Alexa Experience Enterprise Mobility with Added Productivity: Cortado

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Experience Enterprise Mobility with Added Productivity: Cortado

Experience Enterprise Mobility with Added Productivity: Cortado

Enterprises have begun to embrace mobile devices in the workforce. As mobile technology becomes more and more advanced, companies want to take advantage of the unique benefits that they provide. However, integrating and managing mobile devices is not easy. There are plenty of enterprise mobility challenges that a company needs to address, for which it is important to partner with an expert. In light of foregoing, we introduce you to Cortado.

Cortado Mobile Solutions creates enterprise mobility and file sharing solutions for companies, teams and freelancers.

Whether on premises or from the cloud – Cortado solutions consistently focus on improving the user’s productivity. At the same time, the security requirements of companies are of the highest priority. Cortado Mobile Solutions follows the philosophy that the combination of working with native apps and the use of operating systems’ own security architecture bring the highest levels of user acceptance.

Cortado solutions are developed and tested at its headquarters in Berlin. In addition to the highly qualified consultants in Germany, it also has experts at its branch offices in the USA, UK, Australia and Japan ensuring availability and support for all its global customers.

Mobile Device Management              

Retain control over mobile devices in your organization and ensure the security of corporate data. With its mobile device management solution, you can conveniently manage all Android, iOS and macOS devices via your central MDM console. Benefits of Cortado’s MDM include:

Quick Start: Cortado MDM makes it easy for you to start managing your devices. After registering, you receive access to the management console almost instantly. Its quick start guide supports you with the first steps.

Group Management: With the help of group templates, all settings, policies, profiles and apps can be defined for whichever user groups – like company departments – you decide to create.

EU-GDPR Compliance: Set up all devices so they conform to the strict requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. Cortado MDM includes all the tools that you will need.

Support for Apple’s DEP and Managed Google Play Accounts: Apple’s DEP (Device Enrollment Program) and Managed Google Play Accounts are one of several programs set up by major electronics manufacturers to help the deployment of devices and apps in the enterprise. These programs, in combination with Cortado MDM, make deployment and management of iOS and Android devices straightforward.

Business Containers: Once an app is managed via Cortado MDM, it becomes part of the secure business container and can only share data with other managed apps. Business data is kept separate from private data and remains under the control of the company.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Easily and securely providing employees with the right apps is the key to effective mobile application management. From the beginning, Cortado has focused on the native management capabilities of the mobile operating systems.

Other providers’ approaches of adding a mobile application management layer have proved expensive, complex and also particularly limiting. With the features it offers, Cortado is the leader in native mobile application management. In addition, no other EMM solution is as easy and fast when deploying any app to employees’ devices. The basis for the native application management is formed by Apple’s iOS, Android for Work as well as Samsung Knox.

Remain in Control with Application Push and Blacklisting: Depending on whether devices are owned by the employee (BYOD) or by the company (COPE), employees have varying degrees of freedom. Apps that are deemed necessary by the company can be installed over the air on devices via the Application Push feature. Apps which are considered a security threat or which do not comply with corporate guidelines can be blocked by blacklisting, even in instances where employees manually install them.

Quick Setup of E-Mail Accounts and Domain Management: The e-mail and browser app are integral to every mobility strategy. Cortado allows companies to automatically set up e-mail accounts on mobile devices. By defining specific domains it is also possible to enable secure browsing of intranet pages. So with just a few clicks in the management console, mobile devices are readied for secure browser and e-mail use.

Flexible Integration of Apps in the Secure Business Container: The business container is a collection of apps that can only exchange data with each other. This ensures that no business data ends up in privately used apps. The native e-mail app, domain management, application push and blacklisting form the foundation of the business container. Once these are laid, the business container can be expanded flexibly with any apps – whether self-written or from any of the app stores. Include the Cortado app in the container, and this is automatically connected with the corporate file and print infrastructure, enabling secure collaboration among mobile and non-mobile employees.

Enterprise File Sharing (EFS)

Secure enterprise file sharing (EFS) is the basis of many business processes. Cortado provides the leading solution in this area. It enables employees easy, secure file access and exchange with any device. When collaborating with external colleagues, virtual data rooms are available – fully secure behind the corporate firewall.

Access to files is the first step to file sharing. With its apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as its web app, Cortado offers state-of-the-art tools in this area. In addition, documents remain where they were before the implementation of Cortado – on the company’s central file server. Employees can access all existing documents, while all rights and compliance rules are fully adhered to. This allows documents to be easily shared with employees in the back office.

Mobile Security & Control

Based on the secure iOS and Android for Work management features, a secure container for business apps and data can be easily created. In addition to the native mail app and all other managed apps, this includes the Cortado app for efficient network access and file sharing, as well as a secure browser for access to intranet sites and apps. This combines the highest levels of data security with the maximal productivity of mobile employees.

Meet the Expert

Sven Huschke is the Chief Executive Officer of Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH. Having studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Brandenburg, he headed the controlling department at Cortado. He soon became a managing director with responsibility for the area of finance and also joined the board of management with Cortado’s change in legal form to an AG in 2011.

“Our mission is to deliver solutions for a mobile working world in an easy, secure and productive way.”

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