Alexa Flatiron Health: Accelerating Cancer research and improving patient care

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Flatiron Health: Accelerating Cancer research and improving patient care

Flatiron Health: Accelerating Cancer research and improving patient care

Cancer has been a bane to humanity for many years now. It is one of the leading causes of deaths in the world and has for long remained a mystery as scientists and physicians continue their pursuit for a cure for the disease.

Today, there is a lot of research being done on this prevalent disease but the data on it is only available in an unstructured format. Physicians and researchers constantly need to keep themselves updated with the latest research in the field to know the best course of action. One company identified this problem and decided to do something about it. Co-founded by entrepreneurs Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg, Flatiron Health is trying to curate the immense amount of data that is available on cancer and cancer research today.

The co-founding duo from Flatiron Health were young prodigies and headed another company when they happened upon the idea of Flatiron. Before Flatiron, they had floated Invite Media, which was a groundbreaking company that brought to the fore the industry’s first enterprise advertising platform for buying and optimizing online media. It could do this in real-time too. This was enough to get Google interested in the company. The company was acquired by Google’s subsidiary for a mammoth $70 million in 2010, turning both the co-founders into millionaires even before they had gone past the age of 25!

But their next step took them towards Flatiron Health. A few years before Flatiron Health was founded by the duo, Nat Turner’s seven-year-old cousin was diagnosed with rare leukemia. It was the during his cousin’s treatment that Nat and Zach discovered that there was a problem with the fragmented and siloed healthcare system. They founded Flatiron in 2012 looking to combine some of the best minds in medicine and technology in an effort to change the way cancer is treated.

An inclusive workplace

The quality of people at Flatiron Health is something that stands the company in good stead. People at Flatiron are a good mix of software engineers, quantitative scientists, oncologists, product managers, designers, and visionaries – working together to take on cancer.

With a prevalent culture that focuses on values, they work hard to support an environment inclusive of learning and empathy. The company hosts Wellness days on a monthly basis with a special focus on employee wellness. Moreover, the company on a bi-weekly basis hosts a meditation session in the office. On top of these a competitive salary, robust learning and development curriculum, flexible work hours, generous parental leaves and endless snacks are only a few among the many perks the employees at Flatiron enjoy.

They really care

While there are many companies that are working towards curing cancer and helping out in research, there are few companies that actually look to interact with the patients. Flatiron takes connecting with patients to be an important part of what they do. Every few months, Flatiron hosts someone who is living with cancer at their office so that the employees can ask their questions. The visitors have inspired projects which make a tremendous impact on the battle against the disease. The company also holds their annual event called “All-Hands Meeting” which brings the team behind Flatiron together every year to make decisions cohesively.

Helping make cancer care better

Flatiron Health’s software platform seeks to connect cancer centers across the United States so that what is learned- is shared in an efficient way. Flatiron works with over 285 oncology practices and top 15 therapeutic oncology companies to help those in research derive the right insights from the organized data sets.

The OncoCloud Suite from Flatiron has been enabling companies across the U.S. to make informed choices so that the patient care of the future benefits from the data available. In this country which thrives on value-based care, over 2,500 clinicians at over 800 geographically diverse sites have selected Flatiron as their technology partner. And with over 700 employees on its payroll, 2.2 million active patient records available on its solutions for research, and seven major academic research partners, the company is taking giant strides towards accelerating the cancer research and treatment.

Meet the Leader

Nat Turner, Co-Founder and CEO

An entrepreneur, Nat Turner has started numerous companies. Before co-founding Flatiron Health, he co-founded Invite Media, an advertising technology company based in New York City. Invite Media has built the industry’s first enterprise advertising platform for buying and optimizing online media in real-time. Turner served as the CEO at Invite Media. The company was acquired by Google in 2010 for $70 million. Prior to Invite Media, he worked at Say Media and First Round Capital. He is an active angel investor and has invested in over 30 tech startups.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree cum laude in economics with concentrations in entrepreneurship and marketing from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

“Our mission is to improve lives by learning from the experience of every cancer patient.”

“Our products connect community oncologists, academics, hospitals, life science researchers and regulators on a shared technology platform.”

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