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In2Networks Pty Ltd Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Your Business

In2Networks Pty Ltd Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Your Business

The tech sector has always been sophisticated, but with the prevalence of newer technologies and techniques, special expertise is necessary to tackle modern tech challenges. Liverpool, Australia-based In2Networks Pty Ltd is a provider of solutions and support to customers based in Australia and the Middle East. Its team is trained and qualified and can successfully navigate challenges to build healthy and issue-free platforms and provide clients with best practices in business strategy.

In2Networks was founded by Hayder Ali (CEO) in 2012 as an Information, Telecommunication, and Software development company. Today, the company is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft ISV, CSP Cloud Solution Provider T1, and DELL EMC VAR Value Added Reseller.

We recently interviewed Mr. Hayder Ali to know more about the services provided by In2Networks. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Explain the Veeam backup solution. How do businesses of all sizes benefit from it?

Veeam Backup for Office 365 solution has a high demand from service providers because it allows for more secure and easier access to clients’ Office 365 data. In addition to protecting data from security threats and accidental deletion, Veeam Backup for Office 365 solution makes data backup and restoration quick and simple.

The solution was originally designed to be installed and used on-premise, with no cloud access to neither service providers nor clients/end users. Due to the high demand for such access, Veeam decided to release the RESTful APIs for their software solution and offered it to the software developers for free on their website.

In 2017, we found an opportunity in this and invested our time and money to build a cloud-based middleware hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, using the Veeam APIs to allow clients/ end-users to access the service provider’s infrastructures without breaching their security rules and requirements.

We continue working on the updates of the solution and maintaining the APIs for Veeam Backup for Office 365 as they release a new version every time the solution has an update. Our team is currently developing a solution for end-users, including SMBs, Large and Enterprise-scale organizations. It will allow them to install the solution inside their infrastructure and run a Web Service on it. Then they can allow remote access to the end-user to manage the backup and restore for their individual mailboxes. This solution also enables smaller resellers to manage their clients’ backup data without the need for larger service providers, which provides fair competition with them. Our solution is affordable, and its ease of use makes it a beneficial and essential tool for businesses of all sizes.

What is included in your Managed IT Services (MSP)?

We have been in the market as a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) since the company was established in 2012. We offer our clients monthly contracts or PAYG agreements for a range of supports including Backup and Recovery Assistance, VOIP Services, Server System as well as Network and Internet Services. We also provide phone and on-premise support to our clients to suit their convenience.

Describe your core products under cybersecurity.

We provide hardware and software cybersecurity solutions. Our solutions are tailored to address the clients’ needs. We provide multi-layer protection including hardware appliance and software through our partnership with major cybersecurity vendors, including Cisco, ReaQta, AVAST, and Sophos.

Tell us about your Microsoft Cloud App Security expertise?

We help clients to use the best of what Microsoft Cloud App Security offers to protect their SharePoint Online data and Exchange Online mailboxes. Our team members are Microsoft Certified Engineers and have many years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. We are in the process of becoming an ISO27001 certified organization. Our clients can be assured that their data, networks, and systems are protected against digital attacks which may access, change or delete sensitive information such as personal details or bank information.

What are Microsoft AI Platform Solutions and Capabilities?

As part of our business in the Middle East, we designed and implemented a Proof-of-Concept solution for governments that allows for face and text recognition, data analytics, and decision-maker; the solution was called ASAR.

ASAR concept was born due to the need for the collection of the maximum amount of information that Governments need to keep the streets safe. It is based on the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and uses Microsoft's latest technology that's specialized in SQL databases and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our programmers have worked day and night to develop ASAR, which provides users with instant information sharing with backend analyzers to analyze the data which is collected on a backend data center. The App is designed to capture different incidents by the end user via encrypted channels between the mobile device and backend servers to transfer the captured photo, voice or video to the backend team to analyze them and then send it to other government departments depending on the nature of the incident. ASAR uses Microsoft Face technology that analyses images and matches them to people's photos that already save in the backend server database and analysis of car number plates. The application uses satellite imagery techniques powered Esri through its own cloud and can be linked to user databases and internal Esri ArcGIS servers.

Visionary Leader

Hayder Ali, Founder and CEO

He is a professional networking and telecommunication engineer who specializes in digital transformation for businesses across the globe. With more than 18 years of experience in the ICT, engineering, business mentorship, and professional consultancy, Hayder Ali has worked internationally in three countries including Australia, UAE and Iraq. He is currently working on establishing businesses in Qatar and New Zealand.

He is a Microsoft and Cisco Certified Professional, ScrumMaster and Prince Certified in Project Management. Hayder focuses on providing a unique and valuable customer experience through designing, planning, and implementing services tailored to the clients’ needs. Hayder’s focus is to provide seamless IT environment with issue-free and self-service systems.

He holds a Masters of Engineering degree from University of Technology, Sydney.

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