Alexa Using crowdfunding campaign management to turn ideas into a 6-or-7-figure business—Growth Turbine
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Using crowdfunding campaign management to turn ideas into a 6-or-7-figure business—Growth Turbine

Using crowdfunding campaign management to turn ideas into a 6-or-7-figure business—Growth Turbine

As an alternative method for financing creative ideas and startup businesses, crowdfunding has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity over the last ten years. Inevitably, the media tends to popularize mostly the success stories of firms that stormed through their crowdfunding goal in a matter of days. However, what hasn't gotten as much publicity is that many businesses begin their crowdfunding journey with high expectations and confident pitches but never get what they require from the crowd. The critical requirement here is crowdfunding marketing.

So what's the difference between the super successful campaigns that land on the first pages of the press and those that don't reach their goal and never get any publicity? The answer is relatively simple—having a well-thought crowdfunding marketing strategy profoundly increases your chances of success. Growth Turbine is a marketing firm that can help your crowdfunding campaigns be resoundingly successful with their data-driven crowdfunding and growth marketing. The team at Growth Turbine are experts in crowdfunding, growth hacking, web development, and PR & media relations. The firm is a top-ranked crowdfunding marketing agency for products, apps, and successful global brands. The firm specializes in turn-key crowdfunding campaign management and will help you turn your idea into a 6-to7- figure business.

Following are excerpts from the conversation with Varun Sharma, Co-Founder and Strategic Director of Growth Turbine.

Q. Why was the company established, and how has it transformed over the years?

Growth Turbine was founded in 2016 to apply an engineering approach to marketing. In its simplest form, marketing has always focused on two objectives. First, to discover customers' needs and desires. And secondly, using that insight to deliver what customers wanted to buy. Today, every picture we see on Instagram, every pause we make scrolling down the feed, every video we watch, every place we visit, etc., is recorded and stored. So, the idea was to leverage this data and deliver better results for our clients. Today, we apply these principles to marketing and branding, web development, crowdfunding, and pretty much everything that we do.

As a marketer, we live in a highly dynamic world. For example, Google rolls out over 500-600 updates to its search engine algorithm each year. And then there are iOS updates, privacy concerns, and ever-changing regulations, particularly in the social media advertising space. Today, a sit-back-and-relax kind of approach to marketing doesn't quite work. A successful product launch or marketing campaign entails precision-targeted advertising, highly persuasive email marketing, building up brand loyalists, product-market-fit analysis, brand positioning, and a host of other data-driven strategies. It is not possible to nail down these things unless you have data on your side. That's precisely where we come in.

If you are looking for hyper-growth strategies in today's world (and metaverse in the future), you need Growth Turbine. We believe in transforming a promising vision into reality, spurring communication that turns heads, and elevating brand presence to a whole new level. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the equity crowdfunding marketing space. We have constantly honed our expertise while adding to our repertoire of services to best meet customer demands, which will continue for years to come.

Q. How is Growth Turbine surpassing its competitors?

Two reasons: Approach and Attitude.

  1. Approach: Our Data-Driven approach and application of human psychology is a massive plus for any company working with us. Yes, we are a Growth Marketing Agency, but we are more of a data company. We closely track and monitor every action a user takes (or does not take), and then we use our deep understanding of human psychology to solve the root cause of the problem.
  2. Relentless commitment to perfection: Our whole team, copywriter, growth hacker, or advertiser, is painfully committed to our client's success. That's unmatchable.

Shed light on your core services.At Growth Turbine, we offer a plethora of marketing services for corporate giants, SMEs, or homegrown businesses. From compelling brand storytelling to handling social media relations and PR communications, we help brands create unforgettable and powerful stories.

To help brands create meaningful relationships with clients, we offer white label web development projects by harnessing Webflow. Our websites are designed to be visually superior, user-friendly, and maximize ROI.

Growth Turbine is a trusted partner for clients looking for attractive storefronts, intuitive interfaces optimized to scale, alongside technical support for their e-commerce stores on Shopify. When we say we love going the extra mile for our clients, we mean it. We integrate superior email marketing campaigns with unique triggers based on their business and proven SEO and growth strategies for clients wanting to take their brands to the next level on Shopify.

Q. What is the benefit of crowdfunding in a company?

While crowdfunding sounds simple on the surface, the journey of successfully raising capital via crowdfunding is tedious. A company or entrepreneur must endure the test of time to prove the viability of their ideas and gain market acceptance. That said, crowdfunding can be extremely advantageous for a company as it helps organizations gain favorable media attention and generate a buzz around their product, triggering sales.

Crowdfunding is a great way to understand the viability of a product and gauge audience reactions. Crowdfunding enables organizations to overcome financial restrictions, think beyond bank loans, and get closer to their dreams.

Q. How do you execute an effective campaign strategy?
Our client's success defines our success. As a result, we carry out an in-depth discovery phase for every new client on board through a series of consultations and strategy sessions to understand their needs. All our prep work begins months in advance of the campaign launch. Our marketing funnel is AI-designed and optimized for the highest sales and conversions. 

In short, we go the extra mile and leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients' campaign is a success. For example, our campaigns are designed to target patient conversion and forge meaningful connections with patients when it comes to health marketing. Perhaps that's why we are the solution of choice for an expansive list of health sectors such as drug manufacturers, private clinics, and hospitals.

Q. What are the five reasons that your clients should work with you?

We don't offer tall claims, but our results-driven solutions and clientele are proof of our expertise in this field. Unlike other marketing agencies, we don't charge a set-up fee. We offer monthly contracts and complete transparency when it comes to fee structures. We work closely with our client's resources as though they were our own team.At Growth Turbine, we believe in going the extra mile for our customers to make their marketing campaigns a roaring success.We are the market leaders in equity crowdfunding, branding, product launch,SaaS/PaaSlaunch, Shopify development, andWebflow development for a reason.

Meet the visionary leader behind Growth Turbine

Varun Sharma, the co-founder and Strategic Director of Growth Turbine, spearheads the company. Governed by his unmatched business acumen and a relentless passion for delivering results for projects he believes in, today, Growth Turbine is gaining accolades for its sure-fire equity crowdfunding and growth marketing campaigns.

Varun's proven out-of-the-box thinking has helped multiple clients create six, seven, and even eight-figure product launches worldwide. Digital marketing is evolving at a breakneck speed. Still, Varun's strategy is to always stay ahead of the curve by adopting the latest and best-in-class technology and market trends.

Varun holds an MBA in Marketing from the UK and an Engineering Degree from India. Given his strong academic background and unrivaled professional expertise, Growth Turbine is on the fast track to thriving success.

"Experts in Reg-CF, Reg-D, and Reg-A Crowdfunding."

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