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GreyOrange: Modern Solution to keep the inventory in motion

GreyOrange: Modern Solution to keep the inventory in motion

Every day new technology is developing and it is replacing the older ones, for instance with the development of the smartphone keypad phones went out of the market. But the replacement of the older version of the phone was important because it doesn’t support the modern 4G and 5G network types. It can be said that technology built for the previous era cannot fulfill modern demands, so modern problem requires modern solutions. Thus, in this modern time, warehouse technologies are also developing and companies like GreyOrange came forward with modern solutions for warehouse problems.

GreyOrange is a fulfillment platform with AI cloud software with robotics automation to keep inventory in motion. This platform combines AI-driven cloud software and smart robotic automation to overcome inadequacies in existing warehouse technology and capitalize on modern market developments. GreyOrange is a global leader in fulfillment, with customers, employees, and investors around the world.

Q. Why GreyOrange?

GreyOrange has software called GreyMatter which delivers what other systems can't because it contemplates people and robots working together and is built on a language designed for capabilities fulfillment demands. The GreyMatter Warehouse Management Software system solves to drive optimal decisions, efficient orchestration, and rapid execution across the entire fulfillment operation–so in real time one can be ready for whatever the market has in store. As advanced Ai seamlessly integrates fulfillment software, smart robots, and people—the system instantaneously models the best decisions to drive optimal workflows and execution using machine learning and adaptive learning. GreyMatter perpetually stores high-performing outcomes, factors, and resources calibration of ‘what works best. GreyMatter AI with adaptive learning, machine learning, and real-time algorithmic decisioning integrates with smart Ranger robots and other best-in-class robots to deliver high-yield performance across every operational node. GreyMatter orchestrates the fulfillment software, robots, and people across the robotic warehouse automation system for every fulfillment node, be it Omnichannel, Micro Fulfillment, eCommerce, or Store fulfillment. It’s more than a Warehouse Management System or Software and is undoubtedly the brain of the GreyOrange Fulfillment Platform. This software helps the system to be persistent to keep connections up and data following when communication points are in motion.

Q. How does GreyOrange help?

Looking at the global megatrends like the ecommerce surge from Covid19, the Amazon effect, and immediate commerce promise it is very clear fulfillment solutions of yesterday can’t solve the recent problem in warehouses. Thus, company owners may have already begun the transformation to modernize through robots and integrated automation. This platform can help to find the solution that pays off with growth, value, and advantage for the business starting day one. They help to realize greater goals, such as:

Speed-to-fulfill:  They help to automatically accelerate throughout via algorithmic workflow calculations that factor tasks, time, and teams, dynamically.

Ability-to-fulfill: GreyOrange provides cross-channel visibility and inventory accessibility enabling real-time decisions to orchestrate safer, smoother order fulfillment based on demand and capacity constraints. Robots augment people or work alone to maintain uninterrupted, on-time operations even during workforce shortages or demand spikes.

Margin-to-fulfill: It orchestrates smart, dynamic high yield decisioning tasked to drive down costs for a healthier bottom line

The approach at GreyOrange is applied innovation that delivers measurable results for value and advantage. Here designers, engineers, and scientists never stop solving in the dynamic quest for higher performance, greater efficiencies, and more satisfied customers for a business. In GreyOrange technology is built by integrating robots and AI-enabled software built on a language designed for fluidity and real-time decisioning that directly addresses the most pressing fulfillment needs. Tight labor markets combined with escalating SKU volumes and accelerated shipping times demand moving past traditional technology to leverage a solution designed to fulfill the future of real-time. The solutions do more than automate fulfillment operations. They fundamentally transform supply chains to enable more scalability, efficiency, and flexibility. In turn, their customers find that they can offer new propositions and fuel growth, turning the supply chain from an operating cost center to a revenue driver and strategic differentiator.

Meet the Leader

Samay Kohli is the CEO of GreyOrange.  Samay leads the strategic direction of the company globally and works alongside the company’s visionary customers to imagine and create a future of fulfillment. His passion for robots and AI began while still a student at BITS (Pilani), India where he drew notice as part of a team that created AcYut, one of India’s first indigenous humanoid robots. Samay as a keynote speaker shared his thoughts at prominent technology conferences around the world and he was also named to MIT Technology Review’s global list of “35 Innovators under 35.”

“Disrupting and redefining fulfillment with AI cloud software and robotic automation that keeps inventory in motion.”

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