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Elevating the lifestyles of team members & guests by providing professional, affordable, and convenient recovery and wellness services— iCRYO Franchise Systems LLC

Elevating the lifestyles of team members & guests by providing professional, affordable, and convenient recovery and wellness services— iCRYO Franchise Systems LLC

To get better at sport or to enhance your personal fitness, you must expose your body to stresses. Different stresses include training and exercise programs like weightlifting, sprinting, endurance runs, etc. But upon completion of these stresses the human body needs to adapt to the stresses it just underwent, and this is where we get the recovery stage.

Rest is physically necessary for the muscles to repair, rebuild, and strengthen. For recreational athletes, building in rest days and engaging in active recovery can help maintain a better balance between home, work, and fitness goals.

Although some recovery methods may prove more effective than others, it’s crucial to remember that any interventions will likely work better when tailored to individual clients. iCRYO is leading recovery and wellness franchise across North America that offers a variety of services such as body sculpting, IV infusions, cryo facials, whole body cryo therapy, infrared saunas, compression therapy and vitamin boosters.iCRYO offers systems and training to new franchises to take iCRYO experience to various communities.

Following excerpts are taken from conversation with Kyle Jones, Co-Founder and COO of iCRYO Franchise Systems LLC

Q. What are you most proud of as a leader?

One of the things I am most proud of as a leader is seeing those around me achieve greatness in their lives. I like to think that I contributed to the people around me reaching different heights. However, I can't accept the credit for that. Everyone is born with God-given abilities and talents. The world beats the greatness out of people, and my goal is to show them how blessed they are. A great leader is a servant leader, one that will not only ask you to do something but is willing to roll up their sleeves and do it with you. A boss says "Go" while a leader says, "Let's Go."

Q. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Dropping out of Physical Therapy school to launch iCRYO at the age of 24 has been the biggest risk I have ever taken. Having never started a business before and launching my first company in an unknown and untouched industry was a massive risk. The leap of faith was pure faith that I set out to achieve great things. Believing I could do it was the first step. It was bringing people around me who were more intelligent than me and had strengths that I did not possess was step 2.

Many stars had to align to make this crazy idea successful, but I believed in myself, and I believed in my team to work together and get the job done.

Q. When you’re considering partnering with another person or business, what factors are deal-breakers for you?

The fundamental core value of “people first” is something I look for when partnering with someone. If you have a similar mindset in helping other people, the possibilities can be endless. If money is the first thought in your mind, you’re probably not the person I want to do business with.

I started iCRYO with the will to help others look and feel better. You allow them to grow the confidence they need to conquer their days. Money alters a person’s focus and detours them from achieving true greatness in life. Money is necessary for life, but it shouldn’t be the core focus. Helping others get what they want will ultimately help you get what you want.

Q. How have you carried your leadership in recovery and wellness?

To be a leader in any industry, I believe you have to be the product of your product. When I started working in the recovery and wellness industry, it wasn’t because I was forced to do so; it was because I was passionate about my health. I was focused on doing things in life that made me healthy inside and out. Health and wellness are something that excites me and motivates me. I want to be healthy for the people that depend on me the most. I strive to give the best version of myself to others. Giving people the best of me and not what’s left of me is essential in my mind.

Recovery and wellness are my life and always have been. I feel I was put on this earth to help the “true wellness” movement flourish. This is why I feel I have become a good leader in the industry and have carried my leadership positively.

Q. How do you keep your employees keen and motivated?

Keeping your team members motivated and hungry for more comes from the top down. I have to have the drive and will to win before anyone does. I have to set an example for my team members' expectations. People feed off your energy, and my team will reciprocate the energy I put out there. I wake up every day more motivated than the day before. That energy resonates in the office and trickles down to every other person. Our corporate team is full of positive people who desire to change lives for the better. Our company culture and team bonding are what keep us so in sync. Whether it's work or friendship, I always like to be around a warm environment and keep positivity flowing through the air. We are not just a team; we are a family.

Q. Which one thing do you wish you’d done differently?

I don’t wish I had done anything differently. Every choice I have ever made has gotten me to this point. I am proud of the man I have become, and I am proud of the brand that iCRYO has molded into over the years. We can’t expect to be perfect. Our imperfections are what make us perfect human beings. I enjoy making mistakes. It strengthens me in every aspect of life. It teaches me life lessons and fuels my tank to want more and strive to another level in life.

Paving the way to provide customers with “true wellness.”

Kyle Jones is the COO and Co-founder of iCRYO Franchise Systems LLC. Kyle oversees all center operations, including center setup, grand openings, training, and customer service for iCRYO. He found his passion in health and wellness after pursuing his college career as a football player and graduating from Texas State University with a degree in Exercise Sports Science and Business Management.

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