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A close team of highly experienced managers, creative directors, designers and developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences: 4A Labs

A close team of highly experienced managers, creative directors, designers and developers who work together to create beautiful, engaging digital experiences: 4A Labs

4A Labs was founded by Erden Alpan and Bora Celenk in 2014. What started as a friendship from their university years in the U.S has turned into a successful partnership. Both coming from over 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, their vision was to blend technology and creativity to produce innovative and sustainable solutions in the IT sector. To do this, they sought out for the most talented and experienced team, to create the perfect synergy. Their collective purpose has always been to satisfy their customer’s technology needs while still evolving and looking for only the best solutions for the future of technology. The name 4A Labs represent the mission of the company. Aspire, Adapt, Advance, and Achieve are the four core values that are rooted in each member of 4A Labs’ team.

For the last five years, 4A Labs has supported multiple global and local business partners. The company develops digital engineering solutions for their businesses and continue to strengthen them using the latest technologies. At 4A Labs, the goal is to identify the needs of the business partners, provide them with the most innovative and simple solutions, and to guide them on their journey. 4A Labs’ technology Ninjas! have significant amount of experience & expertise in Enterprise Level Software & Platform Development, Mobile Application Design & Development, IoT & Embedded Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Forecasting and Invoicing Platforms and full ERP/CRM Integrations. 4A Labs also has experience in custom built e-Commerce, B2C/B2B, CMS, CRM, ERP platform Solutions.

4A Commerce

It’s time to evolve from traditional eCommerce platforms that limit customers with their tight frontend-backend logic. Akinon Commerce Cloud (ACC) resolves complicated, time-consuming, and hard to build disruptive customer experiences, resulting in a unique and engaging digital shopping experience. Design a unique and engaging shopping experience for your customers.  An API- First approach separates the customer-facing front-end from your commerce back-end functions without the need to build additional applications or infrastructure for every new touchpoint. Secure high uptime and increase your conversion rate with ultrafast speeds regardless of the volume of traffic. Better performance and auto-scalability in addition to excellent stability and multi-layer security, ACC is certified PCI DSS compliant to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Advanced marketplace capabilities enable a wider product selection and increased conversion rates without accumulating inventory. Allow other merchants to sell through your platform without the financial risk of stocking up inventory. Create different product catalogues with multi language and currency support. Connecting products with our software links them instantly to specific price lists and the storefronts of your choice. Easily design international storefronts and connect them with product catalogues and price lists. Reach out to new customers all around the world and explore new opportunities. Expand into new markets without the need of heavy investments.

Distributor Management System

4A Labs’ custom designed and developed web and mobile distributor management software uses state of the art technologies, while integrating real-time with ERP platforms. Using the system, distributors can place and track all of their orders across local and international markets. Distributers can view, in detail, their real-time financial data including invoice, payments, credit balances, bonuses, discounts, and promotions. The system also provides a number of detailed reporting functions utilizing its Business Intelligence (BI) platform.

  • You can collect orders directly on your own website, by providing a username and password to the current accounts in your Commercial Program.
  • Distributors can easily find the products they want to order, with the help of the advanced search engine, and place an order.
  • Distributors can see their current account, invoice details and balance, and receive their own statement.
  • You can share your stock cards, product prices and promotional campaigns in your commercial program with all distributors.
  • It can integrate with your existing commercial program and provide instant data integration.
  • It can be updated continuously with new demands
  • It is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Yandex and Google Chrome

Digital Healthcare Application

Digital Healthcare is comprised of many aspects and preventive healthcare is valued as one of the most basic services. In today’s world, there are various software solutions that are used to benefit from these services more efficiently and easily. Digital Healthcare services combine medical services with health institutions. Advanced technologies can improve the experience of both healthcare professionals and patients. 4A Labs’ state of the art mobile application allows users to automatically interact with the hospital over the internet, make appointments, see medical results, and get online consultation with doctors, psychologists and dietitian. In addition, it provides the ability for home services (medical equipment, lab exams, nurse home visit etc.) from the hospital and ensures that all processes are followed. It also contains the Analysis data that the users will need.

A well-planned management system in Healthcare benefit both visitors as well as the medical establishment. For example, advanced software can provide an important convenience for online examinations, which gained popularity, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote video examination options, using with appropriate software, can also add more convenience and a variety of services for patients. Remote video inspections are particularly suitable for several branches. For example, fields such as dermatology, urology, and psychiatry.

Bora Çelenk, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Erden Alpan, Co-Founder Managing Partner

“Our goal is to identify the needs of our business partners, to provide them with the most innovative and simple solutions, and to guide them on their journey.”

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