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Enovation B.V.: Connecting Healthcare

Enovation B.V.: Connecting Healthcare

The healthcare industry has become tech savvy with time. From remote patient care to administrative work, overtime, the industry has learnt to rely on technology. But now we are in an age where the industry is embracing IoT and other technologies. Enovation has helped the healthcare market connect for years. Now, with its new solutions it is helping the healthcare industry connect better as more devices come into the frame.

Enovation was founded in 1983. The company is a leading provider of IT solutions and connects people, systems, and organizations primarily in the healthcare industry. Based in South Holland, Enovation is a leading authority when it comes to connecting healthcare organizations, healthcare providers and patients.

With over 35 years of experience in the field, Enovation has seen it all in the healthcare sector. Being a Dutch proponent, the company’s work is so pivotal in the country that they serve almost all the healthcare segments in the country. Nearly all of the Dutch hospitals, ambulance services, general practitioners, pharmacies, dentists, paramedical care providers, and municipalities seek out the help of Enovation.

But things are changing and the world is fast moving towards a connected future and so is Enovation. The best businesses adapt as the changes come along and Enovation is an epitome of adaptation. As the healthcare industry becomes more connected and more devices come into this world, it is important to have the solutions which would help augment this change. Enovation’s contribution to this change is through its myhealthConnect platform.


The eHealth applications are becoming a mainstay these days but they are also causing the rise of many accompanying applications and portals that are specially meant for the healthcare professionals. To manage the slew of eHealth applications there is a need for an application which helps them integrate. Enovation came up with its myhealthConnect platform to tie all these applications together.

The myhealthConnect platform is hardware agnostic and enabled care providers to monitor patients from a distance. With the platform onboard, healthcare organizations get the necessary flexibility that is needed to select monitoring devices of their choice. Moreover, organizations also get to look at the IT applications they want to use from various vendors.

myhealthConnect enables software to securely connect to these devices and applications with an organization’s infrastructure. Thus, it enables healthcare providers a way to deliver high-quality remote care while reducing general practitioner visits and helping patients be at home longer.

A solution for your Administrative work

Manual routine is part of administrative work everywhere today. But these manual routines are redundant, expensive, consume a lot of time and are prone to human errors. Human errors can be costly some times, especially when it comes to the healthcare sector.

The lobby to automate all such manual processes is growing each day and organizations are realizing that they need to free up staff time to make a transformation happen. Such transformation is possible sustainably and affordably only by leveraging the potential of robotic automation.

Pioneering this field is Enovation through its Blue Prism product. The Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation emulates what a human does while he or she uses a computer application. The Blue Prism software solution helps an organizations’ staff concentrate on high-value work by taking on the applications and automating rules-based tasks. 

Blue Prism is helping businesses automate their business processes. It is also helping IT deal with the legacy system integration issues. The platform is versatile and delivers in year ROI while saving money without any back-end integration.

Part of Main Capital Partners

Enovation has been delivering innovation and mission-critical software to the healthcare market since its inception in 1983. Since 2013, Enovation has been a part of the family-run VANAD Group. But the VANAD Group chose to sell its shares. Main Capital Partners took over Enovation in 2018. VANAD Group continues its involvement in Enovation through a minority stake.

Main Capital has been a strategic investor with an added focus of the software sector based in the Benelux, Germany, and Scandinavia. The company has a strong presence in the healthcare SaaS market with its acquisitions including the likes of Verklizan, RVC Medical IT, SDB Ayton, and The Patient Safety Company.

Under Main Capital, Enovation’s ambition has grown as a leading SaaS player in northwest Europe. The company has moved ahead with an increased growth rate and development of new innovative products. The company has a massive presence in the Netherlands, UK, and Ireland. But today it is in a better position to push for further expansion with Main Capital backing it.

Meet the CEO

Jeroen van Rijswijk, CEO

Jeroen has been Enovation for more than 15 years. He has served the company at various capacities. His vision drives the company forward today.

We believe in better healthcare by effective connecting healthcare organizations, healthcare providers and patients.

Enovation is a fast growing, specialist provider of healthcare integration and robotic process automation solutions and services.

We are proud of the solutions and high quality services we offer to our clients in the UK and Ireland.

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