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Hoopis Performance Network eLearning In The Most Effective Way

Hoopis Performance Network eLearning In The Most Effective Way

We know that there is no such thing as one size fits all. Education is one sector where the curriculum-based study has made education mostly standard. We need flexible programs based on an individual’s performance levels, which can help both the employer and the employees. Hoopis Performance Network (HPN) is a platform that offers flexible programs that are right-sized and are scalable for your organization. They provide digital sales training and leadership development resources to professionals worldwide. HPN is recognized as a thought leader in learning and development, and their suite of solutions provides content from the top experts, leaders, and advisors in financial services. These solutions are delivered through various channels, including online multimedia learning platforms, facilitator-led classroom training, blended learning, virtual classroom, and performance coaching. HPN is recognized by Inc. 5,000 as one of the fastest-growing, privately-held small businesses in the United States.

Today’s talent developers have a wide range of resources to address the needs of a multigenerational workforce. The learning challenges caused by the recent pandemic have created an even greater dependence on online learning solutions. According to LinkedIn Learning, the top three online learning trends for 2020 include the following:

  • Microlearning – 49% of talents developers as an area of focus
  • Just in Time Learning (46%)
  • Employee Experience with Engagement Content (46%)

Hoopis Performance Network has been providing digital learning resources for over a decade. It is considered one of the pioneers in financial services learning and development as it pertains to creating engaging, microlearning content delivered just-in-time. HPN refers to it as Quick, Flexible and Engaging: Microlearning = Quick; Mobile = Flexible; Engaging = Engaging. Sales representatives should be spending most of their time in the field, on appointments. To provide this type of digital learning when they need it, where they need it, is critical for sales rep development in today’s world.

HPN’s online content libraries are delivered through an innovative “directed learning” approach considered to be the next level in eLearning. The vision is to provide organizations with a single channel to access the best of the best in the most cost-effective, time-efficient method possible. HPN works closely with organizations to customize their learning and development solutions based on the company’s unique needs.

HPN University

Hoopis Performance Network’s award-winning flagship platform, HPN University, has over 50,000 subscribers and has become the most robust online content library in financial services. The HPN University has received multiple Digital Media Innovator Awards for Best Online University. The University content is integrated into the organization’s learning management systems in over 25 countries throughout the world and features content translated into English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Malay. The faculty comprises of the top experts and financial advisors in the industry. It addresses sales skills, Marketing, Product Knowledge, Practice Management, Advanced Planning, Leadership Development, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Trustworthy Selling

Hoopis Performance network has also developed facilitator-led blended learning programs such as the award-winning Trustworthy Selling sales effectiveness program. Developed in partnership with LIMRA International, Trustworthy Selling combines the art and science: The Science from LIMRA’s validated research into the market opportunity, consumer mindset, and behavioral economics; the Art from HPN’s aggregation of what the top financial professionals are executing in terms of techniques, language, and best practices.

Trustworthy Selling has increased sales representative productivity by over 30% and was recognized by the ROI Institute as one of the Top Ten Case Studies of the Year. Trustworthy Selling provides a facilitator and coaching certification program and features three editions for targeted audiences: TS Quick Start for new sales representatives, TS Professional for experienced producers & TS Multiline for sales representatives in the property and casualty business.

Delivery Methods

HPN’s solutions are designed to be scalable, customizable, and turnkey. Most of HPN solutions are delivered through a blended learning approach - a combination of a live facilitator and a subject matter expert streamed through online video. The subject matter expertise is typically delivered via online streaming video, so this allows scale and consistency throughout the organization. It is not required to hire an outside expert or third-party trainer to come into the organization to deliver the training. This also takes a huge amount of pressure off the shoulders of field managers because they can leverage the subject matter expertise from the streaming video. Also, it gives them digital access to the top experts in the world at the local level.

HPN’s learning and development resources are designed to be delivered in a fully interactive virtual classroom environment. As HPN has been providing digital learning and development solutions for over a decade, all of HPN’s clients could easily pivot to deliver training in a virtual classroom environment when the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020. HPN also teaches virtual classroom best practices to organizations so that they can effectively deliver learning and development that are engaging and interactive in a virtual world.

Target Audience

HPN’s target audience is typically financial institutions that are looking to leverage third-party resources to complement their proprietary training. Organizations have realized it is much more efficient to leverage third-party content providers’ expertise to complement their existing proprietary training. It is much smarter for an organization to focus on building training on proprietary products, processes, and systems. However, it is too expensive to build all the content and learning and development on their own. And, it is typically not as effective. HPN has been transitioning to provide solutions outside of the financial services space, particularly in sales effectiveness and leadership development, as this tends to be a huge area of need across many verticals.

About the Leaders

Joey Davenport, President

Joey is the President of Hoopis Performance Network in Chicago. He has over twenty-five years of experience in financial services as a top producer, manager, entrepreneur, and international speaker. Joey’s organization has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing privately-held businesses in the United States. HPN’s web-based training programs have received top recognition, including multiple Digital Media Innovators Awards and the ROI Institute’s Top 10 Case Studies of the Year.

Harry Hoopis, CEO

Harry Hoopis is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hoopis Performance Network and is a renowned entrepreneur, leader, speaker, and industry icon. Over his 40-year career, he built one of the largest and most successful financial services firms globally in Chicago, Illinois. During his illustrious career, Harry has been awarded the Master Agency Award every year since its inception. He has also received the Robert Templin Award for his many contributions to management development, is a member of the GAMA Hall of Fame and is the recipient of NAIFA Chicago’s Leadership in Life Award.

I am the biggest fan of Hoopis Performance Network. It is spot-on as it relates to training, timeliness of updates, powerful presenters, and true take-away value. You cannot beat it for the price and, more importantly, the quality,” – Dave Porter, Baystate Financial Services.

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