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January Monthly Edition 2023

GenR8 Marketing – A comprehensive digital marketing consulting agency increase your company’s sales

GenR8 Marketing – A comprehensive digital marketing consulting agency increase your company’s sales

GenR8 Marketing is a comprehensive digital marketing consulting agency. The company is proud to be a small, family-owned boutique agency. When you work with them, they take everything into account and ensure all marketing efforts leave a digital footprint they can track. If they aren’t able to show you ROI, GenR8 won’t recommend it. GenR8 exist to generate leads for you. GenR8 takes a one-on-one client approach to every project, big or small. With over 25 years of experience, GenR8 specializes in social media, websites and lead generation through online search advertising, video and strategy. The digital marketing terrain is ever changing and it can be difficult to know what makes sense for your business or organization. This is why GenR8 exists. They are here to help you navigate the terrain for what’s relevant, what’s changing and how best to use these tools for your business.

Social: Not on social media, yet but know you should be? Perhaps, you just don’t have the time or resources to commit to it. GenR8 can help narrow down your options and focus on what makes sense for your audience. Need a specific strategy for your goals or struggling with content? They do it all or a la carte.

Lead Generation and Digital Marketing Services Offered

Search: A good website and social media presence are important, but to get an edge over the competition you may need to look at keyword and targeted demographic advertising. There are a number of approaches and they can help make sense of the options and tools best used for your business or organization.

Web: There are many options out there for website creation. Whether it’s a customized WordPress theme or a fully custom designed Drupal site, they can help navigate the terrain so you can pick the best option. At the end of the project they’ll hand over the asset reigns and train you fully on how to use and update your website.

Video: Video is an excellent way to communicate who you are, why you’re passionate about what you do and what action you want your users to take. Video can be used across all digital marketing streams from social to email marketing. Let GenR8 tell your story!

Branding: Designing and developing a new logo and branding are an exciting opportunity for both the GenR8 team and for their clients. They know how critical it is to have a solid foundation in which they can build your entire marketing system. A logo is not just an icon that is thrown together. The process is quite comprehensive, as they discover the essence of what mission and purpose is for your organization. Developing a visual identity system is critical. A logo generally consists of two elements – a graphic mark and a typographic name. Combined, they form your logo, and this becomes the foundational visually for your marketing efforts.

Email Marketing: Contrary to popular beliefs, email has become an effective way to connect with an audience that might not be on social media and are open to eCommunications. It’s all about marketing to the people you know, clients, friends, family, etc. These are the best individuals to connect with as they will become strong advocates for providing referrals, and most importantly, they will open the emails. The key is in their approach in which an email is social vs. a solicitation. From this standpoint, engagement is hugely successful, which results in a value-added, regular communication outreach to connect with current clients and encourage new business opportunities at the same time.

Podcast Services: They have a studio, with top-of-the-line podcasting equipment and the necessary editing skills to bring your voice and expertise to the masses. Podcasting is a fantastic way to reach your audience in an accessible and popular content format. So, whether its industry commentary, interviews or even to promote your personal brand, they’ve got the resources to bring your voice to the streaming world. Contact us today to learn more.

Jason Petersen | President

Jason and his wife, Holly Petersen have co-owned and operated GenR8 Marketing since 2010. Jason grew up in Lincoln and has been an entrepreneur even before he graduated college at UNL and started his first business, Aijalon in 1999. Jason is a Graphic Design major but has always been passionate about technology and how that can be applied to marketing best practices, thus starting his combined pursuit of tech and marketing for small business. With an expertise in websites, strategy, consulting and Videography Jason enjoys dabbling in the various digital marketing buckets. He also still enjoys graphic design and squeezes in time for logo development and print design, when needed.

Outside of the office, Jason and Holly have two children, Lydia and Trevor. It’s also not unusual to see one of their collies, Gilly or Liam sleeping and greeting in the GenR8 office or video studio. Jason enjoys the outdoors and hiking, running, golfing, travel and following Husker sports. He’s also a history buff and enjoys all aspects of Lincoln history and its development, Americana and world history.

"GenR8’s mission is to serve our clients as a strategic partner in guiding them through the digital marketing industry, with a value added approach."

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