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Frannexus— unbiased franchise guidance you can trust

Frannexus— unbiased franchise guidance you can trust

There is an obvious appeal to starting a business by buying a franchise. Whereas starting a business often comes with many unknowns, a franchise is proof of a successful business model already in action.

More often than you remember, you’ve likely visited a 7-Eleven, KFC, McDonald’s, or Dunkin’ to enjoy the convenience and services of a brand you know and trust. These businesses are products of franchising.

Franchising is a legal and business framework focused on growth, expansion, unit-level economics, and opportunity.

However, business franchising is not for everyone; many would-be entrepreneurs prefer to start a business from scratch. Therefore, investors need to determine if the franchise model is suitable for them. In such scenarios, one can employ the services of Frannexus to discern if a franchise model would be a suitable investment and, if so, which brand to choose from.

Frannexus is committed to empowering people through honest franchise guidance to positively impact their quality of life through a business they love. Through their proven process, the firm evaluates and selects the right franchise opportunity based on the client’s experience, goals, passion, lifestyle requirements, and investment comfort level.

When it’s time to decide, clients will have the confidence that comes with having the experienced Frannexus team on their side.

The following excerpts are taken from a conversation with Seth Lederman, Founder, and CEO of Frannexus

Q. Why did was Frannexus started? Can you tell us the story of the company?

Frannexus began as a personal quest to realize my true passion. After majoring in psychology and sports medicine, I embarked on a career in treating patients. I quickly realized that what I felt driven to do was grow my business, not going room to room and seeing patients. From that awareness, I crafted a standard operating system of procedures to ensure that my staff could provide patients with a consistent, predictable, and reproducible experience. In a mere 36 months, I was able to scale my practice by 300%. What I learned from my own business ownership experience, coupled with an understanding of the fundamental franchise operating principles, I was paving the way for my future career by helping others fulfill their business dreams via franchise ownership.

Q. What gap in the market does Frannexus fill? How is the company beneficial to its customers?

What truly sets Frannexus apart is how we designed our systems to make the franchise search process virtually effortless by utilizing an algorithmic approach to narrow down thousands of available franchise opportunities to select a group of the best options most well-suited to meet the goals and objectives of each investor.

The process begins with a psychometric assessment to generate a business owner profile, which helps predict compatibility, future performance potential, and cultural alignment with franchise brands. Frannexus’ efficient and proprietary franchise search process and superior service to clients allow us to help prospective franchise buyers make informed decisions faster and more confidently. Once a prospective client decides to move forward and explore franchise opportunities, Frannexus bases its recommendations on interests, experience, culture, goals, and more rather than merely on just a few variables, as many other consultants do.

“I feel it’s important for prospective franchise owners to keep an open mind, which explains why more than 85% of Frannexus clients end up in a franchise they hadn’t initially considered but are glad they did.”

Q. Can you briefly explain Frannexus’ franchise matching process?

Frannexus is focused on long-term client outcomes. The matching process for Frannexus starts with the team vetting prospective franchise opportunities. Currently, there are over 4,000 franchise opportunities in the U.S. The team regularly evaluates franchise brands and curates a dynamic portfolio of about 10% of those businesses across more than 20 different industry segments. This methodology ensures that our clients feel that the franchises presented to them put them will stack the “deck of cards” in their favor for success. This process involves utilizing multiple data points to ensure long-term successful client outcomes.

While I believe giving clients choices is important, I never want them to be overwhelmed by their options. The first step of the matching process, Discovery, involves the Frannexus team gathering important search parameter data points to assist in our search efforts on their behalf. During the second step, consultation, the wide range of selection criteria and decision-making variables are discussed with our clients so that they can learn what they didn’t know they didn’t know, and get clarity on what would be most important to them on any franchise that they would spend their hard-earned money and valuable time in.

Smart Match is the third step; this is where we align the search parameters with the client’s skills, qualifications, passions, desires, interests, and investment comfort level. The team further refines its search to identify options that best fit the client’s long-term personal, professional, and financial goals and objectives.

In the fourth step, the presentation, the best options are presented to them for review. Once we’ve narrowed it to a couple of strongly resonating options, Frannexus guides the client through due diligence, the fourth step, to guarantee it is an opportunity that the client feels checks their boxes.

In the final steps, the company helps position the client in the best possible light to ensure they will have the greatest likelihood of being awarded a franchise by the franchisor.

Q. What were the challenges Frannexus faced along its journey to the position it occupies in the industry?

No journey is without challenges, and Frannexus is no different. COVID-19 caused everyone to shift focus and adapt to a new world. The world of business regularly evolves as well. Adapting to both realities has been essential to Frannexus’ continued success. To that end, I believe that the latest technology is essential to being the best in the business. That is why I am focused more than ever on technological investments, including data-driven solutions that will improve my client’s experiences. For instance, FranBot is a virtual franchise search assistant Frannexus created that aids clients by answering questions that the team can use to prepare for their consultations. FranBot is AI that personalizes and engages people early in their franchise search journey, providing the information and education they want. Prospective franchise buyers can learn about franchise ownership at their own pace and schedule a consultation with one of Frannexus’ advisors when they are ready.

Q. Would you like us to highlight something important happening in your company that we may have missed asking?

Team Frannexus continues to work on additional innovations that will enhance the franchise search experience even more. AI’s role in educating and preparing clients for their franchise search will continue to grow and evolve. The end goal is to ensure that the time the clients spend with the Frannexus team will be even more productive.

Guiding people through the world of franchisees to setups successful businesses

Seth Lederman is the Founder and CEO of Frannexus. He’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors get into business ownership through franchising. Seth’s goal is to guide people to find their perfect business, a franchise opportunity that meets their unique budget, goals, passion, and lifestyle.

“Your franchise search just got easier.”

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