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Exigen Services: IT for Sustainable Business

Exigen Services: IT for Sustainable Business

It’s a business dominated world today. There are innumerable organizations scattered across the globe. All these organizations have one thing in common: a need for an effective IT service. It doesn’t matter if the organization is a private or a public one or even run by the government, today there is a dire requirement for effective IT services and systems to gain productivity.

Exigen Services Latvia is a pioneer in IT development and derives its strength in providing custom-based software solutions. The company provides strategically significant, large-scale and integrated IT systems. Its solutions are not only used by businesses in finance, IT, retail, telecommunication, transport, etc, but also by the national government.

“We bring industry insights, the ability to execute on a global basis and a keen eye for our clients’ bottom line,” says the CEO of Exigen Services, Maris Dreimanis. “That makes us an ideal and trusted partner for responding to business and technology change.” Exigen Services Latvia is a sustainable, socially-responsible company that works to ensure the opportunity to the future generation to live in a prosperous Latvia. The company’s parent is the American IT consultancy firm Return on Intelligence.

Meeting challenges head on!

Exigen Services has a unique approach towards its work. Its economics is driven by a ‘fast to value’ approach where it focuses on maximizing business value and reduces the risks of the project, product, and service. Moreover, the company’s portfolio of solutions drives greater performance and lower costs throughout the client’s infrastructure.

The teams at Exigen Services come with a bag full of experience and skills. Right from the beginning of the strategy, design and development all through the implementation process, the teams will always be there to ensure that everything works smoothly. When it comes to success and growth of the company, Maris says, “We have a proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable products, solutions and services.”

The project teams at Exigen Services are multi-skilled and carry a reputation for professional competence, high-quality standards, and technological knowledge. That enables the company to provide services focusing on customer centricity, data analytics, core systems transformation and the application of innovative and disruptive technologies. The company’s solutions deliver top-line growth, competitive advantage, margin improvement and reduced complexity.

Opportunities for the future

Exigen Services’ mission is to look out for the future generation. It works to ensure that the opportunities are present to the future generation to live in a prosperous Latvia. As a leading IT solution developer and consultant focusing on excellence, the company is helping its partners and clients to become high-performance organizations.

Today, the company’s dedication and contribution to the society is immense. Exigen Services enhances the development of the future information society by providing grants and scholarships of various programs, educating new IT talents at all levels and stimulating of innovation and IT science. It grants over 52,000 Euro in donations for various educational projects. This is why it is the only software developer in Latvia to be awarded a silver ranking on the annual business Sustainability Index each consecutive year since 2012.

Awards Galore!

When it comes to the awards and recognition; the company has received over the years, there is an entire wall of fame! It has received the 2012 Platinium Mouse award for its e-solutions in e-services and infrastructure for its work with the State Social Security agency. In 2014, it received the Diploma for its e-governance solution of the Tax Payers Legal Information Exchange System for the State Revenue Service. In 2015, Exigen Services again received the Platinium Mouse for its e-governance and e-service to the society. The Digital Payrolle Tax Booklet for the State Revenue service earned the company this award.

Apart from the awards it received for its services, Exigen Services has also received many recognitions and medals for its workplace. In 2012, it earned the Silver category in the annual Business Sustainability Index and has continued since then. Exigen Services also received the award of the Best Employer of Latvia by Latvian Employer Confederation in 2014. Exigen Services Latvia is among Top 10 Latvian employers (6th place), which is the highest rating among software development companies.

Meet the Forerunner

Maris Dreimanis is the CEO and chairman of the board of Exigen Services. Maris Dreimanis has been working in the IT sector for more than 20 years, out of which 12 years in Exigen Services Latvia. He was successfully leading delivery projects for international clients over different periods of time, and, as a result of professional growth and ambition, he became the PMO and conducted Quality Management activities of the company thus contributed significantly to the development of the local and international Exigen Services companies. For five years Maris Dreimanis’s career growth has continued in the leadership of the market research company GfK, holding senior positions in the Baltic States and group level positions in Germany. Maris is also a guest lecturer at the BA School of Business and Finance’s MBA programme “Cybersecurity Management”. He has Masters’ degree in Business Administration (Professional MBA), as for the professional certifications – Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

“We bring industry insights, the ability to execute on a global basis and a keen eye for our clients’ bottom line.”

“We have a proven track record of delivering innovative and reliable products, solutions and services.”

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