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Helping organizations to move from a siloed data management approach, to a global, secure, self-service data platform: Actifio

Helping organizations to move from a siloed data management approach, to a global, secure, self-service data platform: Actifio

Switching to cloud leads to several benefits by bringing a noticeable reduction in the hardware use. Moreover, it also helps reduce IT maintenance costs. The cloud has redefined the way businesses operate today. As it plays a substantial role in boosting productivity and efficiency in them. As a business owner, it is important to ensure that you are always leveraging the most effective, yet economical solutions possible.Choosing the right cloud strategy can boost your operational efficiency. With this said,  Actifio helps you replace siloed data management applications with an application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets customers capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it when and where they need. The result is enterprise data available for any use, anytime, anywhere.

Actifio helps businesses to achieve all their strategic priorities around business resiliency, agility, and cloud while dramatically reducing cost and improving the efficiency of IT operations.With more than two exabytes of application data under management, the company’s customers have freed themselves from the bonds of traditional siloed data management.

Actifio’s founding vision – optimizing copy data within the data center – has helped establish the $46 Billion global copy data management market, becoming one of the fastest growing enterprise technology companies from inception ever.

Global enterprise customers and service provider partners including IBM, Sungard Availability Services, HBO, Netflix, Time Warner Cable, NEC, Sanofi, Cole-Haan, KKR, McKesson, IFDS/State Street, Dell, Dassault Systems, and many State, Local, and Federal Government Agencies rely on Actifio solutions to better utilize their data and drive business outcomes.

Cloud-based solutions to make data available for any use, anytime, anywhere

Backup and Recovery: Actifio provides application consistent backup incrementally, forever. The company supports a wide variety of enterprise applications and databases, whether running in virtual machines, public cloud, or in physical servers. Actifio protects and enables instant recovery.

Actifio software helps enterprises with rapid, scalable backup and instant data recovery, anywhere in the public cloud and on-premises – reducing risk, improving RPO/RTO, and providing peace of mind.

Cyber Resiliency: As daily security incidents create new challenges, we at Actifio see threats not only against production data but also against secondary copies of data used for backup, disaster recovery, analytics, and more.

With the increasing incidents of ransomware, malware, phishing, and denial of service attacks, Actifio recognizes the need for a holistic approach to both protect data and rapidly recover from a cyber-attack incident.

Rich Application Awareness:Actifio speaks the language of applications, capturing and managing data using vendor-certified methods for application consistent point-in-time virtual images.

Actifio’s SLA-based policy engine captures application-consistent data in the most effective and efficient manner possible: incremental-forever, at the block level, in native format.  

In addition, Actifio automatically synthesizes virtual full copies from the incremental changes at each capture point-in-time, ensuring data ready for use at any time.

Global Data Mobility: Actifio’s powerful combination of data replication techniques – both bandwidth- and time-optimized as well as direct-to-object vaulting – allow a broad range of data mobility SLAs to be configured.

With native integration in all hyperscale clouds – AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, VMware Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud – data can move effortlessly from on-premises data centers to cloud, or cloud-to-cloud.

And with VMware workloads, data can be moved directly to any S3 compatible object storage target, bypassing the need for compute in the cloud.

Universal Integration & Control: Actifio’s software can be deployed globally, yet managed centrally through the global management interface as well as via RESTful API.

Consider several common example integrations: automated environment builds, centralized service management, and data privacy. Many organizations looking to automate the development and test processes, perhaps moving to a CI/CD model, use tools like Ansible or Chef to automate the environment builds.  

By connecting Actifio via API, virtual data can accompany the rest of the environment at the touch of a button. For centralized service management, many organizations have leveraged Actifio’s API to integrate with platforms like ServiceNow, to trigger Actifio functionality via tickets. And when it comes to data privacy, Actifio’s orchestration capabilities can integrate with any third party data masking tool or even home-grown scripts.

Meet the Leader behind the success of Actifio

Ash Ashutosh, Founder & CEO: Ash Ashutosh is a recognized leader and architect in the storage industry bringing more than 25 years of technology and entrepreneurship experience to his role of CEO at Actifio.

Ashutosh has spearheaded several major industry initiatives, including iSCSI and storage virtualization, and led the authoring of numerous storage industry standards.Ashutosh was most recently a Partner with Greylock Partners where he focused on making investments in enterprise IT companies. Prior to Greylock, he was Vice President and Chief Technologist for HP Storage.

Ashutosh founded and led AppIQ, a market leader of Storage Resource Management (SRM) solutions, which was acquired by HP in 2005. He was also the founder of Serano Systems, a Fibre Channel controller solutions provider, acquired by Vitesse Semiconductor in 1999.

Prior to Serano, Ashutosh was Senior Vice President at StorageNetworks, the industry’s first Storage Service Provider. He previously worked as an architect and engineer at LSI and Intergraph.Ashutosh remains an avid supporter of entrepreneurship and is an advisor and board member for several commercial and non-profit organizations. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Penn State University.

“It all started with the simple idea that managing more data doesn’t need to mean more storage and infrastructure.”

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