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Freespee: The most comprehensive conversation cloud in the market

Businesses today are turning toward cloud services. It is cost-efficient; you need not spend huge amounts of money on buying and maintaining the equipment which in turn reduces capex costs. Well, it is also advantageous for keeping your documents safer than ever. It is scalable because it enables enterprise to efficiently -- and quickly -- scale up/down their IT departments, according to business demands. along with being scalable, it is also mobile where data can be accessible through smartphones and other devices. What not!

Companies that are buying journeys including both online and offline conversations can opt for Freespee, a sales acceleration platform. Their cloud communication platform enhances lead management and conversion tools that manages the potential capital gaps covering all sales funnel. 

Freespee’s enterprise-grade visualisation platform and API provide the most accurate data insights for large companies that rely on online-to-offline interactions during critical parts of their customer journeys. “Our sales acceleration suite leverages a powerful predictive routing engine that personalises customer journeys at scale, allowing you to automate your lead management and ensure your most valuable customers convert faster.”

Richemont shares its experience with Freespee

Richemont today, has around 17 brands with an international footprint. We also have two online retailers. Most of our brands are specialized in watchmaking and jewelry.

One of our main challenges in the luxury industry is to understand the customer path to conversion, and understanding this journey before the purchase.

The main touch-point is the boutique. So most of our turnover is generated, of course, in the boutiques, because this is the point of contact where the client or future client is actually experiencing the whole luxury experience.

The second largest touch-point is the call center. For us it's very important to understand how the customer behaves at the different touch-points.

So we are putting into place different solutions that are helping us understand the customer journey. And Freespee is one of the solutions we use to be able to understand the behavior of potential clients calling our customer relationship centers.

One of our main objectives today is to give our maisons a clear visibility on where the customer comes from.

And when I say where, it's which specific campaign he was exposed to, which touch-point is he using to get our information? Is he calling from the website, is he calling from a search ad?

Once we have a clear vision of what is actually driving our cause, we can then put into place marketing activations that are helping us optimize this touch-point.

I really like the insights that we can get through Freespee's solutions; when it comes to understanding the customer journey and... around creating a better customer experience for our brands.

I think that one very important figure that most of the maisons were not 100% aware of is the missed calls, or the share of missed calls, that are related to opening hours sometimes, or boutique opening hours as well.

This is a very strong figure when we make the connection of what business potential has been lost, due to the fact that customer relationship centers have been closed or boutiques have been closed.

We are also using Freespee's conversion platform, which is helping us understand the impact of a call in the purchase journey.

So we were able to understand if a person that purchased, for instance in the boutique, has previously been in touch with the client relationship center.

Anne De Kerckhove, CEO shares her view

“I decided to join Freespee because I was so excited about the people, the talent, the technology, our amazing client list and the international nature of the business. We have a very collaborative culture. We look for excellence and impact, but we work very much as a team”.

Why according to Freespee is call tracking important?

It is a very useful tool for any marketer to prove return on investment (ROI) for their campaigns. Most consumer-facing brands are aware that calls are important to their bottom line. Call tracking helps gather data from these interactions and sheds more light on a huge revenue stream. Technologically, it’s a process that uses data to accurately measure how customers have discovered your product before, during, and after a call, usually using a snippet of the web’s programming language, Javascript. The script analyses data from multiple channels running a marketing campaign and determines which channel provides the most ROI. This allows marketers to better plan future campaigns by knowing exactly where their advertising budget is best spent.

“We truly understand your business and its customers.”

“Our products are used by leading brands worldwide to attract, proactively engage and convert online users into customers.”