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We understand the demand of AI Market and our mission is to solve the real world challenges by providing an adaptive and personalized learning experience, Viola Lam, Founder and CEO

We understand the demand of AI Market and our mission is to solve the real world challenges by providing an adaptive and personalized learning experience, Viola Lam, Founder and CEO

Did you ever conjecture what it’s really like being a CEO of a company? You may visualize a rosy picture of a CEO but it is similar to any other job—the only difference is a CEO has to manage an entire company. The position has its own strengths and weaknesses to face.

We have with us Ms. Viola Lam, Founder and CEO of Find Solution Artificial Intelligence Limited (FSAI) who has balanced both opportunities and obstacles.

FSAI was founded in Hong Kong in 2016 by Ms. Viola Lam who is a multi-award educator for 12 years, has served more than thousands of students by establishing three FS Education Centres. She developed motivation and learning methodology to help students to improve performance by 10% within 2 months. Her husband, Mr Matthijs Dolsma is Chief Software Architect, with 10 years’ experience in the field of artificial intelligence, specifically in Machine learning and Machine imaging in semi-conducting industries, where he developed a deep learning model in order to process the production images of NFC payment chips with 70 Billion data per machines. The Founders "Two in One", integrating the ideas of advanced technology and interactive education, resulting in a unique self - motivation model on teaching and learning. FSAI believes, the uniqueness of the model would be popular and widely used in both primary schools and secondary schools.

In dialogue with Viola Lam, Founder and CEO

What was your first project? And how did you expand your offerings over the years?

4LittleTrees (4LTs) is our first MotivAi learning application launched in 2017 with almost 100,000 preload mathematical questions and materials for students to learn maths in class or after class. 4LTs has been developed to create a better learning atmosphere for both special need children and teachers. This allows us to assess their individual knowledge understanding, learning traits and behaviour. The objectives, on a real-time basis, are to motivate the learners, maximize learning efficiency, and minimize pressure from exams and to develop self-confidence. Based on the AI report, both parents and teachers can have a deep understanding on student’s academic performance and personal development.

4LTs is not just suitable for teacher and students, but also for professional bodies, corporate firms, education institutions, etc. We understand the demand of AI Market and our mission is to solve the real world challenges by providing an adaptive and personalized learning experience. With 4 unique algorithms, 4LTs can motivate our users, figure out their needs in response to the dynamics of their emotions and performance on any topic or subject, provide prediction and increase learning efficiency with customize learning.

Mistakes happen, but a CEO must have the ability to learn from past experiences and instill lessons for the future. Any such experience?

Preparation is essential to company development. Meetings and emails should include all the important parties involved with timely follow-ups. Problems may still occur when we are fully prepared so frequent communications are needed in order to avoid unpredictable situation.

Unforeseen opportunities often come from taking risks. Taking risks shows confidence and helps you grow as a business leader. Did you experience such opportunity?

AI was not a hot topic when I was planning to build 4LTs. Most of the people considered my idea of merging AI technology with educational app as a “mission impossible” due to lack of understanding of AI. After all these years, my team’s efforts have shown a clear demonstration of success in risk taking and now I can proudly present my award-winning software to the world.

One of the greatest traits of a CEO is the ability to read people and adapt management styles accordingly. What do you believe in, happy and satisfied employees or strict management rules?

Happy and satisfied employee means cheerful working environment. Employees are the most valuable treasure of a company; nothing would have been achieved without their contributions.

They are growing together with Find Solution Ai. Creativity is valued so we usually keep the meetings casual, small in group, and simple and short, to make sure that everyone can voice out. Stand-up meetings are typical to cut off the excess and save time.

As a CEO, what advice would you like to give your peers considering your past experience?

Do not hesitate to chase your goal once you think it’s worth to do so. It may seem hard to achieve your final destination as it will be a long way to go. You have to build your way to success by starting from the bottom and getting involved in everything to nurture your company. Do not stop before you have put 100% effort.

 Where do you visualize your company in a couple of years?

We are looking forward to expanding our footprint in the international market and aiming for an IPO in Hong Kong in 5 years.

What are your future plans on developing your company?

4LTs has already stepped into corporate training and is looking forward to entering CRM sector.

Embrace the ace

Find Solution Artificial Intelligence Limited (FSAI), was founded in Hong Kong in 2016, who won the Entrepreneur Year 2015/16 of the Youth Business International. This is one of the world's most honorific awards for young successful entrepreneurs who make positive contributions to both society and people. Ms. Lam was selected by the judges over 1,000 top-notch competitors from 68 countries with her far-sighted vision in education, clear and sustainable business model and her ambitious plans for growth.

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