Alexa FreeWave Technologies: "Our technology leads the way to lean and mean"
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FreeWave Technologies: "Our technology leads the way to lean and mean"

FreeWave Technologies: "Our technology leads the way to lean and mean"

We're in the cutting edge of technology today. Our lives are guided by devices that are part of a large Internet of Things ecosystem. But coming to specifically Industrial Internet of Things technology, it can be applied to a lot of sectors including healthcare, retail, energy, smart cities, and more.

Here is FreeWave. A company with more than 20 years of experience when it comes to innovation. In fact, one can say that FreeWave is the "undisputed leader in military unmanned systems and industrial wireless." When it comes to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), FreeWave has been leading the industry even before the term came into existence.

By introducing his company, Mr. Kirk Byles, the CEO of FreeWave says, "For 25 years, we have provided long-range, reliable and rugged wireless data links for energy, manufacturing, agriculture, utilities, universities, and the military.  We are mission-critical wireless." When it comes to catering to the military demands, it naturally means that your technology needs to work in the harshest and most dangerous places. There are millions of outdoor, ruggedized radios that are best-in-class that have been delivered by FreeWave, perfect for these locations.

As the tech world heads towards a convergence of Information Technology and Operations Technology (e.g., SCADA, RTUs, PLCs). That's where FreeWave empowers organizations to get the data you need at the right time. "Forget “Big Data,” you need the “Right Data” to move your operations forward," says Mr. Byles. "Our technology leads the way to lean and mean."

A peek into FreeWave's offerings

Drones & Robotics: With over 2 million mission-critical hours logged, FreeWave takes real-time command and control beyond Wi-Fi and cellular.

OEM: Manufacturers worldwide depend on FreeWave for wireless connectivity.  With embedded and board-level radios, FreeWave transforms your products into true IIoT solutions.

Smart Cities: Low-cost, low-power smart sensors monitor and control infrastructure, leverage the power of the smart sensor with ZumLink and WavePro.

Oil & Gas: Well pad automation is driving safety, savings, and efficiency for upstream companies of all sizes. With techs like WavePro and ZumLink, FreeWave drives intelligence at the well pad.

The FreeWave People

FreeWave is a company that's got more than two decades of experience and expertise in the industry. "With well over a century of combined wireless and networking experience, you could say that our leadership team paved the way for the modern IIoT," says the CEO. At FreeWave, there's a singular focus highlighted on empowering customers. "With industry-leading innovation and expertise, our hands-on leadership team members have been trusted advisers for some of the world’s largest organizations," Mr. Byles says.

It's not just the management level that gives you the best of IIoT. The employees of FreeWave are a unique mix of people. There are people who work as musicians and actors. There are also people who are hardcore engineers who have worked on space missions to send robots to other planets! "FreeWave’s people make its IoT products and solutions best-in-class," he adds. The combination of passionate employees and focused leadership has contributed immensely to FreeWave’s success. The entire team is fueled by a desire to innovate and change the world through the Internet of Things technology.

FreeWave: A rewarding experience

The history of FreeWave goes back decades. The first ever FreeWave Technologies’ serial radio solutions were used by an international organization installed to transmit data of the deformation of the Cotopaxi Volcano and the Galapagos Islands. At that time, the installation was pricey, but the outcomes were very rewarding.

At present, the same company has added FreeWave M2M communication solutions to many of its monitoring networks and used them in various monitoring applications and implementation activities. "Among the primary monitoring applications are: real-time broadband seismic stations in the active volcanoes and tectonic faults, accelerometers located in the cities, meteorological stations, stations to monitor volcanic gases, deformation stations using GPS technology and borehole sensors, remote digital cameras, and stations to quantify mud flow," explains Mr. Byles.

Throughout the entire journey with FreeWave, the international organization has had a rewarding experience. "Over the past six years, the work with FreeWave’s M2M communications solutions has met the Institute’s expectations in many regards," he says. "The performance and flexibility of FreeWave M2M communication solutions allowed engineers at the Institute to continue to consider this transmission equipment as the best option for different applications and projects already underway."

The Tech Expert!

Kirk Byles, CEO

Mr. Byles, who previously served as FreeWave’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales, will lead the company through its next phase of innovation and growth. Mr. Byles is a seasoned executive with extensive C-Level experience and a track record of building and growing business relationships across global markets in the technology sector. With a strong technical background in wireless broadband and cybersecurity, Mr. Byles has successfully developed and executed growth strategies for Fortune 100 companies and startups alike.

"FreeWave’s people make its IoT products and solutions best-in-class."

"For 25 years, we have provided long-range, reliable and rugged wireless data links for energy, manufacturing, agriculture, utilities, universities, and the military."

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