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ensygnia – Making consumers’ digital lives easier and safer, by creating Onescan platform

ensygnia – Making consumers’ digital lives easier and safer, by creating Onescan platform

The retail sector is rapidly digitizing. As consumers push for seamless online experiences, many retailers have embraced an omnichannel approach to marketing and sales. Retailers are considered omnichannel when they incorporate several different methods of shopping such as an online shop, a physical store and excepting phone sales. While this shift has many business advantages, data security for omnichannel retailers often falls short — and retail cyber-attacks grow. Omnichannel strategies aim to provide a consistent experience across in-store, social media and online shop interactions on all devices. Businesses employing them retain 89% of their customers, so omnichannel is quickly becoming the norm.

Ensygnia's solutions sit at the heart of interaction. The company works with market leaders helping them deliver innovation and new revenue-generating customer journeys. Their flagship product Onescan enables any call-to-action to become an instant action. This delivers beautiful simplicity, allowing consumers to interact securely online, in-store, or on-the-go. Whatever you need to do, you can with Onescan. Their integration Platform as a Service (PaaS) combines over 350 different payment methods with secure password-less authentication – multi-factor authentication including PIN, mobile device and biometric ID –  plus enrichment, data validation, and robotic process automation. 

Ensygnia Onescan - Delivering Beautiful Simplicity

ensygnia believes you need a brilliant customer experience that is coupled with the best security. In the past, this has been a real challenge as the two have been mutually exclusive. This is why the company has made it their mission to make consumers’, merchants' and businesses' digital lives easier and safer. The first step was creating Onescan - a platform, mobile app and SDK (Software Development Kit) that turns a call-to-action into an instant action. This has never been possible before now.  They adopt a holistic approach utilizing unique technology.  So whether you’re registering or transferring information, entering a competition, completing a survey, proving your identity online, making a payment or buying a product - you can with Onescan.

ensygnia and it team are experts in online security and mobile technology.  So safe and secure mobile interaction is always at the heart of what they do.  Which is why their technology has bank-grade security you can trust whilst being incredibly easy to use. After all, great usability and world-class security should come hand-in-hand. The company takes care of security and compliance so that you don’t need to.  Your app and website becomes PCI Level 1 certified simply by using their technology. So no more usernames or passwords, or constantly filling in online forms. With Onescan, you can transact across the whole omnichannel using your mobile. They make it simple and rapid so you and your customers can relax knowing your and their information is safe.

Leveraging Next-Generation Payment Solutions

Unified Omnichannel: The team at ensygnia is all about user experience, so they have designed the platform to allow you to easily brand and personalise it. This is delivered to your customer’s mobile app in real-time — ensuring minimum friction across the omni-channel. Better customer experience means more advocates for your brand, it’s as simple as that. The beauty of Onescan is it’s driven by a range of transaction triggers. If you’re just using mobile, it can be one touch. If you’re using your mobile to interact with the omni-channel, then you are just one scan away. It combines a visual cue with a call-to-action, creating an action instantly. They are not just limited to visual triggers. Sound, radio frequency, Bluetooth, WiFi, geo-location and beacons are just some of the other options available. Onescan drives a slick customer experiences across your entire omni-channel. Basically, ensygnia works with you to define the right journey for you and your customer - and Onescan does the rest.

Compliant Security: It may be stating the obvious, but they take security very seriously, as without it, their offering would be nothing but hollow words. They understand the brand damage which can so easily be caused by poor security. And with clients and partners including O2, Visa Europe, BBC Worldwide, Sabre and CallCredit, they have to be at the top of the game at all times. ensygnia is a PCI Level 1 compliant (certified) and PSD2 ready.  So, risk and cost are a non-issues to their clients and partners as you can immediately leverage the certifications. In many cases they can completely remove your systems from scope, dramatically reducing your costs. Their platform handles all your security needs.  This includes a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), P2PE (Point-to-Point Encryption), key management, cryptography, incursion detection, tamper evidencing, audit and threat prevention safeguards.  They provide multi-factor authentication as standard. Starting with phone and PIN they enable best-of-breed, industry-standard bio-metrics, geo-location and data validation services. The company enables these seamlessly as required.  When combined with their patented triggers this delivers a brilliant user journey while complying with current and planned legislation.  They have also put every aspect of their technology through extensive and regular penetration testing (Pen testing).

Richard H Harris | Co-Founder & CEO

Richard has always believed technology can help solve the world’s problems. He is a natural entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and transforming game changing technology companies, such as Authenticon, Swivel Secure, Mobix, SAVortex, Clearswift and Tumbleweed.

"We help payment companies and retailers who value usability and customer experience but need a simple, fast, compliant and secure experience for their customers."

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