourcing or co-sourcing middle- and back-office operations, firms can redeploy their staff to higher value-added tasks.

The key to unlocking business agility

The company’s managed services teams’ harness constantly evolving technology, data, and industry best practices to provide meaningful insights to transform your business.

Supports any strategy: Enfusion personnel are equipped to support trading in any market, any environment, and any instrument.

Methodical on-boarding:  Enfusion spends time understanding your organization, trading strategy, and middle- and back-office requirements.

Fully transparent:  Enfusion’s secure, web-based services portal ensures timely communications and on-demand access to data, reports, and Enfusion-supplied insights.

Keeps data intact: Because the company’s teams’ work directly in the Enfusion environment, there is no transfer of data outside the organization—which removes the risk of data degradation, loss, or delay.

Remarkably thorough, highly precise

By providing support for your back office, Enfusion’s team of operations experts allows your staff to focus on more critical business decisions—which can improve efficiency, confidence, and month-end sign-off to investors.

Central to your future growth

So much of a firm’s financial health can be tied directly to how effectively it manages its data. With a central, enterprise-wide book of records populated with real-time data, front-, middle-, and back-office teams can collaborate far more effectively.   

Meanwhile, strong data management helps provide the technological underpinnings for automation of costly manual processes. High-fidelity data can be used to quickly generate investor reports as well as shadow NAVs, cash flow statements, and more.

The persistent challenge, however, is the operational cost associated with maintaining this pristine dataset—especially as the firm enters new markets or in light of M&A activity. Fortunately, there is Enfusion: a cloud-native, front-to-back platform that automates data management to significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

Oleg Movchan, Interim CEO

Oleg Movchan is the interim Chief Executive Officer and has been the member of the board of directors since 2021. He is also a founding investor in Enfusion and an Enfusion client who has worked with the company in multiple capacities for more than 16 years.

Movchan is a graduate of the General Management Program from the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton school. He holds a master of science degree and an MBA from the University of Chicago and a master’s degree from Kharkiv State University (Ukraine)

“Enfusion’s single platform powers front-to-back with a golden source of truth, maximizing efficiency and minimizing risk.”

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