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Epion Health – Innovating Best-in-Class Digital Access and Engagement Solutions That Drive Better Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Epion Health – Innovating Best-in-Class Digital Access and Engagement Solutions That Drive Better Clinical and Financial Outcomes

The word healthcare brings images of doctors, nurses, hospitals, and medication. When you get sick or injured, you visit doctors at hospitals, talk to nurses and take medication. But many seem to overlook one crucial aspect of healthcare – the patient. This is where patient engagement comes into the picture. In simple words, patient engagement is the interactions between doctors and patients to help them make informed decisions about their healthcare. A dedicated patient engagement strategy ensures lasting health and better clinical outcomes. Patient portals and patient engagement have improved the quality of care and helped to develop better clinical workflows. They’ve resulted in people who’re aware of their health and make informed lifestyle choices. Seamless, informative doctor-patient communication has reduced healthcare spending and improved patient outcomes. Patient engagement systems have a firm place in the future of healthcare. As technology becomes more pervasive, tools that facilitate doctor-patient engagement will only become more adaptive. 

Epion Health is one such Software as a Service (SaaS) based patient engagement platform at the point of care, beginning with the patient check-in process. They offer a variety of mobile health applications and content using a cloud based application and content management solution. From patient check-in through check-out, they engage the patient and provide tools to enhance the patient/provider experience. The company fully integrates with Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management systems to reduce administrative costs and increase efficiencies. They are mobile health at the point of care.

Leveraging Industry-Leading SaaS-Based Patient Engagement Solutions

Digital Check-In: With Epion Digital Check-In, registration starts on the couch, well ahead of the scheduled appointment, allowing patients to complete steps at their convenience. Digital Check-In begins with a simple text message, including a secure link to begin the check-in process. No app download or portal account needed. Patients can complete as much—or as little—as they want before their appointment. Whatever they complete will be saved to their record and, they can simply pick up where they left off when they arrive. No lost work. No duplicate entry. Epion’s patient check-in software can help your practice deliver care that feels personal, familiar, and easy to use. The powerful platform allows for custom configurations based on provider, specialty, appointment type, timing, and patient demographics.

Epion Telehealth: Epion Telehealth software can help your practice deliver virtual care that feels personal, familiar and easy to use. The powerful platform allows for custom configurations based on provider, specialty, appointment type, timing and patient demographics. Together with Digital Check-In, patients experience the familiar steps of an office visit from the comfort of home. High-quality video and audio ensure your virtual consult is as warm and personal as a face-to-face meeting. The lightweight telehealth solution is easy to use and designed so you can work in the EHR while conducting the virtual consult, without switching environments. The virtual waiting room allows you to see when your patient has arrived and is ready to see you. When it’s time, simply start your video consult from the EHR with one click.

Epion EveryWare: Epion EveryWare automation allows health systems to significantly improve patient care, while reducing staff time. Epion’s platform takes the chart to the patient—with relevant outreach at the right time and place. With a 92 percent average workflow completion rate, the platform enables organizations to materially impact the economics of patient care. Epion EveryWare allows health systems to use automated campaigns and artificial intelligence to manage the unique needs of large patient populations at all points of the care continuum. The result is a continuous and patient-first approach to care, which delivers improved outcomes, while reducing costs and burdens on staff. Epion EveryWare allows clients to proactively engage patients with targeted workflows. The platform uses artificial intelligence to automate workflow execution across all patient touch points, resulting in the elimination of staff time to automatically and proactively execute campaigns to engage patients to take steps toward preventive healthcare. The result is a staff-reducing, scalable population health platform that improves quality and patient care.

The Formidable Leader

Joe Blewitt is the Chief Executive Officer of Epion Health. He founded the company in 2011 to provide a platform to bridge the gaps in communication between patients and healthcare stakeholders. Prior to Epion, Joe started companies that provided point of care engagement tools to the healthcare industry. His firms designed and manufactured products for most of the world’s top pharmaceutical and medical device companies, including Pfizer, Merck, Stryker, Medtronic, GSK and Novartis.

Mr. Blewitt graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a degree in aeronautical engineering. He served in the Air Force for more than 25 years as a command pilot and senior officer.

"We are committed to data security and privacy. Our telehealth solution is HIPAA compliant and HITECH certified."

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