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Furnishing Seamless Security for Enterprise Cloud Applications: CloudCodes

Furnishing Seamless Security for Enterprise Cloud Applications: CloudCodes

The world today is becoming more technologically advanced. Internet use is becoming a more integral part of businesses today. A new way that businesses have started to utilize the internet as a business tool is through cloud computing. Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.

CloudCodes is one such firm that provides cloud solutions allowing the enterprise to open doors for business value- regardless of the location. The firm offers top-notch CASB solutions that enable enterprises to adopt cloud for better collaboration. CloudCodes provides enterprise-grade Single Sign-On solution. It supports SAML 2.0 for integration with cloud-based SaaS applications, or it can also use custom handshake protocol to integrate with applications. The zero-trust approach requires the enterprise to ensure all applications are integrated on their SSO platform. CloudCodes allows IT to identify the roles and needs of various users within the organization and to provide segmentation to ensure the right users use appropriate applications.

Founded in 2011, CloudCodes aims to bring innovative and agile cloud security solutions to businesses worldwide. It provides cloud security through the single sign-on solution; the firm offers not only cost-efficient and integrated solutions but also gives complete control to data such as:

  • Gain full visibility and control to reduce your threat surface are
  • Block known and unknown intrusions
  • Implement layer security solutions

CloudCodes products and solutions for all Cloud Storage Services

Cloud Security

With an increase in Cloud security concerns, CloudCodes provides data governance to the enterprise in real-time, accessed from the private, corporate network, or mobile devices. CloudCodes' Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Solutions secures your data in the cloud at any point of access and on any device. CASB Solutions enables Businesses to control the endangered movements, preserve sensitive business information, prevent online fulminations, and react quickly to incidents merely. Also, the company's CASB Solutions easily fit any work style.

G Suite Security (gControl)

G Suite is indeed an excellent tool to work with, but it comes with its challenges; enter – CloudCodes.  For Business, formerly known as gControl for G Suite Security – a CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) vendor that aims at ensuring your G Suite data is safe & secure by building a secure ecosystem around your cloud activity. Industries like Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Aviation, Logistics, Education, Retail and many others rely on CloudCodes for Business to ensure their G Suite Security is at par

Office 365 Security

CloudCodes provides cloud app security for Office 365, helping the Business to protect their highly confidential data in real-time. Granular control is offered through automated workflow visibility, including options like admin alerts, unauthorized tasks restrain, access permissions modifications, notifying users, etc. Amplified data security for Office 365 is at your disposal with CloudCodes CASB solution.

CloudCodes for Dropbox Security

CloudCodes enables enterprises adopting with secure Dropbox app that involves complete control for safeguarding programs. They are offering Dropbox Cloud Security with a full array of deployment modes for equipping vibrant and contextual information around the Dropbox usage that involves location, service, device, and content. It will be helping users in standardizing the Dropbox by coaching end-users towards the platform from the unsanctioned alternatives.

CloudCodes for Salesforce Security

CloudCodes applies API connector to Salesforce for protecting the enterprise data without impacting the user's work. With CloudCodes Salesforce Cloud Data Security, users are going to achieve the CRM security approach. This helps in making Business more efficient and flexible at the time of maintaining visibility.  The firm offers Salesforce security controls that are utilized in the protection of confidential information, data loss prevention, and assurance of compliance with global regulations.

CloudCodes for Freshdesk Security

Considering all the data security concerns points and assurance of Freshdesk security, the firm has emerged with a CASB solution. The approach not only ensures complete cloud security but also guarantees the high-level of data protection. Data is essential for any business, so it would be an understatement to call CloudCodes CASB for Freshdesk solution as complete enterprise security. Extending help for the help desk teams, CloudCodes takes pride in offering out-of-the-box solutions, which can be used in a customized way, depending upon the type of requirements an enterprise has.


CloudCodes is a recipient of the NASSCOM League of 10 for Emerge 50 awards and RedHerring Asia Top 100 finalist awards. CloudCodes is a SOC, Type-II certified company. Analyst firm Gartner also recognizes it as one of the sample vendors for Cloud Security and SaaS Security in multiple published reports.

The Formidable leader: Debasish Pramanik

Debasish Pramanik is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of CloudCodes.

"CloudCodes was founded with a clear vision to bridge the security gaps between the enterprises and the cloud."

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