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Hurix – Helping organizations from across industries to achieve their business goals with its future-ready cloud platform

Hurix – Helping organizations from across industries to achieve their business goals with its future-ready cloud platform

When employees who are located in various department access and share content without a centralized document management system, data redundancies and disorganized files becomes inevitable. This can lead to information bottlenecks, increased data security risks and higher costs. IT departments also feel the burden when managing content onsite spending a significant amount of time fielding help desk calls and maintaining local servers. It's difficult to stay competitive when these types of inefficiencies interrupt workflows and tie up funds that could otherwise be used for more strategic business initiatives. A cloud content management solution costs much less than an on-premise solution because you don't have to deal with hardware, operations and software maintenance making entry into this technology a smart option for businesses of all sizes.

Hurix is one such firm that helps organizations from across industries to achieve their business goals with its future-ready learning content, content transformation, and technology solutions. It engineers its products and solutions on the core principles of innovation, design thinking, and customer experience to gear up your business for the next big wave. The company provides future-ready digital solutions to Publishers, Enterprises, and Educational Institutions. Equipped with best-in-class technology and software infrastructure, they create custom solutions for every business need. Its endeavor is to deliver a holistic user experience through the latest technologies and ensure that all the digital products and services adhere to the highest standards.

Innovative products and services offered by Hurix

E-Learning and Training Solutions: The firm creates engaging and compelling training solutions for onboarding, sales enablement, compliance and process training. Its engaging and informative eLearning modules empower employees and drive performance, delivering desired results. It also works with organizations across all industries to design quality content and help them meet their business objectives. By integrating business storylines and immersive knowledge-based nuggets, enterprises can introduce courses for induction, application sales, business skills, leadership development and compliance training. Hurix employs superior learning designs along with high-quality audio-visuals and interactions to meet various business goals and learning objectives. Blending content across various media enables us to effectively deliver e-learning solutions.

Mobile Learning: Hurix designs bite-sized nuggets for the new-age learners for on-the-go training. They help you convert your legacy courses to device agnostic content that can be accessed anywhere, building a wholesome learning experience for your users. It uses responsive designs to deliver interesting and fun-filled courses for employees. Its mobile learning solution offers a seamless learning experience for employees with a sought-after blend of animations, videos, audios and interactive elements. These courses can be deployed using native and hybrid apps specially designed for iOS, Android and web and can be accessed universally. Immersive course modules coupled with sound analytics help organizations in tracking the progress of their employees and the reception of the courses.

Design, Animation, and Videos Services: Hurix’s creative team crafts distinct visuals using the most sophisticated and advanced technological infrastructures. The firm develops interactive storyboards, 2D and 3D animation, corporate and training videos, demonstrations, character designs, product illustrations and more. It helps brands communicate with their customers through the innovative ideas and creative designs. The company combines content writing and visual design skills to bring to you video-based solutions that help you engage and inspire your audience. Using the art of storytelling and visual design techniques to strategize engaging and powerful videos, it makes the videos relevant for your target audience. It also creates live actor videos on real setup, live actors on green screen (Chroma), marketing and training videos, to define achievable objectives, create a core message and write a powerful script. The experts will combine the message you want to deliver along with a compelling story, delivering an engaging video that’s in line with your brand.

Robotic Process Automation: From defining the RPA strategy for you to delivering desired results, HurixDigital provides a complete RPA service to improve efficiency and accuracy. They have a dedicated group of tech-savvy professionals that solely focus on research, innovation, and strategic recommendations to increase the ROI. The firm helps you bundle all the necessary technologies to contribute to the growth of your business. It also provides a cost-effective and scalable RPA solution that drives enterprise-wide transformation. Its end-to-end RPA services will help you improve productivity by reducing mundane and repetitive manual tasks. At HurixDigital, they apply RPA solutions to drive business values.

The passionate leader behind the success of Hurix

Subrat Mohanty is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Hurix. He has over a decade of technology-based services experience. Prior to setting up Hurix, Subrat was a member of the senior management team of a technology firm in India, where his primary responsibility involved business development in the United States. Over the years, he has built key client relationships with a number of Global Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Subrat holds a Bachelor of technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

“Our endeavor is to deliver a holistic user experience through the latest technologies and ensure that all our digital products and services adhere to the highest standards.”

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