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ColorTokens Inc.: Simplify, accelerate and automate microsegmentation and Zero Trust cybersecurity for all enterprises, legacy to cloud

ColorTokens Inc.: Simplify, accelerate and automate microsegmentation and Zero Trust cybersecurity for all enterprises, legacy to cloud

With ColorTokens, your business is resilient to cyber threats, each critical asset completely secure, assured against any misadventure from anywhere.  Their Zero Trust approach to security gives their customers comfort and confidence of fully protected cloud workloads, dynamic applications, endpoints and users.

Cyberthreats are getting bolder with every breach. Dynamic data centres, distributed workloads, vulnerable endpoints and complex application landscape expose organizations to malicious intents. Digital transformation and journey to cloud need the vigilance and alacrity of zero trust security.

Your business is secure with the organization’s solutions that identify and eliminate uncertainty in enforcing security rules in an increasingly complex digital world. The shift from the “trust but verify” to “never trust, always verify” security model is inevitable for impregnable cybersecurity. The legacy “castle and moat” approach to cyber defense is redundant for enterprises on the growth path with cloud-first initiatives.

With ColorTokens, the Zero Trust journey is smooth sailing

ColorTokens simplifies, accelerates and automates your security operations with their award- winning Xtended Zero Trust Platform. ColorTokens unique Zero Trust approach gives you 360º visualization, micro-segmentation and complete enforcement of your environment within weeks, not months. From data centers to hybrid to multi-cloud to applications, users and devices, they quickly defend you against ransomware, unauthorized lateral movement and zero-day attacks. ColorTokens platform integrates smoothly with your existing security tools and ensures that absolutely nothing is left to chance.

Secure Access to Cloud Workloads and Services

Enterprises migrating to the cloud have applications and workloads with services and infrastructure distributed across public clouds, VPCs, campuses and/or data centers. Remote and local IT administrators and contract personnel need secure access to critical applications and infrastructure services with separation of duties per application, workload segment or service. Applications and workload segments can span multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure environment. Using traditional VPNs is cumbersome and expensive.

Xaccess enables IT admin, whether employees or contractors, with secure access to distributed applications and infrastructure across any cloud or data center with zero complexity deployment and operations.

Zero Trust access to workload segments

Xaccess provides Zero-Trust based access to remote workload segments, services and infrastructure across any cloud, hybrid cloud or data center with zero complexity deployment and operations. Xaccess integrates seamlessly with Xshield to enable secure remote access with automated policy enforcement to dynamic workloads including Kubernetes, cloud infrastructure services, S3 buckets and other cloud services.

Crown Jewels Security for Hybrid Environments

Enterprises migrating to the cloud have assets distributed across hybrid environments. These assets could range across a bare-metal server, an end-user computer, or a cloud-hosted virtual machine, container, or instance. Enterprises need a platform-agnostic, easy-to-deploy solution that prevents lateral movement and contains breaches in an environment with no defined perimeter.

ColorTokens Xshield’s zero trust solution is a cloud-delivered, vendor-agnostic security solution for hybrid networks that is simple to implement. It provides comprehensive visibility into network traffic and deployed assets, while preventing breaches and unauthorized East-West movement. Xshield delivers 360-degree visibility and network flow analysis identifying vulnerabilities and dependencies between applications, servers, and databases. With just a few clicks, it creates zero trust secure zones (micro-perimeters) around critical assets with least-privilege policies to enable a zero trust micro-segmentation solution.

Ransomware Prevention

WannaCry ransomware infected more than 230,000 machines in 2017, causing over $4 billion in losses. Between 2018 and 2019, the number of malware strains grew by nearly 50%. Since then, newer ransomware groups — such as GandCrab, Maze, REvil, and Ryuk — caused enormous disruptions and earned large ransoms. Enterprises need to detect and stop ransomware attacks from becoming large-scale security breaches that impact their finances and reputation.

