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December Special Edition 2022

DH Electronics — a specialist for individual embedded systems, shaping the digital world of tomorrow

DH Electronics — a specialist for individual embedded systems, shaping the digital world of tomorrow

The world is becoming increasingly digital, connected, and automated, but what enables this shift? Embedded systems are a type of technology that is frequently overlooked. Almost every facet of contemporary life is touched by embedded systems. They have an effect on our off-time activities, our commutes, and our professional lives.

Everyday technology relies heavily on embedded systems to function. Embedded system technology is used in everything from consumer electronics to autonomous home systems like heating and security.

DH Electronics makes some of the most innovative embedded systems in the industry and provides both off-the-shelf options and tailored services to meet the needs of their clients. Because they are a one-stop shop, their clients receive all the services they need, from design and development to manufacturing and after-sales service.

Q. What’s behind a name?—DH Electronics’ story

The initials of the two founders, Stefan Daxenberger and Helmut Henschke, are the source of the name DH Electronics. As Digital Heroes, the company is actively influencing the digital world of tomorrow, which reflects the attitude of the entire team today.

They are based in Chiemgau and always look for innovative ideas to make the world a better place while also being down to earth.

The organization created the format GEIDZ "Together Successfully into the Future," in which executives and team members regularly gather, to challenge conventional wisdom, be inspired by trends, and make entrepreneurial decisions based on them.

The goal of DH Electronics is to actively influence the digital world of the future. Although the company's embedded products and services are used in many different contexts, it primarily targets clients in the building and industrial automation sectors. Openness and honesty are especially valued by the business when working as a team and with partners.

The values driving DH Electronics

Four values that DH Electronics has established form the cornerstone of its daily decision-making. The company's values serve as a guide for all interactions within the team, with customers, and with partners.

At the same time, the corporate culture of the company gives employees plenty of freedom to make their own decisions and fosters mutual trust as well as innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.

  • Partnership: They live their motto of "open and honest" in every way.
  • Flexibility: They enable individual embedded solutions for their customers.
  • Entrepreneurship: They think holistically, long-term, and responsibly.
  • Creativity: They find an innovative solution for every complex challenge.

DH Electronics’ vision

Based on its embedded products and services, the business passionately creates cutting-edge, long-lasting solutions for the digital world of the future.

Although almost all industries can use DH Electronics' embedded systems, their core industries are where they serve the majority of their clients.

  • Building Automation & Smart Building
  • Laboratory & Measurement
  • eMobility & Transportation
  • Mechanical & Plant Engineering
  • Medical & Measurement Technology

Looking for an individual embedded solution? DH Solutions can help you

The modular system the company uses allows for the rapid, low-effort, and low-cost creation of custom embedded solutions. DH Electronics uses existing components to enable rapid development cycles, especially for human-machine interfaces and Internet of Things gateways.

Embedded systems are DH Electronics' area of expertise. From conceptualization to final product, their Digital Heroes are there to help with everything from software and hardware development to product management. They also maintain close relationships with the DH ecosystem's long-standing sales and technology partners.

DH Electronics is a one-stop shop that offers a wide range of services to its clients, including the development of custom embedded solutions. DH Electronics' expertise extends beyond just building electronic devices and software to include project and product management. The company also handles everything from component procurement to final product certifications and testing. DH Electronics' services don't end with product launch; we also handle lifecycle management and after-sales service.

Hardware Development

The development of hardware is a primary area of expertise for DH Elcectronis, along with software engineering. Going from an initial concept through the design phase, prototyping phase, testing phase, and certification phase is a long process. The company also handles the creation of part lists, the sourcing of necessary components, and the management of relevant suppliers.

Software Development

DH Electronics has developed expertise in Linux (Yocto and Debian) and a love of open source. It also conducts research into the application of AI to embedded systems.

Lifecycle Management at DH Electronics

The company continues to provide after-sale service for its products well into mass production. After a product has been sold, DH Electronics' lifecycle management and other post-sale services make sure it will still be available 10 years later, as promised.

Shaping the digital world of tomorrow together

Supporting customers all over the world with customized embedded solutions is made possible through the company's network of sales partners. DH Electronics is always on the cutting edge of technology because of its close relationships with leading companies in the field. Project implementation is another area where DH Electronics collaborates with industry leaders. Whether it's in the areas of user experience, HMI design for embedded systems, or specialized software, DH Electronics has the support of reliable partners.

Producing top-notch individual embedded systems

Stefan Daxenberger is the co-founder and CEO of DH Electronics. Growing up and studying in Germany, he used his technical and business background to launch his career as an entrepreneur. In addition to marketing and sales tasks, as CEO, Stefan has successfully implemented strategic initiatives with his team. Stefan uses a forward-thinking approach combined with a creative mindset to drive success.

"We are shaping the digital world of tomorrow and building expertise in the core technologies of the future today."

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