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Globally unify IT services using the service platform

Globally unify IT services using the service platform

Technology can fail in any business, regardless of how big or small it is. To safeguard your systems, you should think about having some level of IT support in place. Having a dedicated IT support service in place means that you have access to highly specialized talent and resources as and when you need them. You should weigh this against the costs of procuring such service to determine the real benefits to your business. works with a growing number of service providers around the world who provide qualified IT support and services. The firm’s systems link it together, enabling its customer to manage their businesses in multiple locations around the world.

Wayne Conyers, Founder and CEO, walked us through the company’s journey

What is the meaning of Why is the company given that name?

I’m sure many people see the “IT” part of the name and don’t look beyond that. But really does mean just that. Flexibility and customer integration are very important factors in how our platform is a benefit to our users. The customer can define the parameters of the contracts, build their own service networks, catalogue and manage their own stock in a way that is unique and convenient for them. From high level reporting and overview, to individual ticket or relationship management, it really is the customers call on how they want the platform to work for them. There are all manner of software packages which require the user to adapt to a certain method or process which may not be entirely suited to the customer needs, but leave them with little option but to try and adjust their own working accordingly. The name for us means just that: “You Call It” or indeed “It’s your call”.

Why was born? How do you help your customers?

It all came after a conversation with a long-standing contact. There have always been difficulties to overcome in building a unified service in any particular market but trying to do so over the entirety of Europe was a daunting proposition, and one that was deemed impossible.

Our trusted partner network is at the core of our multi-faceted business, focused on our clients’ best-interests, we will always aim to be competitive within this fast-paced environment whilst ensuring that our end-to-end solution is delivering what the client actually needs. With us, the customer knows they will be able to overcome so many of the usual obstacles faced when trying to set up any unified service. The usual supply chain issues, the lack of local knowledge, the physical challenges of getting a technician or a piece of equipment to where it needs to be. As a client requesting works, we manage all calls under one process which tracks the status of every request, service or project and feeds back the information and updates required on each request. The customer can also be assured that we understand they will likely have their own in-house systems or processes.

Explain in detail about your physical and interconnected services. How are they beneficial?

Our goal has always been to connect with local resources to provide local service and I think we can all see that, with the current global climate and probable long-term effect that will have on travel, our model is more relevant than ever. Aside from the obvious cost savings behind this, there is the added value of having someone who understands the local market. No more sending out equipment and engineers all over the world. No concerns around language or cultural misunderstandings. Our network comprises hundreds of service providers covering the full range of requirements from printer service to servers and networks to EPOS, AV and in-house retail equipment. We offer direct IT solutions including Field Services, Helpdesks, Project management, SLA management, Implementation, IMAC/D across a broad spectrum of technologies. We can also offer our customers extended services via our partner network including recruitment, web development, data centers, Virtualization and Software services. Whatever the requirement may be, we will have a partner in the network able to perform the task.

Tell us about your unified IT service platform.

Central to everything we do is the platform, saying it is the heart of the business really is an understatement. The platform allows our customers not just direct communication with the service partners but does so in their native language. It allows for a range of contract options, from escalation levels and SLAs to stock management and tracking. Each element can be adjusted allowing the customer not just to define the service they want but to build the network and contacts they need. While other systems may incorporate some elements in a similar way, we don’t believe there is another product which combines a full service management system, multi-partner network access, direct client to partner communication with translation functionality and is also as adaptable to customer needs as We are constantly improving the platform as well, adding more tools, automated billing for example, or integrating new functionality into the existing services such as adding Telegram to our Conversation Manager.

How active is the company in maintaining global IT relationships?

We talk to everyone. The service partners in our networks, who are such a vital part of the work we do, potential new partners or suppliers who we feel can bring something to the business, and, of course, with our customers and clients. We are always looking to improve the platform and service, and we could not do this without constant and open communication with everyone involved. We have always held the principle that transparency is key in evolving the business as well as generating and maintaining close relationships. It goes beyond networking though. We are currently active in over 140 countries so one of the key elements we bring to the sector is our understanding of global working. As we go direct to the service partner we learn about the working culture, the unique challenges, and the barriers to overcome. All this can be managed through the platform meaning we can talk to the right people at the right time and, with the inbuilt translation function in our Conversations system, even do so in the right language. Our combined capability as an independent IT provider is near unrivalled and we are committed to becoming the largest independent provider of Global IT relationships.

What are your achievements till date? What do your customers say?

Over the past 5 years Youcall-it. com has been the recipient of many industry awards for the platform and its functionality. These awards include the Corporate USA award in 2018 for Best It Service Delivery Tool provider, shortlisted for Software Innovation of the year in 2019 and numerous awards relating to Service delivery tooling. The most recent award we have received is the Global IT Services Firm of the Year in the United Kingdom, England – 2021, awarded by Corporate International. Needless to say, we strive for the recognition the platform we have built rightly deserves as it changes the way service is delivered. HSP, a service delivery organization in Australia, says this about us, “Through the use of the unique managed services portal, our company and many others have enjoyed being able to reduce time by quickly identifying suitable service provider companies throughout the world to assist and complete works – finally a true network that ties together and short lists suitable service partners to represent a multi nation IT services solution.” Our users, both customer and clients all feel the value of being part of what we are trying to achieve in the industry.

Meet the man behind

Wayne Conyers started the business in 2010, while frustrated with his employer. After a supportive conversation with his wife, and a £1000 investment from their savings, was born. Wayne began his career at a young age, working in a customer care and sales environment before moving into the banking sector. After several years he became the Operations manager for a recruitment IT consultancy.

Today’s main driver is building working relationships with the backbone of the system and creating a solid partnership between client and provider.

“Our systems link support companies globally directly with the client and the customer to deliver IT service and support as it should be.”

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