Based on zero trust architecture, ColorTokens delivers real-time protection against ransomware, preventing it from spreading within a network. The solution reduces the attack surface, prevents lateral spread, and stops a ransomware attack efficiently. It does all this by visualizing, intervening, and blocking unauthorized and malicious behavior during the ransomware attack phases.

Curb Ransomware with Multi-Layer Protection

ColorTokens leverages process-level intelligence to analyze parent-child processes. This analysis can stop suspicious application behavior, restrict unsanctioned applications, and control the USB port. ColorTokens also provides network-level controls to isolate assets that are compromised, halting any lateral movement of ransomware. This multi-layer security protects unpatched and legacy systems and helps reduce the blast radius significantly.

Environment Separation

Internal networks for enterprise often span hybrid, multi-vendor environments and are primarily flat. The distributed assets cause security and compliance concerns because sensitive corporate assets and systems could be at risk of being breached. Segmenting and isolating sensitive assets and environments can improve security posture and ensure compliance. Traditional segmentation techniques, like VLANs, are static and costly to implement in modern networks where assets are dynamic and distributed. Businesses need agile security combined with simplicity and flexibility when segmenting their distributed systems and environments across different networks.

ColorTokens’ Xshield creates flexible, dynamic zero trust secure zones around protected systems, servers, and environments with just a few clicks. The security boundary moves with the infrastructure environment, maintaining separation, reducing the attack surface, and preventing unauthorized or malicious access. It allows customers to isolate and protect their critical systems in development, staging, and production, without impacting the underlying infrastructure.

Adopt Micro-Segmentation Faster

Xshield enables enterprises to visualize and define micro-segmentation boundaries for internal network segments using customizable tags and attributes. This powerfully streamlined and secure approach to segmentation blocks the exfiltration of sensitive data from known or unknown bad actors.

Simulate Recommended Policies to Determine Impact

Policies can be built based on automated recommendations and visually modeled to understand the impact of enforcement. For example, it can be intuitive to logically group workloads or systems that grant similar access privileges when endpoints access these assets, and when the tiers in applications or services work independently.

Implement Policy Audits Faster

Xshield enables complete historical visibility of alerts, network, and traffic flows, real-time visibility of availability, health status, and traffic data across a multi-cloud and hybrid environment. A single comprehensive view allows visualization of misconfigured DNS servers or unauthorized access of production servers to the public internet, enabling an audit of compliance issues.

Breach Protection

Breach Protection Service (BPS) leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), data scientists, threat hunters, and incident responders to detect sophisticated and hidden threats, advanced malware, and file-less attacks.

BPS uniquely monitors, correlates, and analyzes threats across networks, endpoints, and users to provide accurate detection of threats across enterprises and cloud-based assets, as well as early detection in the cyber kill-chain.

It provides deep and continuous analysis to hunt for traditional and targeted attacks designed to evade standard security technologies.

AI/ML-Driven Breach Protection

BPS is designed to protect organizations against advanced and hidden cyberthreats that bypass traditional defenses. The service leverages threat models aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK™ framework to detect threats that can otherwise easily dodge traditional signature and pattern-based detection

The service provides an attack story that spans both network and endpoints to ensure a high rate of true positives in detecting anomalies or breaches.

Nitin Mehta, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Dr. Nitin Mehta is an accomplished entrepreneur, technology leader, and philanthropist. Dr. Mehta was the first venture capitalist of Indian origin in Silicon Valley, investing in numerous successful technology start-ups. In addition to his role as CEO of ColorTokens, Dr. Mehta is currently the Chairman of Compex Legal Services as well as a member of Shipcom Wireless’ Board of Directors. Dr. Mehta previously served on the boards of organizations like Viking River Cruises, Retrotope,, eMBA, the Indus Entrepreneurs, TiE, Fort Mason Center Foundation, and the San Francisco Zoo. Dr. Mehta was also a General Partner of Weiss, Peck & Greer Venture Partners, a $10 billion investment and venture capital firm, and a management consultant with McKinsey & Company.

“Our next-generation, software-defined security gives companies unparalleled visibility and segmentation ability.”

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