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November Edition 2020

Flatiron Health: The Leading Cancer Technology Company

Flatiron Health: The Leading Cancer Technology Company

One of the greatest killers in all history is cancer. It continues to be a mystery and a disease that has been hard to tackle. Although there has been some great progress in cancer treatment and research in recent times, a lot of work still needs to be done to improve cancer care and treatment. One of the companies innovating and helping carry forward the good work in this space is the leading cancer tech company Flatiron Health which was founded in 2012.

Today, Flatiron Health is the chosen technology partner of over 2,600 clinicians at more than 800 sites across the country. But the inspiration for Flatiron came to the co-founders Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg when they observed the tough cancer treatment journey of Nat’s cousin. Zach happened upon the realization that cancer treatment and research can be streamlined. Together, the co-founders then set out to put together a team of medical and tech professionals to treat and understand cancer the right way. The company believes that this can be done by learning from the experience of each cancer patient.

The co-founding duo understood the scale of the problem which needed the entire care industry to come together with the scientists and medical professionals to improve cancer treatment. They established Flatiron Health as the company that brings together and connects community oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers and regulators on a shared technology platform.

Future of Community Oncology

Majority of American citizens receive their cancer treatment in a community oncology setting. But community oncology has shifted from volume to value-based care. This has come forth due to the adoption of new payment models which has created opportunities to transform healthcare delivery. Flatiron is leading in this space through its innovative OncoCloudTM suite that integrates OCM and MIPS solutions. It saves practices time and optimize program performance while meeting complex program requirements. “The OCM solution makes all the complex reporting requirements much easier. I can download my quality measure reports, log into the registry and input or upload my data in minutes,” says Rachel Parker, OCM Program Manager, Highlands Oncology Group.

The reimbursement rates are on the decline while the patient loads and regulatory changes are on the rise. Hence, it is a special challenge to remain financially viable while delivering care. OncoCloudTM suite includes OncoEMR, OncoBilling, OncoAnalytics, and OncoTrials. Together, these tools arm a practice to be operationally efficient and prepared to thrive in the world of value-based care. “In our previous system, it took 23 steps to schedule a patient. Now it takes less than half of that,” says Alti Rahman, Oncology Consultants.

The OncoCloudTM suite has been ranked as the number one end-to-end oncology technology solution by Black Book Research. In 2019, KLAS’2019 Medical Oncology Performance Report recognized OncoEMR to as “top-rated.”

NICE Partners with Flatiron Health

Earlier this year, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) partnered with Flatiron Health to work together and discover how real-world evidence can inform the clinical and cost effectiveness of health technologies. Together, the two organizations are conducting research leveraging Flatiron expertise and evidence generated from Flatiron’s electronic-health-record (EHR)-derived database. “We are very proud to partner with NICE to learn together, to continue to contribute to standards development and ensure that patient experiences inform research and drive better outcomes,” said Zach Weinberg, Flatiron Health co-founder, president and COO. “The current pandemic increasingly highlights the important role of real-world data in healthcare decision-making – for COVID-19, for cancer, and for many other urgent health priorities.”

The Visionaries

Nat Turner, Co-Founder & CEO

As the co-founder and CEO of Flatiron Health, he is responsible for all the initiatives across provider solutions, clinical oncology, business development, sales operations, legal and other corporate functions. Prior to Flatiron, he was the co-founder and CEO of Invite Media, an advertising tech company. Invite Media was acquired by Google in 2010. Before Invite Media, he established numerous internet companies. He is also an active angel and investor. He has invested in over 30 tech startups all over the country including Clover Health, Color Genomics, Doctor Evidence, Gravie, Notable Labs, and Oscar.

Nat has a BSc degree cum laude in economics with concentrations in entrepreneurship and marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Zach Weinberg, Co-Founder, President and COO

As the co-founder, president and COO, Zach heads all initiatives related to research, product, engineering, recruiting and people operations. Prior to Invite Media, he was the co-founder, president and COO of Invite Media. Before Invite Media, he co-founded Zach is an active angel investor and has invested in Blue Apron, Clover Health, Color Genomics, Doctor Evidence, Gravie, Managed by Q, Plaid and Oscar.

Zach studied economics and entrepreneurship at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Our products connect community oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers and regulators on a shared technology platform.”

“Using our technology, community clinics are providing better care for patients while remaining efficient, independent and financially successful.”

“Flatiron is changing the way life science companies are using real-world data to accelerate research and generate evidence.”

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