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November Edition 2020

doeLEGAL - Enterprise Legal Management and eDiscovery Solutions

doeLEGAL - Enterprise Legal Management and eDiscovery Solutions

Legal analytics in the age of data-driven everything is complex. Disparate data and manual processes make it difficult to deliver timely insights. You need data that is smart: available, actionable, relevant, and secure. And it must be intelligently delivered when and where your team needs it.

doeLEGAL has one underlying principle to drive the company and their employees: client-focused success. They have been in the business of supporting legal departments and law firms for over 49 years. Their reputation for being a responsive and agile legal technology service provider comes from delivering the best technology solutions and services to deliver on that promise every day.

It started with advanced business and office equipment

doeLEGAL was started in 1971 with the goal of providing the most advanced technology to legal operations. Since then, it continues to evolve and advance to meet the changing needs of the Legal market. Those market demands led to today’s more advanced technology solutions. doeLEGAL continues to answer those needs by remaining on the leading-edge of highly advanced yet user-friendly technology. Their solutions help clients gain access to the best-in-class solutions and services they require to stay competitive and cost-efficient.

Benefits of using doeLEGAL

Clients have powerful stories to share about their journey. doeLEGAL is proud to play an instrumental role in their continuing legal operations success. You can read their success stories, learn the challenges faced, and see if their success can help guide your team to similar outcomes by visiting their website.

Clients have met their challenge to accomplish an evolving list of business goals. The notable benefits for clients included an integrated legal hold system to manage legal actions in one system, improved management of vendor rates and approvals, reduced contract turnaround times by 67%, reduced discovery responsive documents by 96%, and lowered overall litigation costs by 50%.

The advanced doeLEGAL solutions

ASCENT® is designed to help corporate legal departments manage their business operations using enhanced workflows and process automation and they provide it all at a predictable cost. ASCENT® streamlines legal operations, expertly manages legal spend, and easily analyzes all matter data. Deep visibility into all aspects of your legal operations is delivered on a fully-integrated, configurable SmartView™ analytic dashboard which delivers information when and where teams need it. All enabled by a dedicated team of experts who onboard, train, and support clients 24/7.

doeDISCOVERY is designed as a single-source for all litigation data delivered on a single dashboard with visibility to each EDRM stage. Legal professionals want the capabilities to manage the entire litigation lifecycle with one tool. But some law firms and corporations require experts to help guide the process. doeLEGAL offers both managed services to cover the entire process or the added capabilities to allow in-house teams to gain access to the stages they don’t possess. The solution uses the best-in-class software to handle each stage, managed by the industry’s most knowledgeable and capable eDiscovery experts at each stage. Legal teams can successfully manage any litigation with total confidence in their efficiency and cost control.

e-Billing to simplify data and tasks

Corporate legal departments choose the ASCENT® ELM solution to simplify their legal operations. Having e-billing, matter management, and legal hold all integrated together in one user-friendly solution enables teams to increase productivity by as much as 65% in their first year. ASCENT® provides deep visibility into all matter details using a fully-collaborative position to inform legal teams to make better decisions that drives successful outcomes.

Today’s Legal departments face the added challenge of increased responsibilities without adding staff. More Legal departments are leveraging ELM solutions to handle these increased workloads. ASCENT® offers robust reporting and analytic functions giving clients access to the insights they need to make rapid decisions that propel their business forward. The firm’s broad, full-featured suite of tools are fully configurable which give Legal teams the most flexibility and functionality to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. One, predictable cost allows them to use a single solution for legal operations management to meet cost-saving goals while increasing team efficiency and productivity.

EDD processing technology

EDD Processing technology manages duplicate and near-duplicate data using the industry’s most advanced tools to seek documents that meet a set of criteria including date, custodian, and keywords. Experts guide the advanced analytics to improve results and eliminate wasted effort. Client teams are able to focus on the business of law, instead of processing unresponsive documents. The organization’s expert team helps you increase the quality of your data output at significantly lower costs.

The future of doeLEGAL

The doeLEGAL teams stay on the leading-edge of what technology can offer to the Legal industry and focus on developing the best technology solutions every day. They use client feedback to enhance these solutions. doeLEGAL can rapidly design and implement new updates such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, foreign language expansion, advanced search tools, diversity reporting, chat capabilities, and vendor scorecards, etc. Using their configurable top-layer of the software, updates and enhancements are quickly and easily deployed with no downtime or added expense to clients. doeLEGAL continues to expand its global footprint by servicing some of the most notable and diverse clients from across many different industries and market verticals.

About the CEO

Thomas Russo is the President and CEO of doeLEGAL and is recognized as one of the top Legal Industry Service Experts today. Focused primarily on corporate legal departments and law firms, Mr. Russo excels in re-engineering workflows to reduce costs, increase productivity, and provide the information necessary for legal teams to make informed business decisions that drive their successful outcomes.

Mr. Russo passes on his knowledge to the next generation of legal professionals teaching his methods of technology innovations to Widener University Law School students at their Wilmington, Delaware campus. Also involved in the continuing education through the National Judicial College, Mr. Russo instructs judges on the advances in legal technology in and out of the courtroom. He was also a co-founder of the Corporate Counsel Technology Institute (CCTI) at Widener University Law School. He remains instrumental in developing new and innovative legal technology for the legal community.

“doeLEGAL’s company values are built on always providing innovative technology, an elevated business perspective, and exceptional client engagement.”

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