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OneGTM—helping B2B tech companies with go-to-market strategies and achieve more success, faster

OneGTM—helping B2B tech companies with go-to-market strategies and achieve more success, faster

Every business is attended to growth. However, without a solid strategy, you cannot go anywhere.

Many problems can appear while launching a new product/service and breaking into the market: competition is fierce, deadlines are nipping, resources are limited, etc. In all these moments it is crucial to have something to fall back on. The go-to-market strategy is exactly that.

A go-to-market strategy (GTM strategy) is the way to go specifically to reach customers and declare the USP which gives the competitive advantage. It is the blueprint of how the product or services are going to be delivered to the ultimate customer.

Creating a go-to-market strategy is as important for established companies as it is for brand new entrepreneurial endeavors.

OneGTM is one of the best companies you can choose to consult for your go-to-market strategy. The company specializes in helping B2B technology firms grow faster by solving complex go-to-market (GTM) challenges. From delivering better insights that inform your strategies and propositions, to accelerating your demand generation activities—whatever the specifics, OneGTM will get you where you want to be. OneGTM will provide the end-to-end expertise that delivers the results you want.

The OneGTM way to help clients

OneGTM’s founders sat on the client side of the desk before starting their firm. Therefore, they know how difficult it can be to translate carefully crafted strategies and plans into sales and profit.

That’s why OneGTm’s team pays particular attention to maximizing effectiveness by ensuring that every element of clients’ sales, marketing, and channel activity is fully aligned.

OneGTM assembles a suitably skilled team for each project, with the right mix of technical expertise and experience, coordinated by a named client project manager as the first point of contact for clients. The company follows clearly-defined, structured processes to ensure high-quality outputs, and it will accelerate your journey by employing proven methodologies and frameworks, informed by many previous engagements.

Not the usual marketing business—OneGTM’s expertise

OneGTM was set up to create a new type of service provider for the B2B tech sector—one that combines the expertise and insights of a strategic go-to-market consultancy with the creativity of the best agencies and the commercial shrewdness that comes from the real world, client-side experience. “We wanted to be the supplier that we wished had existed when we were wearing your shoes,” says Co-founder and Managing Director, Phil Brown.

The company is based in London, but grew from humble beginnings in a small office near Tower Bridge, to serve a global client base with clients spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. The projects OneGTM delivers range from country-specific to truly global programs.

It’s all in the mix—the team at OneGTM

OneGTM is a multi-disciplined team with the knowledge to get you where you want to be.

The team consists of industry consultants who’ve built successful careers in the tech sector, marketing experts who know all there is to know about B2B—from both the target audience and client perspectives, and creatives who deliver hard-working communications with the cut-through that compels a response.

Solving the toughest go-to-market challenges—OneGTM’s solutions

From understanding your market and customers through to generating demand and leads, OneGTM will ensure that each element of your go-to-market mix is fully aligned and that your channels are properly engaged and enabled.

  • Understand your market and customers—Gaining actionable insights

OneGTM’s delivers the actionable insights clients need to inform their go-to-market strategy. The company identifies the trends and drivers impacting a particular segment, the needs and behaviors of its target customers, and the requirements and expectations of its channel partners.

  • Define Winning Strategies and Plans—Bringing clarity to complex challenges

Using its extensive experience, OneGTM’s consultants work closely with their teams to deliver a go-to-market strategy and a plan that supports their goals. The company uses structured methodologies to ensure that plans are based on a robust analysis of both the client market environment and clients’ competitive strengths and weaknesses.

  • Create Compelling Stories and Propositions—Delivering relevance and firing imaginations

The company creates stories that engage customers by talking about the stuff that matters to them, in a way that resonates. OneGTM helps clients define the points of view that position them as distinctive, authoritative voices in their industry.

  • Recruit and Engage Channel Partners—Building a scalable and sustainable channel

Leveraging its extensive channel experience and proven frameworks, OneGTM helps clients build a scalable and sustainable channel that supports their growth objectives.

  • Enable your Partners and Sales Teams—Educating, enthusing, and equipping the sharp end

OneGTM works with clients to ensure that the customer buying journey is understood by everyone and that their sales channels are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need at each stage of their engagement with prospects.

  • Generate demand and leads—Getting everything focused on delivering pipeline

By combining its strengths in planning, messaging, content development, creative execution, and digital platforms, OneGTM can help clients build and execute effective lead generation campaigns that deliver the results they want.

Helping clients grow with bullet-proof go-to-market strategies

Phil Brown is the Co-founder, Managing Director, and Head of Consulting at OneGTM. Before co-founding OneGTM, Phil accumulated wide-ranging ‘client-side’ experience in the technology and communications sectors.

As OneGTM’s MD, Phil has consulted with many of the tech industry’s leading brands on their GTM strategies and plans and likes nothing better than getting stuck into a thorny go-to-market challenge.

Outside of work, Phil is a music nut with an eclectic taste but a particular passion for soul and jazz. He’s also a West Ham season-ticket holder and a keen skier.

“The go to in go-to-market.”

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