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Import.io: Redefining Web data  Understand your market, empower your decisions

Import.io: Redefining Web data Understand your market, empower your decisions

According to an estimate, the amount of global data will supposedly increase from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to 175 ZB in 2025. Also with the onset of the Internet of Things, this estimate is likely to increase more which essentially opens doors for a whole lot of big and small companies.

Internet or the World Wide Web can be considered as the wholesale market where you can find plenty of data in a plethora of fields like product information, Pricing details, Location data, Availability data, Social data and much more. There is a widespread misconception that these web data have low values, but the truth is when these data are utilized properly they are quite valuable resources for the businesses. This is where the need for high-quality web data integration arises for quick automation of website data to understand critical business functions.

The truth is many companies still don’t have a clue on how to harness web data and make value out of it for their business. This is where Import.io comes in with its capacity to make critical business decisions based on web data. The company provides Web Data Integration solution to help users extract, prepare and integrate comprehensive web data into analytics platforms and business applications. Import.io is focused on providing businesses with a competitive advantage using data-driven solutions.

 Era of Web Data Integration

The company headquarters is situated in Saratoga, California with branches spread across Colorado, New Jersey, and London. Import.io helps more than 700 customers worldwide through data-driven solutions; these businesses range from startups to large MNC's worldwide.

Currently, the integration of web data into a computer system is largely done using the traditional legacy web scraping tools and techniques that are unreliable and outdated which results in high costs and risks for the businesses. In order to fully utilize the web data organizations have to inculcate enterprise-ready Web Data Integrations solutions, where businesses can extract prepare and integrate important data on the web to improve their business. Import.io specializes in Web Data Integration solutions to deliver quality solutions to business problems using the world's data.

Businesses have long been using online data to derive actionable insights for a while now and researchers access news data for conducting studies. Import.io aims to make the web data more and more accessible to anyone who needs it. As of now, the company provides data sets to retailers, investment banks, hedge funds, research companies, and travel companies on a larger scale with quality assurance.

Extract, Prepare and Integrate data

The company began its operation in 2012 as an online data extractor but as the demand for data manipulation skyrocketed, the company turned into an enterprise-grade solution. Soon Import.io started building its state-of-the-art products to meet with the requirement of customers who were now seeking a data format they easily understand.

Import.io then built its product tailor-made for the users, where they can find, extract, monitor and interpret data easily. The tools provided by the company can now unify data into a streamlined arrangement making it easy for people to derive results error-free.


Import.io is planning several new enhancements that will help meet the rising demand for high-quality web data for companies. The latest add-ons include WDI Knowledge Engine which allows users to access web data easily. Also, the new dashboard will result in improved transparency into the quality of data. Including an Insights Platform will offer comprehensive data visualization and other notification tools.

The company is committed to helping customers derive value from the web data in advanced ways because the world is effectively moving towards a data-driven world and Import.io has intended to help democratize it by leveraging the largest data source in the world.

Meet the leader

Gary Read CEO founded Import.io in 2012 with his 20+ years of experience as a high-tech veteran and a track record of excellent leadership by building organizations that have attained great heights and long-term growth. Before founding Import.io he founded Converse Sofware in 2002 and later in 2004 he merged converse Software with Nimbus Software to form Nimsoft,

Nimsoft stood the test of time and has sustained growth in a prosperous time as well as during the times of recession. And it is during his time at Nimsoft he came across several cultural challenges as he had offices in the US, UK, Germany, Scandinavia, and Australia. Read was also the VP of sales and Marketing at RiverSoft. He has also, served as VP of Marketing at BMC Software, where he oversaw product strategy, definition, and execution.


- Strata Best Startup

- GigaOm Judges' Choice

-TechCrunch Winner Pitch Competition

- Londata Best Data Newcomer

- Dublin Web Summit PITCH Award

- Startup Weekend - Innovative Project

“Web Data Integration covers everything from discovery to insight.”

- Gary Read CEO

Import.io’s Web Data Integration solutions deliver the world’s web data to your business

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