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Intengine: A Global Gateway to a Sustainable Marketplace

Intengine: A Global Gateway to a Sustainable Marketplace

While industrialization has boosted the economic growth, it has harmed the environment beyond imagination. Resources used in manufacturing like timber, oil, metals, and others have severe spillover effects that have damaged the environment, sometimes, beyond repair. From resource pollution to adverse climate change, from health issues to the extinction of species, the fast pace of economic development has degraded our world.

But the question ‘who is to blame’ arises. The place of work can have a very big effect on the environment. It can either impact positively or negatively to a very large degree. It all depends on how the employer uses the resources, the energy, the method of manufacture, the products used and produced, and a whole list of other criteria. Even the method used for waste removal has a major impact on the society and the environment as a whole.ciobulletin intengine cover 2018

Issues like these made Connie Linder establish the Intengine platform in 2010 (formerly GreenPages Directory). Connie was a stockbroker and did not like how social and environmental factors were not brought into the investment decisions at that time. The fact that investments were made based on economic factors, while the true costs of resources didn’t factor in the discussion drove her to create a sustainable marketplace.

A Company that Stands Apart

With this, Connie moved to the business of building companies and worked for ten years as a consultant with emerging new environmental technologies. She was encouraged by the types of solutions that were becoming available, although the general public wasn’t aware. “Nearly ten-to-twenty years ago, the tone of the environmental movement was anti-business and most of the business community saw the environmental movement as “flaky” or full of impractical ideologies,” expresses Linder.

However, with her strong corporate and business background and focused intention for healthier ways of doing business, Connie became a bridge and leader in the sustainability movement in Canada. She recognized the need for an efficient, pro-business and pro-solutions platform that allowed people to make healthier and informed decisions. And she realized that these changes had to be brought out within the marketplace.

Today, nearly a decade later, Intengine is the leading edge in commitment and dedication towards a sustainable marketplace. It helps by providing relevant information that is easily accessible to improve the user’s purchasing decisions. “We are committed to upholding a high level of service to ensure our platform makes a positive contribution to the marketplace, and to engage in continuous improvement,” says Connie. Intengine recognizes the importance of positive incremental changes in everyday lives, which, when combined, will lead to substantial transformations on a global scale.

Local Application with a Global Reach

Although there are many ‘green’ databases, their geographic reach and focus are limited. Intengine’s database includes all industry sectors, business listing types, and geographic regions. This enables the users to find a local service provider or supplier, or be linked with a leading global technology solution. “We connect people seeking healthy options with companies offering innovative products and services, along with the most current information in the field of sustainability,” explains Connie.

From business listings, advertising, articles to news releases and information pieces, Intengine provides an entire range of services and products for the sustainable marketplace. It will also provide business tools (benchmarking) and analytics. Also, it will be launching a Product Marketplace in the near future.

One of the striking features that set Intengine apart from others is its social and environmental attributes as they relate to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). There are certifications and the jurisdiction of these standards that can be included as well. But most unique of all is that the company is working with all industry sectors and business listing types. “Intengine is the aggregator of feedback from other meaningful sources so the end user finds all this information in one place,” she elaborates. “We deliver with a local application that has a global reach.”

The Need for a Sustainable Marketplace

Research indicates that even when companies engage in sustainable practices, they may have difficulty connecting with consumers in a meaningful way. A recent study by Cone Trend Tracker shows that 80 percent of North American consumers wish companies would do a better job helping them understand the environmental terms they use.

Further studies from Natural Marketing Institute show that 76 percent of consumers agree it is important for companies to be mindful of their impact on the world. And 61 percent admit they would purchase more sustainable goods and services if they had the information and resources to do so. The consumers of today wish to see their manufacturers and retailers support worthy social and environmental issues.

In these times, it is seen that the growth of the global green economy is outpacing the traditional economy by 2 – 1. Moreover, small and medium-sized businesses are under increasing pressure to improve their procurement but often lack the tools and resources to do so. Business owners are having a need to communicate their metrics, commitments, and performance to this growing audience. Intengine works within many verticals. This includes Waste Management and Recycling, Energy Management, Apparel, and Construction to name a few.

Green Solutions for All

Intengine filters and categorizes information related to sustainability and provides a forum for exchanging information and ideas. Companies who join the directory can advertise through Intengine online by choosing from a variety of advertising options, as well as showcase their products and services, giving small and large companies equal access to interested consumers.

