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EnSoftek, Inc. is an Enterprise Software Solutions and IT Services company with worldwide customer base

EnSoftek, Inc. is an Enterprise Software Solutions and IT Services company with worldwide customer base

Since the past few decades, enterprises of all sizes are depending hugely on software applications for carrying out critical business operations. Be it acquiring business intelligence, communicating with teams or maintaining customer relationships, technology has made everything convenient and organized. This, in turn, has encouraged organizations to rely on a chain of software programs for managing varied activities effectively.

EnSoftek is the most reliable source to develop, re-engineer, implement, integrate and maintain business applications and back-office systems. The company was established in 1999 which offers unique software solutions to enterprises in Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance and export compliance (integrated with US customs system) wide array of IT Services, custom application development and back-office solutions to across a broad spectrum of industry professionals.

To get more insight about the firm we conversed with the President and CEO Ramana Reddy

Can you unveil your vision statement?

Vision: “Standing squarely at the intersection of human potential and technical solutions, we will provide the most innovative, leading edge and user-friendly technology to improve the delivery of patient care, offer critical clinical support tools and help ensure regulatory compliance needed to create environments for recovery, wellness, whole health and positive therapeutic outcomes”. We believe we are achieving our vision.

How far have you been successful in achieving your vision?

As with any startup, we had our share of ups and downs. Our first project turned out to be successful but only after significant investments in resources and capital. After eight years they are still a customer. We had a couple of missteps in taking on clinics that were not in our sweet spot, but that helped us to narrow our focus on select niche areas.

What struggles had you faced at the start?

We started as an Enterprise services business on the cusp of Y2K. We had to reinvent ourselves post the dot-com bubble and 9/11. However, that was a good learning experience as we learned that in order to stay relevant an organization has to keep reinventing itself with times. We learned to transform from a services organization to a product-centric organization. We are one of those rare organizations that not only survived the dot-com bubble but successfully transformed to stay relevant with changing times and ever increasing competitive landscape.

Learning to conserve and spending on the right things has been our DNA. Otherwise, it is difficult to change with times. We have learned to conserve capital and invest in the right things. We are always working as if it is Day 1 for us.

What are your key success factors?

  • Persistence! We knew we had a good team and a base product to grow with
  • A very high level of state-of-the-art developers and a CEO and CTO that understood what it would take to develop a world-class product
  • Solid business knowledge at the executive level
  • Our people! From the administrative staff to our senior management
  • A solid Board of Advisors

Two-way communication is the key. Employees need to feel they have an outlet for sharing their observations and ideas, is this true with your company?

At corporate, the CEO and CTO are readily accessible in person. Our east coast office can access our management team via phone or video conference. We have been able to work out a good communication channel with our India team but the time difference can be challenging.

How do you and your company contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?

Our product allows Behavioral Health organizations to streamline operations freeing up time for providers to do what they do best, care for patients. Putting time back in the providers’ day helps them to provide more extensive care and treat more patients. Mental Health, Opioid Addiction, and Alcohol and substance abuse are rampant in our Society. Providing a technology framework that is state-of-the-art and cost-effective is important today and going forward.

Do you have any new products ready for release?

We spend a small fortune on Research and Development. We are constantly releasing new features and products. Our road-map is constantly evolving as new demands are introduced to the behavioral health world.  We constantly strive to bring the latest technology to our customers.

Just around the corner

The future for EnSoftek seems bright as the healthcare community realizes the need for more attention on the behavioral health world, the demand for products like DrCloudEHRâ„¢ is expected to rise. The company relies heavily on their customers for product guidance and their Board of Advisors who are deeply involved in the behavioral health community. DrCloudEHR is at the forefront of this world and we will continue to improve and grab market share.

CEO’s perspective

Mr. Ramana Reddy is an accomplished leader and an entrepreneur by heart. After graduating from Michigan Technological University, he worked for auto industry in Michigan for few years before moving to Oregon where he worked for a Medical Electronic Products firm in early 1990’s and finished his Master’s Degree from the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU). A natural leader, Mr. Reddy is a graduate of the City of Beaverton Leadership class of 2008 for Leadership Beaverton, whose mission is to develop a diverse network of visionary civic and business leaders. Under his leadership, EnSoftek was named as one of the “Top 25 minority-owned businesses in Oregon” by the Portland Business Journal several times.

Meet the inspiration

Ramana Reddy, the President, and CEO of EnSoftek, realized the need for “Integrated Care” Solution after the HITECH Act was enacted in 2009. He further analyzed that the EMR solutions catered towards the health and human services market and realized the urgent need for primary care and mental health integrated EHR solution, it is when EnSoftek created a healthcare solutions subsidiary and launched cloud-based solution and DrCloudEHR™ was born.

DrCloudEHR™ specifically fulfills the unique requirements of behavioral health all without compromising the intricacies associated with “primary care”. From traditional therapy, family-based programs, substance abuse, medication management and primary care, DrCloudEHR™ offers one integrated solution that is standards-based, interoperable, comply with federal mandates and state-reporting requirements. It delivers real-time information for efficient health care delivery and documentation and brings major improvements in patient care quality and reduction in costs.

 “We continuously improve our Organization, Processes, and Technology and strive to provide products of Global Quality.”

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