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Fulcrum Analytics, Inc. provides data science, data hosting, and data-driven business applications, with a focus on flexibility, custom tailored solutions, and actionable insights

Fulcrum Analytics, Inc. provides data science, data hosting, and data-driven business applications, with a focus on flexibility, custom tailored solutions, and actionable insights

Fulcrum Analytics data science experts have deep knowledge across many industries, techniques, and applications. Their approach to data science consulting includes a simple and fast startup and minimal commitment. They offer teams of interchangeable specialists suited to your needs.

Fulcrum Analytics Wrangle Data

Fulcrum has 25+ years experience pulling together data from a variety of sources to build a cohesive and comprehensive data view. From web hosting to big data analytics environments to building customized reporting within clients’ environments, their expertise and security practices can maximize the insights available in your data.

Applications that Power Your Business After We’re Done

Fulcrum has packaged some of their most powerful applications to be installed to last well past their consulting engagement. Let the ingenuity and expertise of their Data Scientists continue to provide benefits to your organization for the long haul:

Fulcrum Impact: Measure the impact of business interventions

Data Anomaly Detector: Identify slow-moving trends that shift the normalcy of your data

RetailViewer: Identify the impact of pricing and promotion on sales

ClearGrade: Simplify the process of renewing insurance premium offers

Fulcrum works across industries like:

Grocery:  They help clients put valuable assets to work to improve pricing, promotion, and B2C communications to increase profitability.

Healthcare: They have achieved big wins through text mining, fraud detection models, customized dashboard reporting, and predictive analytics.

Financial Services: They’ve solved the toughest business problems through methods such as predictive model building and dashboard implementation.

Insurance: They dig deep into their pricing insurance policy renewals through their intuitive and collaborative app ClearGrade.

Retail: They generate insights across products/promos, summarize sales and profit data, and maximize profits.

Data and Platform Management

The company knows that data and platform management can be a daunting task for any business. From companies who just need a little support to those who need a total overhaul, they provide experienced developers, engineers, and data scientists to address the needs of a variety of businesses through:

  • Building data pipelines into a centralized database or data warehouse
  • Building code to streamline the data flows and reports through data visualization 
  • Detecting and alerting users to data anomalies
  • Developing reusable templates to streamline processes
  • Hosting sandbox or "lab" style level technical environments

Managed Services for Big Data

Fulcrum has been helping companies with their big data goals through the deployment of managed services on their Anvil™ platform. The Anvil platform combines scalable, secure, and reliable cloud infrastructure with best-in-class managed services. Anvil can be run on Amazon Web Services or on their own OpenStack platform, the leading open source private cloud platform, offering technologies ranging from server virtualization, database servers, and Hadoop big data services, to Docker containers, Kubernetes, micro services, and GPU processing. Fulcrum undergoes a yearly SOC-2 Type II audit and client environments are built to the highest standard of security and adhere to PCI and HIPAA standards.

Fulcrum Anvil and the Agile Analytics Lab

Fulcrum Anvil can be hosted within the Fulcrum private cloud for maximum security and control, or within AWS for maximum cost efficiency.

Fulcrum Anvil hosts hadoop clusters or Elastic MapReduce for organizations that require a data lake to house collections of large, disparate, structured and unstructured data. Fulcrum's big data environments allow organizations to test big data strategies without capital investment or staffing impact. Their managed services for big data is often used as an Agile Analytics Lab, and gives clients rapid, cost-effective access to technology, platforms, and expertise. It is perfect for proofs-of-concept, evaluating new tools and techniques, and determining where to make more permanent investments. Additionally, the lab can facilitate the construction of enterprise-level data reservoirs for production-optimized for analytics.

Client Analytics and Development teams VPN into Fulcrum Anvil to write applications to solve business problems. These teams collaborate among themselves in code review applications, and document repositories and personal and shared development platforms such as Jupyter Notebook.

Richard Vermillion, CEO

Richard Vermillion has served as Fulcrum’s CEO since 2011, and was the company’s CTO from 1996 through 2011. In his former role, he was the chief architect of Fulcrum’s technology products and service offerings.

As the CEO, he led a management buy-out of Fulcrum in 2013 and built up Fulcrum’s modern data science and engineering capabilities. In 2015, he led the spin-out of After, Inc., the leading provider of warranty analytics solutions, and acted as After's CEO until its successful sale in 2017.

Before joining Fulcrum, Richard worked for McKinsey & Co. He holds a B.S.E. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

“We partner with clients to accelerate their use of data science and drive incremental profits.”

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