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Impelsys: Tailor-made Platforms for Content Publishers, Learning Providers, and Enterprises

Impelsys: Tailor-made Platforms for Content Publishers, Learning Providers, and Enterprises

Impelsys develops digital platforms and is the leading provider of content and learning solutions for publishers of e-books and learning management system providers. The company was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in New York. With industry-proven technology products like iPublishCentral, Impelsys is the technology partner for many leading publishers and educators - helping them compete, evolve and grow in an increasingly complex marketplace.

Right from the start, the company has devoted itself to deliver the most innovative, cost-effective and flexible online content delivery and learning technologies and services to the global publishing and learning industry. By putting its wealth of experience to work with products like iPublishCentral, publishers learn how to monetize content, build direct relationships with readers, and develop the vision and strategy that enable long-term success.

“We provide our clients with technology products and services to market, distribute and deliver digital content and online learning quickly and effectively,” says the CEO of Impelsys, Sameer Shariff.

Company Headway

Initially, the company worked for textbook publishers, scanning hard copies and producing compact discs to accompany textbooks. In 2003, Impelsys incorporated and initiated a content transformation service for Elsevier. That same year Impelsys also started offering ancillary content services for the publishing industry. The company specializes in Digital Publishing, Content Monetization, eLearning, eBook Business Models, Branded eBookstore, eBook Sales and Marketing, Content Conversion, DRM Solutions, Online Learning, STM Publishing, Medical Publishing, Corporate Training Platform, Mobility Solutions, and Digital Courseware Services.

The company works with a vision to make the world a better place by helping spread knowledge through technology. Impelsys helps over 250 publishers with their online content delivery strategy through Impelsys products and services. Customers include major publishers Reed Elsevier, McGraw Hill, Wolters Kluwer, Thomson, Springer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to smaller publishers Marshall Cavendish, Benchmark Education and Prufrock Press. Impelsys’ mission is to be the leader in enabling global publishers, education providers, and enterprises in delivering online learning.

Product Success

Impelsys ​flagship product, iPublishCentral, is a one-stop digital publishing infrastructure solution that has been designed to meet the growing needs of the publishing and learning industry with a business model that requires no significant investments.

iPublishCentral empowers the publisher to control their digital strategy. It becomes the client’s Direct Selling Channel. iPublishCentral allows users to connect directly to end customers and build long-term relationships with the members of the target audience. iPublishCentral also enables users with Mobile Strategy. With a robust Mobile strategy, iPublishCentral offers content to seamlessly move across multiple devices and in various formats.

With iPublishCentral's rich data analytic reports, users can build focused marketing strategies to delight the readers and further empowers clients with Customer Data. Hundreds of publishers have benefited from the advantages of iPublishCentral and more are adopting it to make it their eBooks and eLearning delivery platform.

Life at Impelsys

At Impelsys, the company believes that creating an engaging and challenging work environment for its employees is the most sustainable source of competitive advantage that one can ever muster.“This philosophy is deeply rooted in our firm belief that a ‘Great Culture’ is not just about work; it’s about creating a holistic Work + Life balance,” Shariff explains.

In order to encourage and motivate the employees, there are many clubs and activities that the company undertakes. The Impelsys Runners Club, Impelsys Cricket Club, and Impelsys Cycling Club are some of the initiatives that Impelsys has taken as part of its diverse interests.

Meet the Driving Force of Impelsys

Sameer Shariff is an entrepreneur with the passion for turning ideas into real businesses. As the Founder and CEO of Impelsys Inc., Mr. Shariff drives Impelsys' business vision, strategy, value, and growth. Impelsys is Mr. Shariff’s second start-up. He has grown the company to become a leader in online content delivery for the STM, Children’s and educational publishing markets. Mr. Shariff is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned his degree in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School of Business.

Prior to starting Impelsys, Medsite Inc. was the first company that Mr. Shariff co-founded. As Chief Strategic Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales, Mr. Shariff helped Medsite become one of the largest Internet pharmaceutical marketing companies in the United States. Mr. Shariff was instrumental in guiding Medsite during its early period of financial and organizational growth. Under his strategic direction, Medsite grew to include more than 200 employees and increased in sales from $0 to over $20 million. In 2006, Medsite was sold to WebMD for over $ 40 Million. Mr. Shariff has served as a guest speaker at several industry events and has been featured in Forbes, India Today and Silicon India among other publications.

“At Impelsys, it is our endeavor to provide meaning to your pursuit of happiness.”

“We're passionate about knowledge.”

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