Alexa Fabasoft: Reflects Three Decades of Quality and Experience
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Fabasoft: Reflects Three Decades of Quality and Experience

Fabasoft: Reflects Three Decades of Quality and Experience

Companies must re-engineer business processes to satisfy consumers having some demanding expectations in the digital realm. Digitalization or digital transformation trigger fundamental changes in how companies operate and how they deliver value to their customers. Fabasoft offers a helping hand for companies striving to move their products and services into the digital environment.

The software manufacturer, Fabasoft AG, was established in 1988 and is headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria. The company was founded by Helmut Fallmann and Leopold Bauernfeind. Fabasoft is an acronym of Fallmann Bauernfeind Software. Fabasoft products help digitalize, accelerate and boost the quality of business processes. Fabasoft offers innovative possibilities for cooperation across the organization and across national frontiers in the form of both informal collaboration and structured workflows.

Fabasoft develops and distributes software, and provides cloud services to public and private sector organizations. Its products include Fabasoft Folio – business software for securing recording, management, and storage of digital documents and business files, as well as for informal collaboration and the digitization of workflow; Fabasoft eGov-Suite, an electronic records management solution for the administrative processes in the public sector, and much more.

The company also offers software to measure the process behavior and responses times for transactions in distributed software applications and hardware with pre-installed software to analyze both structured and unstructured information from various corporate sources. It also provides software for full-text search application, business data exchange, storage and transmission, functional test automation, etc. With Fabasoft’s solutions, customers benefit from access that is independent of both location and equipment, efficient knowledge management as well as from faster and more cost-efficient work completion and improved compliance.

The Fabasoft Group is represented by subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and the USA. Furthermore, it maintains sales and project partnerships in these and other countries. Numerous well-known private enterprises and public sector organizations have trusted in the quality and experience of Fabasoft for nearly three decades.

Fabasoft Products

The software products from Fabasoft ensures the consistency, efficiency and secure handling of electronic documents and business records. A few of them are –

Fabasoft Folio - Fabasoft Folio is a software solution for content management and document management. It enables the capture, management and archiving of documents as well as the automation of business processes. Users can manage access to business documents via the assignment of individual access rights. The management of versions automatically creates a copy of the document after each edit. This ensures complete traceability of all working steps. Editions of the product include Fabasoft Folio- Enterprise, Compliance, and Governance. Benefits of using Folio includes – mobile and location-independent access on company data via browser or apps; highest level of certified security and compliance; seamless versioning and full traceability through the time travel function, and intuitive user interface in 22 languages.

Fabasoft Cloud - The Fabasoft Cloud helps digitize internal and external business processes, the know-how of employees as well as the documents in agile cooperation with partners and customers of businesses. This ensures the effective use of know-how information within the company and on mobile devices while it remains protected.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite - The Fabasoft eGov-Suite is the leading enterprise content management (ECM) product in public administration. Documents are recorded, edited, fully documented in the Fabasoft eGov-Suite and, if necessary, archived in a revision-proof manner. This significantly reduces throughput times in processes and reduces costs on a sustainable basis. Due to the high scalability, both small and large installations can be realized quickly and efficiently. The solution is used in several European public administrations and has been certified repeatedly against regional standards. 

Fabasoft Secomo - Fabasoft’s Secomo provides customers with a way to encrypt their sensitive and valuable data and protect it against unauthorized access. It is an appliance with genuine end-to-end encryption, developed by Fabasoft in union with the Graz University of Technology. With Secomo, data is always transmitted and stored in encrypted mode and is only decrypted on the end device. Customers of the Fabasoft Cloud can use Fabasoft Secomo also "as a service" in the Enterprise Edition. Fabasoft Secomo can also be operated via a remote connection using the “fully managed” option provided by the company.

The Duo Strength

Helmut Fallmann is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder at Fabasoft. Mr. Fallmann, who serves as a Member of Management Board at Fabasoft AG, is also a Member of Advisory Board at Mindbreeze GmbH - a subsidiary of the Fabasoft Group. He took Fabasoft public in 1999, and the company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The alumnus of the Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Mr. Fallmann co-chairs Working Group (WG) on a Candidate Cloud Security Scheme.

Leopold Bauernfeind co-founded Fabasoft and is Co-Managing Director at the company. The Co-CEO is also Member-Managing Board at Fabasoft AG, Managing Director at Fabasoft Austria GmbH, Faba5 GmbH, Fabasoft CH Software AG, and several other subsidiaries of Fabasoft. Mr. Bauernfeind is also Member of Advisory Board at Mindbreeze GmbH.

“To Fabasoft, sustainability means acting responsibly as a business with the goal of uniting sustainable commercial objectives with sustainable objectives concerning the interests of both society and the environment in a profitable and beneficial way.”

“The protection of your personal data and the documents you store in the Fabasoft Cloud is of paramount importance to Fabasoft.”

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