Alexa GoliathTech is empowered by the Strength & Know-How of its Employees
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GoliathTech is empowered by the Strength & Know-How of its Employees

GoliathTech is empowered by the Strength & Know-How of its Employees

It is not a choice but a necessity, to meet the building code when it comes to the foundation of your project. Being aware of what is required to have a code compliant foundation when using helical screw piles is important. GoliathTech Inc. is one of the largest manufacturer and installer of helical screw piles. They offer the best piling solutions to support your project.

GoliathTech was born out of a 2004-founded company – Les Pieux Goliath – purchased by Julian Reusing in 2013. GoliathTech is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, and has over 200 open franchise units globally. GoliathTech Inc. is a leader in the engineering, design, manufacture, and distribution of helical piles. Implementation of its products extends to the field of construction, housing, solar, underpinning, signage, decks, agricultural infrastructure and so on.

Their highly-dedicated, experienced network of franchisees does more than merely carry out simple tasks, told the CEO and Founder of the company Mr. Reusing. They put their prowess to work to ensure optimal anchoring of each pile. GoliathTech has In-house engineering, Production, Business Development, and Customer Relationship teams to support clients throughout the lifecycle of their project. It handles over 1500 construction projects every month.

GoliathTech’s ‘plan of action’ – a quick look

Made from galvanized steel, helical piles of GoliathTech deeply penetrate the ground guaranteeing a solid structure. Helical piles are faster to install and have a higher bearing capacity. Helical piles are drilled into the ground and will not destroy the land around your project as there is no excavation required. They deploy 60KSI fully-galvanized steel piles that protect the tubes as well as the head and helices exits against the physical deterioration. Furthermore, the tubes are filled with Polyurethane to prevent ice accumulation inside the pile. “Our manufacturer of screw-piles and helical anchors use high quality recycled steel in their fabrication. This conserves natural resources and energy and reduces the overall carbon footprint,” notes Mr. Reusing.

GoliathTech’s nut fastening system is inserted inside the pile head which anchors directly onto the tube. This exclusive GoliathTech signature not only prevents all lateral and vertical movements but also anchors your structure directly to the pile. Their anchoring system reinforces the joints between piles - an indispensable solution to lengthen and strengthen piles as well as eliminate all risk of movements due to joints. Screw-piles and helical anchors are also useful for the support of temporary structures since they can be removed and reused with little to no change in structural integrity. This is very different from a driven pile or drilled shaft or a grouted anchor which are often just abandoned.

GoliathTech fabricates 100% of their products in their North American factory. GoliathTech offers many different types of pile heads to suit any project. The engineering team at GoliathTech can even produce custom pile heads for zero cost, and they also patent their products claiming ownership of their invention. GoliathTech is the only pile company that offers standard at no extra cost. It is also the only screw-pile company that offers piles with engraved lot numbers for better traceability. “Our cutting-edge equipment allows our certified installers to increase quality and precision during the installation process and thus guarantee perfectly level structures,” – the CEO accentuated.

GoliathTech – A Great Place to Work

“Employees come first… they are our brand ambassadors,” says Mr. Reusing. He considers them and their indubitable work to be one of the greatest reasons behind the company’s success. “Each one has great potential and unique skills that, when united, form what is now GoliathTech,” he added. Employees at GoliathTech make all the difference – they restlessly innovate and bring the change.

Employees, led by the company’s work culture– the beliefs, ideologies, and practices, create a brand image for GoliathTech and making it distinct from its competitors. As a company, GoliathTech makes sure that employee satisfaction is high, because, “that tells us how motivated and happy they are to do what they are supposed to do,” Mr. Reusing said. “This, in turn, translates for us as a success.”

Employees at GoliathTech are given full empowerment in their roles; well-informed of projects beforehand and supported when stuck in issues. At GoliathTech, work is driven by collaboration, not competition making it a more transparent and accountable organization. GoliathTech is a high-paced company in a rapid growth mode; “Our success, and constantly arising new opportunities in career advancement stimulates our people,” Mr. Reusing told.When it comes to work-life balance, GoliathTech helps its team juggle the demands of their work and personal lives. “We feel… life at home and life at work are the same… and… when we feel either could affect the life of an employee, we often use an industrial psychologist to help rebalance personal and commercial success,” told the CEO.

The globally wide-spread company, which is in continuous efforts to comply with every regions code, owns a gamut of certifications including the ones from AWS (American Welding Society), CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau), CFA (Canadian Franchise Association), ICC-Evaluation Service, and Certified ISO 9001:2015 and Certified ISO 14001:2015 for Quality Management and Environmental Management. GoliathTech also owns utility and design patent in Canada, Usa, Europe, Asia, Australia and so on. Having secured the third position globally in the current marketplace, GoliathTech is at the top the list and is the market leader and best choice for our customers worldwide.

The ‘Master-of-All’ CEO Julian Reusing

Having raised many companies, always from a zero start to a global leader in every industry he played in, the CEO of GoliathTech has brought a high-tech approach to the industry which was originally low tech.  Mr. Julian Reusing, also the Founder of GoliathTech, has transformed the company to become one of the fastest growing franchises globally in 2018.

Julian Reusing is an accomplished entrepreneur. He was the creator and owner of a few establishments in the past and he was the Founder of ISI Connect Cabling Company and Memory Experts International (MXI) Inc., and MXI Security, Inc., and now is the founder and owner of GoliathTech Inc.

“GoliathTech never stops innovating, so that you may benefit from our  unequaled quality products and services.”

"Employees are our brand ambassadors - They make all the difference. Our employees restlessly innovate and bring change."

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