The companies can communicate their environmental and social commitments, geographic location, certifications, standards, charitable activities, and quantifiable benefits. This can be done by simply selecting from a variety of search parameters on an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which they can easily manage and modify. The end-users can then refine their searches based on these criteria.

Intengine caters to small and medium-sized businesses that recognize the need to improve their social performance, reduce their waste and energy consumption, and make efficient use of resources to green their supply chain. It helps those that seek to improve their procurement processes. Apart from these businesses, Intengine works with those organizations that communicate and advertise their metrics and commitments to help individuals and businesses make better consumer choices. The company also works with individual consumers who are looking for socially-conscious, green solutions to their purchasing needs that will contribute to a clean, ecologically-friendly way of life.

Stats and Facts

According to the 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study

  • 87 percent said they’d purchase a product because that company advocated for an issue they cared about
  • Consistent over the years, nearly nine-in-10 (86 percent) consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit and should also address social and environmental issues
  • 89 percent of consumers would switch brands to one that is associated with a good cause, given similar price and quality, compared with 66 percent in 1993
  • Whenever possible, a majority (79 percent) continues to seek out products that are socially or environmentally responsible
  • The top way consumers say they would support social or environmental issues is by purchasing a product from a socially conscious online retailer (80 percent)
  • 91 percent of consumers say it’s okay if a company is not perfect, as long as it is honest about efforts. Consumers are looking for transparent and real-time progress

Giving Back

Currently, Intengine is forging partnerships with content providers and accreditation agencies, while also building baseline tools with PwC. In the days to come, the company will continue developing a global database of world’s best innovators that help business become more sustainable. “In support of our community of conscientious innovators and entrepreneurs, we donate 10 percent of our advertising space to help these emerging companies introduce themselves to the marketplace,” says Connie.

Recognizing the importance of positive incremental changes in the everyday lives, Intengine has led to substantial transformations on a global scale. It encourages free will with transparency and accountability. The company’s platform allows users to rank companies, products, and services. It also lets businesses respond, maintaining control over their information by being part of the conversation.

But more importantly, Intengine supports equal access, which is an important part of the company values. Regardless of size, businesses have equal access to all its features and users. From the individual entrepreneur to the largest multinational, Intengine offers a power of depth and scale to bring about important changes to the sustainable marketplace. “Being on the leading edge takes commitment and dedication,” notes Connie. And Intengine is the pioneer in this today.

The Wall of Fame

The contributions of Intengine have been immense. And the leading force behind the company is none other than Connie Linder. Recognizing her valuable contribution, she was honored with a Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) Award in 2016. This global award was presented to Connie Linder by SPLC and presenting sponsor Microsoft Corporation in recognition of her company, Intengine’s role as North America’s fastest growing online search directory for sustainable purchasing and healthier living.

Linder explains the growing interest by business and individuals in accessing Intengine saying, “Intengine offers more easily accessible information that improves purchasing decisions and connects people that are seeking healthy options with companies offering innovative products and services, along with the most up-to-date facts and the largest database of accreditation organizations, their certifications, and listings with those standards, worldwide.”

Meet the Trendsetter  

Connie Linder is the Founder and President of Intengine. She is an entrepreneur and business strategist with a special interest in sustainability and innovative startups. It was her commitment to increase public awareness of available innovative solutions and make sustainable products and services more widely accessible that drove her to start her company. She holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia and Securities and Insurance licenses from the Canadian Securities Institute. She is also a certified Personal Development Counselor and has studied business in Sweden, Germany, and at the renowned HEC Paris.

Connie is also a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs through the Women’s Enterprise Centre, the University of British Columbia, the Minerva Foundation for BC Women, and the Women’s Executive Network. Recognizing her work and immense contribution, Connie has received numerous awards, including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Minerva Leadership Award in 2012. She was also named one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women as a Trailblazer/Trendsetter. Connie also received the TECHGREEN Award from the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC in 2014.

Meet the ace

"Intengine works well for us in two ways. Firstly, as a certification mark for the use of green energy in Canada, Intengine helps us reach our target market of businesses and individuals wanting to purchase renewable energy. Secondly, as a green business we can use Intengine as a helpful tool to find products and services with the lowest environmental impact to meet our own procurement needs."

“We are North America’s fastest growing online search directory for sustainable purchasing and healthier living.”

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