Alexa Harri is a vertically optimized employee experience platform
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Harri is a vertically optimized employee experience platform

Harri is a vertically optimized employee experience platform

By interconnecting solutions for talent acquisition, workforce management, talent development, communications, analytics, and business intelligence, Harri equips enterprise businesses with the ability to build, manage and develop their teams from a single platform. With over 430 clients across the US, UK and Europe, Harri is helping the globe’s most recognizable brands strategically address labor-related challenges and drive business performance through employee performance.

Source and Attract Amazing Candidates

From simplifying the job posting process to interacting with best fit applicants, Harri provides the tools you need to discover the very best candidates.

Career Branding

Bring your employer brand to life by showcasing what it means to work at an organization like yours.

  • Display and centralize information regarding job openings, organizational values, culture, employee testimonials, and benefits
  • Help job seekers understand why they should work for you and drive excitement at the start of the candidate journey
  • Attract passive candidates and create a competitive advantage in offering a unique view into your EVP

Simplified Onboarding for Hospitality

Onboarding for restaurants, hotels & retailers doesn't have to be cumbersome. Reduce administrative overhead and deliver a seamless experience to new hires.

Digitize your entire onboarding process and keep required information in a single, compliant place like:

Upload custom, state and federal documents for employees to review and sign, new hires can complete documents digitally via e-signature functionality, Send and receive onboarding documents like I-9’s and W4’s.

Health Check Mobile App

  • Built into Harri Live and TeamLive mobile apps, managers or employees can complete symptom screenings and employee temperature checks prior to employees entering the location. Screening questions can be customized by location, region, county, or state.
  • Ability to log symptoms results prior to the employee entering the workplace
  • Employees who do not pass the screening process are signaled to be sent home and HR is notified for awareness

Fair Workweek Law for Retail 

The Fair Workweek Ordinance is a wide piece of legislation that has implications for retail, hospitality, and food service employees that fall under the requirements. It is currently estimated that over 1.8 million employees are expected to be impacted by Fair Workweek’s requirements.

Fair Workweek laws, also called Predictability Pay laws, are intended to ensure fair scheduling practices within hospitality and service industries that traditionally suffer erratic work schedules. They ensure employees are provided a predictable number of hours and stable pattern of work.

Custom Message Groups & Newsfeed

Efficient teamwork for every location. A single place to organize conversations, collaboration, requests, and awareness.

Create and invite team members to group message channels that encourage collaboration and efficiently spread the word.

  • Organize by role, responsibility, location, or unit to easily target the right team members
  • Upload all forms of media to deploy your communications in the best possible format
  • Similar to a social network, centralize all important messaging, announcements, and updates to the company newsfeed which can be accessed by all team members

Harri Job Seeker App

With the Harri app, job seekers are clicks away from short listing, applying, and engaging with your job postings.

An interactive way to apply for job seekers: swipe right to save your favorite jobs or left to discard.

Candidates can apply to jobs and manage their Harri profile from one application.

The Harri App is available for both IOS and Android devices.

Connect and Enrich with Ease

Harri has partnered with a universe of best-in-class solutions that serve the hospitality space. Easily connect with restaurant management systems, POS, job boards, payroll, and much more.

Meet the man behind Harri

Harri’s CEO and Founder, Luke Fryer, is a food and tech entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in ground-up concept, operational, and growth development. As a global restaurateur, Luke saw an opportunity in the hospitality industry, which had long been held back by fragmented systems and outdated technology.

Luke envisioned a new platform that could help businesses adapt to the industry’s ever-changing landscape, and in 2013, launched the Harri platform as a disruptive online marketplace for recruitment in the hospitality sector. In 2017, the platform evolved to the Workforce OS™ which includes features in support of end-to-end human capital management and workforce operations for enterprise hospitality groups.

“Harri equips enterprise businesses with the ability to build, manage and develop their teams from a single platform.”

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