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Turnkey technological solutions integrating modern healthcare with real-word data infrastructure: Healthverity

Turnkey technological solutions integrating modern healthcare with real-word data infrastructure: Healthverity

Healthverity has built a high-governance, privacy-compliant way for its partners to connect and exchange real-world data across the broadest ecosystem, enabling longitudinal patient journeys, frictionless access to data and better patient outcomes. HealthVerity was started because the healthcare industry needed a more accurate and reliable way to combine disparate datasets (in a HIPAA-compliant manner) to reveal patient insights and power innovation. As Healthverity set out to solve these challenges, the vision for what could be accomplished with its comprehensive data ecosystem and ever-evolving technologies became something much greater than a solution to data interoperability. Today, HealthVerity partners with top pharma, payers and government agencies to redefine how the modern enterprise cares for Identity, Privacy, Governance and Exchange through the IPGE platform.

Real-time matching and identity resolution technology

Resolve patient identity on-demand by seamlessly mastering and linking data in real-time. By transforming protected health information into universal, de-identified HealthVerity IDs, life sciences organizations can accurately build and share the patient journey across partner datasets, while creating a single source of truth for patient identity. Patient identity resolution when accuracy matters. Establish unique, but persistent identities to resolve patient fragmentation and decrease the noise of healthcare data with the most accurate, de-identification and matching solution in the market. HealthVerity Census is the first step in driving a data strategy built upon data activation, data interoperability and patient longitudinally. It leverages a state-of-the-art PaaS de-identification solution to activate internal and external touch points and data isolated in silos across the enterprise.

Healthcare & consumer data

HealthVerity Marketplace, a self-service cloud solution, allows you to discover and license real-world data (RWD) from more than 75 unique healthcare and consumer data sources. Instantly overlay your proprietary enterprise data with the universe of data within HealthVerity Marketplace. Accessible and viewable by only you and your team, you now have the ability to enrich current datasets, spot weaknesses in the patient journey and avoid licensing duplicative data. Multiple tiles can be created and accessed by individual teams or designations within your company.

Maternal outcomes Masterset (MOM)

MOM offers a groundbreaking approach for generating novel insights on the impact of healthcare interventions for pregnant women and their babies. By linking de-identified healthcare records of over 1.6 million pregnant women to their newborns, clinical researchers can now study a more comprehensive patient journey from pre-pregnancy to birth and beyond. MOM was designed to enable researchers to use longitudinal clinical data to follow mothers and their babies in tandem throughout their pregnancy journey. The mom-baby linked data preserves critical data elements such as race, ethnicity, maternal age, birth events and pregnancy outcomes to enable novel pregnancy studies. HealthVerity has solved a complex industry challenge of linking mom and baby data in a way that maintains the most critical data elements for pregnancy-related research while also meeting the most exacting standards of HIPAA. Because MOM is covered under HealthVerity’s third party expert determination, clients can begin data analysis work on day one. MOM is sourced from over 150 U.S. healthcare payers, including both Commercial and Medicaid payers. Currently comprised of medical claims, pharmacy claims, enrollment data and lab results from the largest U.S. real-world data ecosystem, MOM enables access to more than five years of retrospective data, as well as prospective data options leveraging HealthVerity’s persistent identity resolution technology. EMR and hospital chargemaster data will be added in the months ahead. MOM households de-identified healthcare records of more than 1.6 million pregnant women with their newborns by leveraging key data sources within the nation’s largest ecosystem for healthcare data. Patient cohorts can be designated by researchers to explore key patient interactions, health equity and many more long-term objectives.

Simplified contract management

Compliance-driven technology built to overhaul the complexities of rebate negotiations and data challenges. Rebate negotiation and contract management within the healthcare industry is cumbersome and complex, often caused by data gaps and legacy platforms adding excessive time and cost to both pharma manufacturers and PBMs. With this single platform, customizable and seamless workflows enable expanded opportunity for collaboration and cost-savings across all parties. Leverage real-time reporting, customizable invoicing formats and comprehensive tracking dashboards for a simpler, more effective approach to contract and rebate management.

Meet the leader behind the success of HealthVerity

Andrew Kress is the Co-Founder and CEO of HealthVerity. Andrew is responsible for the overall strategy and performance of the business. He works closely with the team to support Healthverity’s clients and healthcare data providers. Previously, he was the SVP of Healthcare Value Solutions for IMS Health. Health Economics and Outcomes Research Services, Real World Evidence Solutions, Payer and Provider Services, Clinical Trial Optimization Solutions, and Government Services were among the organizations reporting to Andrew. In addition, he created the company’s mobile health offerings and designed their emerging genomics strategy. Prior to IMS, Andrew was the CEO of SDI Health—the recognized leader in clinical and transactional healthcare data-based analytics—prior to its acquisition by IMS Health in 2011. During his tenure, SDI developed and grew one of the largest linked de-identified healthcare data assets available. SDI also became the nation’s second largest pharmaceutical informatics concern, with over 600 employees servicing hundreds of clients. Andrew’s track record at SDI included multiple strategic acquisitions that enabled the company to continuously drive growth and shareholder value. He is also involved as an investor and advisor to a number of other healthcare start-ups. Andrew holds a B.A. in English from Yale University.

“HealthVerity was started because the healthcare industry needed a more accurate and reliable way to combine disparate datasets (in a HIPAA-compliant manner) to reveal patient insights and power innovation.”

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